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A collection of ten of the best pictures from the Canadian Grand Prix.

Felipe Massa, Sergio Perez, Montreal, Thursday

Felipe Massa came into the Canadian Grand Prix weekend off the back of a strong result in Monaco and looking to build on it.

There’s been considerable speculation over his future at Ferrari. Ahead of the race Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo said Ferrari development driver Sergio Perez (in the background) was too inexperienced to drive for the team.

In the race, Massa spun early on and Perez rose through the field to finish on the podium after overtaking Fernando Alonso.

Mark Webber, practice

The skies darkened towards the end of the second practice session on Friday. Moments after it finished, an enormous thunderstorm soaked the circuit.

Daniel Ricciardo, qualifying

Daniel Ricciardo continues to have things all is way in qualifying at Toro Rosso. He beat Jean-Eric Vergne by over a second, and has been over six-tenths of a second quicker than his team mate this year.

Pastor Maldonado, qualifying

Williams’ hopes of a strong weekend were dashed when Pastor Maldonado crashed at the end of Q2. After a penalty he started 22nd.

Neil Dickie, Canadian Grand Prix

Force India mechanic Neil Dickie marks the 30th anniversary of Gilles Villeneuve’s death before the start of the race.

Paul di Resta, Canadian Grand Prix

Paul di Resta started well, and ran fifth after passing Nico Rosberg. But he slipped back in the middle stint and finished 11th.

Nico Rosberg, Canadian Grand Prix

A packed crowd observe Rosberg’s progress at the old pits hairpin.

Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Canadian Grand Prix

With seven laps to go Fernando Alonso held the lead but was powerless to resist Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren driver took the win while Alonso was also passed by Romain Grosjean, Sergio Perez and Sebastian Vettel.

Romain Grosjean, Canadian Grand Prix

Grosjean celebrates his best finish to date – second place.

Lewis Hamilton, Canadian Grand Prix

Hamilton is welcomed back in the pits after his first win of the year, and his third at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

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    20 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix”

    1. the ricciardo one is stunning. those Toro Rossos are very photogenic cars, somehow

      1. I really dislike the look (other than the undercut sidepods) and colour scheme of that car, but it does suit the moody shots really well.

    2. Grosjean’s air intake is a great advert for air filters, look at all the tyre rubber smeared across it.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        12th June 2012, 16:44

        and check the tyre degradation in the same picture

        1. That’s just old rubber picked up… which is exactly why you don’t wanna run off line during the race.

      2. Looking closer, I swear it almost looks like the area around the intake is not only covered with rubber…but actually looks pitted! I guess at 320kph, things hit the car with some serious momentum. lol

    3. Rosberg’s is the best for me. That combination of blue and green is always stunning.

    4. One of the most impressive RB shots Iv’e seen ever,.

    5. That Massa-Perez picture cries out for a caption contest.

      The picture of Alonso turning his head to look at Hamilton in his mirror is a classic.

      1. The distinguished Senator from Guadalajara yields the floor to the distinguished Senator from Sao Paulo…
        Yes, now Mr. Clemens…while we’re here wasting taxpayer money, and our time, does anyone care if you did steroids???

        Sorry, you have to put up with our idiotic congress here in America to understand that one. :-)

    6. Webber’s picture looks impressive to me, has a very luminous feeling to it.

    7. William Brierty
      12th June 2012, 22:20

      I love the Hamilton picture. It just screams Brazil 1993 when Senna held aloft a scrunched Brazilian flag in her victorious fist. Little nods to the past and bygone legends, those little stimulants of nostalgia are what Formula 1 is all about and is what makes it such a gloriously rich and immersive sport to be a fan of.

      1. William Brierty
        12th June 2012, 22:21


      2. I thought there was a rule against picking up things like flags after the finish of the race? I don’t have a problem with him doing it, I think they should be allowed to do all sorts of banned things like burnouts and doughnuts etc, I just thought what he did wasn’t allowed.

        1. William Brierty
          13th June 2012, 11:55

          Why would it be banned?

          1. It’s theoretically a way for a driver to smuggle additional ballast into the car or his person between the race and the weigh in.

            1. I don’t think they would do that, after all, its too obvious and a stupid thing to do!

    8. Were are the paddock dolls?

    9. Alonso / Hamilton one does it for me… drama, speed, its got it all
      You literally “see” Lewis hunting Fernando down. While Alonso watches his mirrors, Lweis has his head down, determination pouring out his visor
      RB/Webber one is pretty good too


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