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Lotus revealed a one-off sponsor for the British Grand Prix in the shape of the new Batman film.

See below for pictures of that and more from Thursday in the paddock at Silverstone.

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Mercedes/Hoch Zwei, Getty Images/Red Bull, Sahara Force India F1 Team, Caterham/LAT, HRT

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23 comments on “2012 British Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

  1. what was Kimi thinking when he bought those glasses?

    1. He was thinking “I’m Batman and I need the sunglasses because the batvodka”

    2. He probably looked at pictures of Manfred Mann and liked what he saw.

    3. Or, he was thinking “because **** you, that’s why”. It sounds like something Kimi would say :D It’s a cool looking pic though.

    4. “I need some glasses.”

      1. Kimi: I don’t care about Batman

        1. Make it ‘I don’t care about Batman and all of those things.’

  2. You can just make out the new podium in one of those pictures. Better picture here:


  3. Disappointing livery from Lotus. Wish teams would go to town with the Liveries like Red Bull did with Star Wars.

    Where’s the black helmet with spikey ears or the Batman logo on the overalls?

    1. Have they already decided who will race with the car in the background?

    2. They went for a batarang as rear-wing, though.

      1. @dennis Nice spot there! XD

    3. @tommyb89

      Disappointing livery from Lotus. Wish teams would go to town with the Liveries like Red Bull did with Star Wars.

      The difference here is that Red Bull were pretty much the only major sponsor of that car in 2005. Lotus, on the other hand, have other sponsor obligations that they need to meet – like the Unilever brands (Rexona/Sure and Clear) and Total. You’ll notice that the decal for The Dark Knight Rises replaces the Genii Captial one, since Genii are the team owners. They’re obviously happy to let someone else’s logo appear in their place for one Grand Prix.

      That said, it would be a nice touch if they had included a Wayne Enterprises logo somewhere on the car. It’s still better than the Toyota TF108, which carried the logo of The Dark Knight back in 2008.

      Where’s the […] Batman logo on the overalls?

      It’s there. Look at the left breast, just underneath the Total logo. You can also see the film logo on Grosjean’s and Raikkonen’s helmet, just above the RENAULT decal along the top edge of the visor.

  4. Has anyone noticed the different rear wing on the lotus?

    1. It looks quite similar to Renault’s M-wing which was a low drag configuration for the faster circuits. I’m guessing (providing it works) that they’ll race it in Silverstone, Monza and possibly Spa.

      1. But Silverstone is more of a high downforce circuit, whereas Spa and Monza are more about low downforce and high top speed, right?

        1. Silverstone is still very fast in comparison to many circuits on the calendar, so I would say it was pretty low drag compared to most; I’m not sure how it would affect the downforce though. Canada saw Williams running different wings, and it is also a very fast circuit…

        2. Silverstone is fast due to high speed corners, whilst Canada is fast due to its long straights. This means that the former demands much more downforce than the latter, and, by using a M-wing, when drag is reduced, there is also a loss in downforce. Which is why I found it a bit contradictory when you told it would be used in Silverstone, Monza and Spa.

    2. Its a show car based on the R31. The E20 would have been being built in the garage. Also explains the nicer gold colour.

  5. Are lotus racing the batmobile with one of their drivers?

  6. perhaps Piquet will come back to the team in the batmobile looks robust enough to cause some incidents and keep going

  7. What’s all the electronic looking stuff in the front hub of the Ferrari?

  8. I want to see the new Batman film even more now it has F1 connections.

    Sad, I know.

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