2012 Canadian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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2012 Canadian Grand Prix

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    39 comments on “2012 Canadian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Fantastic driving by Lewis. McLaren still have issues in the pits, but Lewis was not to be denied today. Shame about Button…he seems to have forgotten how to drive. Maybe he should find a new team. McLaren deserves a much better driver.

      1. Somebody better than their highest scorer last year and first winner this year?

        1. Button is a good second driver. I think he complements Lewis well and Lewis has even learnt from him this year.

          1. If you look at Massa, you can’t call him a good second driver. Wait, I said Massa? probably something wrong :P

          2. Jenson is not a second driver. He is an excellent driver with car issues. He is a former world champion who happens to be having a number of different troubles with his car.

            1. Yes true main problem is HAM puts it on Pole every time almost ! Di resta to Maclaren, Button to FI next year !

            2. Jenson is not a second driver

              Well… he’s definitely not good enough to be a number 1 driver for a top team. So you can call it whatever you want.

        2. well, first win means nothing now.

          1. My point was that he got there before Hamilton did.

            1. He has 45 points. One mechanical. One crash-out. Another accident. You want to recognize that he won a race six races ago? He needs to shape up. Fast. His howlers are getting worse and worse.

        3. Yes. Clearly, he can’t drive.

          1. Ah, I think I missed the sarcasm first time round.

            1. Clearly.

            2. Sorry, it’s hard to tell when in the same day you read other people’s comments which completely slag off Button for having had a few poor races :)

            3. Yeah, if you don’t put a :D or a :p Someone will always take it seriously.

    2. now the grid is so tight that such small(actually I don’t think it’s small) mistake made Alonso slipped away. I have to admit I’m surprised he’s just 2 points off from leader but it could be significant widening gap either.

      1. Unlucky call by Ferrari. I think they were getting a bit cocky there. I hope this brings them back down to earth so less mistakes are made like this one.

        1. Edit* Ref: They lost a guaranteed 2nd place because they gambled against the odds for the win.

          1. Red Bull made the same mistake as Ferrari (albeit that they realised the mistake in time to limit the damage) so I don’t think we can say the mistake was a really bad one. After the race it was clear that neither Alonso nor Vettel was unhappy with their strategy, conceding that in hindsight it was wrong but in the circumstances they went for it as the only possible way to beat Hamilton.

            I think people are too often quick to criticize ‘bad’ strategy, but in reality the teams are doing a good job almost all of the time and it is easy to criticize with the benefit of hindsight.

            There was no guaranteed 2nd place – it was, as you said, unlucky that the call was wrong.

            1. Had it been right, and his tyres lasted, it would be Mclaren who ruined Lewis’ strategy instead.

        2. I have no love for Ferrari but calling them cocky for trying to win is not right. They took a risk, that is what racing is about.

    3. A beautiful performance by Hamilton today! got to give it to him. He’s been strong all weekend and delivered when it mattered. It was a close shave strategy and the second pit stop but all went well in the end. I’m really happy with the results. 7 races and he is 43 points ahead of his team mate. Blimey!!

    4. This season will really be a showdown where the best driver of this generation in F1 will be decided (between Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton). Unlike the previous seasons where Red Bull had a significant advantage this season all cars seem more or less equal, giving more value to the driver who can drive better.

      1. +1
        And it’s just great to see a driver fight another on more or less equal ground (mano a mano). That’s when you can tell who is a great driver. I agree, it will be nice to see who comes up ahead at the end. Clearly between Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton this year.

      2. Now it’s time for who’s the real one and the best team. I hope no one would get significant superiority soon.

        1. Me too, a three way fight for WDC with plenty of others able to go for podiums and even wins, sounds like a great year.

    5. Tight points battle at the top of the table, thats really exciting, I think. Also, I’m shocked how far Button has slipped away from the top of the table. I really hope to see Button has a stronger second half.

    6. has-have

    7. I think the current standings are a good answer to your question reeop :D

    8. Such a tight top 5. Amazingly, Grosjean is only 2 points behind Raikkonen despite 3 DNF’s in only 7 races. That’s crazy!

    9. Phew Jenson is in trouble! Its gonna take some time and luck to make that up. If he had one point less he would have had 50% of Hamiltons points. For the rest the top 8 stays in nice contention!

    10. Williams could easily have been 4th by now with a pair of solid drivers.

      1. Don’t know about 4th but 5th for sure. I bet someone in their management is regretting sacking Barrichello or ignoring the option named Adrian Sutil now. :)

    11. Look who is third in the WCC table. Lotus easily coild take 2nd unless Button starts working on the weekends.

    12. Times like theese I wish more people could watch sky. After the race they made an interview with Ron Dennis, and asked him about button. He said, that Button is a good driver, he did not forget how to win races, so the problem is with the car. He mentioned that Button had different suspension compared to Hamilton, I dont know if he tought different susp. setup, or different model, or different brand. But I think because Ron (not MW) said that, more of the McLaren fans would accept it.

      1. Just to avoid misunderstandings, Button wasn’t getting second hand treatment or anything. He just had a different one because they where trying to solve his balance problems. That was what Dennis meant.

    13. Massa disappointing again, because of him now Ferrari is 4th in the constructors and I honestly see it hard for them to recover.

    14. Amazing thing is that in theory, those still in 0 points can win the championship by winning all 13 races. Yes, nobody believes it would happen, but anyway. Last year it was after fifth race (Spain) as they already had no such hope.

    15. Kimi !!!! You got this!

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