F1 stars and their cars at the Goodwood Festival

2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed

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A host of top current F1 drivers appeared at this weekend plus several stars from the sport’s past.

McLaren duo Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button appeared on Saturday driving last year’s MP4-26 which they each scored three wins in.

Sebastian Vettel made his first appearance at the Festival and drove the Red Bull RB7 he dominated last year’s championship with. Team mate Mark Webber and Toro Rosso’s Daniel Ricciardo also took turns in the car.

Another world champion making his Festival debut was Alain Prost, driving the Renault RE40 he raced in 1983.

Nico Rosberg and Heikki Kovalainen were also in attendance, as were Festival favourites Emerson Fittipaldi, John Surtees and others.

See here for more pictures of Prost in his Renault:

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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23 comments on “F1 stars and their cars at the Goodwood Festival”

  1. LOL those cameras in the Ferrari “I haz 2012 livery but I’m actuaally the 2009 model” nose.

  2. I see Button is having trouble with the grip levels again (massive lockup)!

    1. One for the fans, to let them know it’s really him ;)

    2. “I’m struggling with front locking!”

    3. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:53

      “Guy’s it’s everywhere”

  3. 2012 Goodwood Festival of Seed? A celebration of agricultural advancements and history?

  4. Did RBR resticker the RB7 between Vettel and Webber? I see that that the T-cam color and driver number decals match the driver in the car at that point (apart from Ricciardo obviously).

    1. @codesurge Most likely. Vettel was there on Saturday afternoon, Webber on Sunday.

  5. Weird seeing them with grooved tyres.

    1. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:54

      rain tyres?

  6. How were the Red Bull drivers able to drive the RB 7? I thought the testing ban meant that they could only drive cars at least two years old (ie. the RB 6 or older)?

    1. Mclaren boys drove MP4-26 which is also last year’s car

      1. Yep, that’s their regular donut car now! Button drove it in the street demo in Budapest, and Dublin as well I think.

        I guess Goodwood doesn’t count as a test day, that would be unfair, but proper track tests like Kimi’s comeback drive do, so he used an old Renault for that.

    2. Answer is either:

      It’s a “filming day”


      It’s the Red Bull “show car” – a cobbled-together RB2 or RB4 chassis with whatever parts are lying in the spare parts bin at the end of the previous race weekend….

    3. @tdog They can use a year-old car on demonstration tyres. They did two runs per day for three days on a one mile stretch of tarmac, there isn’t much you can learn from that.

      1. Thanks Keith. I wasn’t trying to suggest RBR was gaining an unfair advantage, just curious as to the precise limits of the rule :-)

    4. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:56

      Mercedes driving this years car?!

      1. xeroxpt (@)
        2nd July 2012, 4:02

        and sporting a perhaps new front wing those pyllons look different.

  7. John Surtees takes the cake for me….F1 champ…check, Motorcycle World Champ….check, 78yrs old and doing demo runs at Goodwood…check! Good stuff!

    1. Absolutely, that’s just incredible. Il Grande John, still as grand as ever.

    2. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:57

      Like a Sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I could get used to the sight of seeing Ricciardo in a Red Bull ;)

    1. xeroxpt (@)
      2nd July 2012, 3:59

      he’ll stay on the italian Red Bull, which is probably a buffalo, mozzarella cheese is made from bufallos milk.

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