Unwell Glock to miss qualifying

2012 European Grand Prix

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Timo Glock will not take part in qualifying for the European Grand Prix due to illness.

Marussia issued the following statement: “Marussia F1 Team driver Timo Glock will not take part in this afternoon’s qualifying session for tomorrow’s European Grand Prix for health reasons.

“Timo has been fighting a stomach bug since Thursday. He felt well enough to take part in yesterday’s Free Practice sessions and had seemed to be improving. This morning, after free practice three, he started to feel unwell again. It is clear that at this time, he is not sufficiently well to take part in a demanding Qualifying session and needs to recuperate further.

“Timo and the team will now seek further medical guidance this afternoon. Until such time as this guidance has been received, no decisions will be reached regarding tomorrow’s race. A further statement will be issued on Sunday morning."

Glock said yesterday: “It has not been an easy day of free practice for me. I seem to have picked up a stomach bug over the last couple of days and for a time I have to say I was feeling quite unwell.”

He may still be able to participate in the race if he is judged fit enough and the stewards grant him a dispensation.

2012 European Grand Prix

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10 comments on “Unwell Glock to miss qualifying”

  1. There goes my pick for pole!

  2. Get well soon Timo! Fortunately he doesn’t have much to lose I guess and he may well benefit from fresh rubber if he does participate tomorrow.

  3. Get well soon Glock!

  4. Time for Maria De Villota to make her race debut, if Glock doesn’t recover for tomorrow?

    1. She has no superlicence, so she can’t race.

    2. I didn’t know Robert Wickens got the boot!

    3. No superlicence, also, I believe that reserve drivers need to participate in P3 before qualifying. Could be wrong on that one though…

  5. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
    23rd June 2012, 15:23

    Hopefully he’ll be fit for the next GP. From a driving perspective, I doubt that he’s too upset at having to miss this GP, seeing as its an absolute borefest.

  6. He is probably sick of driving such a **** box week after week. These Q1 cars are such a mess and there is absoluetly zero chance of getting results. Only AT sees promise in their futures.

  7. Best wishes for Timo, a truly wasted talent

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