2012 European Grand Prix championship points

2012 European Grand Prix

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2012 European Grand Prix

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    28 comments on “2012 European Grand Prix championship points”

    1. championship over, Alonso 20 point in the best car.

      1. So, the best car qualified 12th yesterday. That’s a new one.

        It’s still so open it’s almost pointless to see the championship points positions…

      2. Best car ??? Vettel and Hamilton , yet they have been out driven by Alonso in the 6 th fastest cAr , behind rbd, macclaren, dauber,Williams,Mercedes and force India. I said it yesterday. Watch out for Alonso!! And he won. And you daniel2433 didn’t you watch the first few races, the Ferrari is not anywhere near to the other cars, yet Alonso is leading the wdc. He knows when to give up a position when the car or the tyres aren’t working as they should. Not like Hamilton.

        1. Vettel was 20 seconds up the road from Grosjean and Alonso before the safety car, so he wasn’t outdriven by anyone. I also don’t believe the Ferrari is as bad as 6th fastest. Massa being inept makes it look worse than it is.

      3. Ehm, look at the Constructors’ Championship to see who has the best car, and on that note, had Grosjean finished the race Lotus would’ve been 2nd!!! it goes to show how much they have improved and how consistent they’ve been.

    2. Jesus, Disaster for Hamilton and Vettel. What a luck&drive from Alonso. Webber and Schumacher also did well.

      1. @eggry
        Alonso was brilliant all race, especially the early/mid race surge up the field, but my god! He is probably the luckiest guy out there!
        First McLaren’s horrible pit stop with Hamilton that let Alonso through, then Vettel’s car gives up on him and hands the lead to Alonso and then his biggest threat, Grosjean, goes as well.
        But you have to give it to him for making absolute everything of every single opportunity that comes his way.

    3. I cant believe Webber is 2nd O_O

      1. Yeah, that is F1 2012 for you. It sometimes feels like I am watching a ball jumping on a roulette wheel.

        1. He hasn’t been out of the top 5 since 2007 so it’s really no suprise he’s up there. It was an epic drive in a dodgy car. Alonso? Fantastic.

          1. Who are you talking about?

    4. It’s unbelievable that Williams is only 1 point ahead of Force India, given that Williams has a race winning car. Shows just how many points have been lost because of the drivers.

      1. not only that force india have improved a lot, they were able to match the speed of the williams and saubers.

    5. themagicofspeed (@)
      24th June 2012, 20:20

      The championship is far from over, we all know that. But if Alonso can pick up maybe a couple or three more wins and keep scoring points he could win the title. Because of the way 2012 has panned out the front runners will all keep taking points off each other. By his very nature, no matter what track he is on Alonso will always be there to pounce and exploit any opportunity that arises and that is why he is a three times world champion (ive always made it clear i dont recognise or accept the result of the 2010 championship and that Vettel’s title was pure luck and successful race fixing)

      1. @thewmagicofspeed –

        (ive always made it clear i dont recognise or accept the result of the 2010 championship and that Vettel’s title was pure luck and successful race fixing)

        Ah, good old delusion.

        1. themagicofspeed (@)
          24th June 2012, 21:48

          The outcome of that GP and ultimately, the championship, was a lottery. Alonso only had to finish 1 place higher than he did. Had that bumbling oaf Petrov not interfered the result would be Alonso champion x 3, and until 2011 at least, Vettel 0 x champion. I am surprised he doesnt hate Vettel as much as he does Hamilton and as much as Massa too, hates Hamilton. (Yes, each say they have no problem with the other guy, but general consensus seems to be that deep down, both Alonso and Massa detest Hamilton, its just that they do not show this in what is obviously a very public environment where there is a need to be professional)

          Its a good job i’m a mechanic and not a race driver because I bear grudges very easily lol.

          1. “Had that bumbling oaf Petrov not interfered the result” – you really wanna go there again? how delusional does one have to be to not understand that he was fighting in a race for position, and if Alonso really wanted the championship, he should have overtaken him. Simple as that. There is no such thing as ‘he shouldn’t have fought so hard’ in Formula 1. Nothing is to be taken for granted, Alonso has learned that lesson since then and has become a better driver. You should learn it too.

            And seriously, you’re surprised he doesn’t HATE Vettel? And you enjoy the fact that Alonso and Massa should definetly HATE Hamilton? Geez, grow up or go play in the sandbox, thats really a school-yard attitude.

      2. @themagicofspeed

        Vettel’s title was pure luck and successful race fixing

        Utter rubbish.

        1. themagicofspeed (@)
          24th June 2012, 21:41

          It’s a personal opinion. My gut feeling that day was that there was something not quite right about the way Vettel came by that title. At best it was luck; had Alonso not been held up it would have been a very different outcome, Vettel was merely in the right position at the right time. At worst, i fear it was fixed. But as i say, its personal. Like Hamilton before him, his title was obtained only through being in the right place at the right time. (Hamilton definitley got very lucky and in no way did he do anything in that race to earn the title, unlike Massa who won the race and made no mistakes, the drive of a champion.) Given another 20-30 laps Alonso would probably have made it past and charged his way through the field.

          1. @themagicofspeed Well it sounds like nothing more than a rather obvious means of denying Vettel the credit he is due.

            He won the title fair and square; if you choose not to recognise that then more fool you.

            You also seem to make the odd assumption that a championship is won in the final race – it’s not, it’s won over every race. Hamilton deserved his and so does Vettel.

            1. Keith, you article links incorrectly to the 2010 championship. Can it be fixed?

            2. themagicofspeed (@)
              24th June 2012, 22:44

              I know the championship is won over the year not the last race. I was just referring to those two races in particular.

              The fact that picking up points all season is so important is very significant right now to messrs Alonso and Hamilton, but the reasons couldnt be more different!

            3. @keithcollantine i forgot to put a smile at the end :)

          2. It was an impressive feat of fixing that season to deny Vettel well over 50 points due to mechanical failure alone!!

            1. @james_mc
              Yeah if anyone was lucky that year it was Alonso. Especially that crucial win in Korea when Vettel was controlling the race perfectly and then his engine dies on him. Vettel just got a bit of that hugely bad luck back in the last race.

    6. So, a Ferrari leads by 20 points? Absolutely barmy. Brilliant performance that only a driver of Alonso’s caliber and a team of Ferrari’s experience can deliver.

    7. Ferrari should be higher on contructor’s standing if not for massa doing nothing. Props to alonso for capitalizing on the misfortune of others. Championship is far from over. Red bull is still the team to beat judging from vettel’s pace. Hopefully ALO can keep up. He’s doing brilliantly on a dog of a car.Who wouldn’t want to see this guy win another championsip? He deserves it better than anyone else IMO.

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