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2012 British Grand Prix

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F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire British Grand Prix weekend so look out for the live page on the site during every session.

Here are the details of Sky and the BBC’s live video coverage of the British Grand Prix here in the UK. Note that qualifying and the race are on BBC2 instead of the usual BBC1, though the race build-up is on BBC1.

We will also be following the tenth round of the IndyCar season from Toronto on F1 Fanatic Live, details below.

Friday 6th July 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
British Grand Prix first practice liveBBC Red Button09:5510:0011:30
British Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F109:4510:0011:30
GP2 Britain practice liveSky Sports F111:5012:0012:40
British Grand Prix second practice liveBBC Red Button13:5514:0015:30
British Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F113:4514:0015:30
GP2 Britain qualifying liveSky Sports F115:5516:0016:30

Saturday 7th July 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP3 Britain qualifying liveSky Sports F108:4508:4509:15
Britain Grand Prix third practice liveBBC Red Button09:5510:0011:00
Britain Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F109:4510:0011:00
Britain Grand Prix qualifying liveBBC212:1013:0014:00
Britain Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F112:0013:0014:00
GP2 Britain feature race liveSky Sports F114:3514:4015:45
GP3 Britain race one liveSky Sports F116:1516:2016:55

Sunday 8th July 2012

SessionChannelCoverage startsSession startsSession ends
GP3 Britain race two liveSky Sports F108:2508:3009:05
GP2 Britain sprint race liveSky Sports F109:3509:4010:30
Britain Grand Prix liveBBC1/BBC212:0513:00
Britain Grand Prix liveSky Sports F111:0013:00
IndyCar Indy TorontoSky Sports 217:3018:00

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

Find times for every F1 session this year and all the 2012 race dates with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2012 British Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2012 British Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. Race and qualifying on BBC2? Does that mean it won’t be in HD!? Very dissapointed with the BBC!

    1. Just checked, quali and race is available on BBC HD too.

      1. yes but wimbledon will be on their HD channel no?

        1. They have more than one HD channel. 108 (BBC1 HD) and 187 (BBC HD Channel) on Virgin Media, not sure about Sky, so will be on one or the other.

  2. Praying Legard isn’t doing free practice.

    1. …nothing wrong with Jonathan Legard when you are forced to listen to the utter garbage and waffle that is…….David Croft!!!

  3. Also on Sunday evening there’s a new documentary on top McLaren/Brabham designer on BBC4:

    Gordon Murray documentary on BBC4, 8th July

  4. And so it begins, F1 we welcome you back to the home of motorsport. Good to have you back :).

  5. The Freeview Listing has got the red button channel 301 as showing tennis all afternoon.
    ‘Praying Legard isn’t doing free practice.’:
    Yes. I’ve had enough on his inane comments like:
    “Ooh. What’s going on here, then?”

    1. Sorry, should have said that listing was for Practice Two.

    2. I don’t know where they get their information from but the BBC’s own website says all three practice sessions are on the Red Button.

  6. IndyCar on at a sensible time for the first time in a while! Though I do like our late night/early morning F1 Fanatic Live sessions.

    1. I wouldn’t mind those early ones if I were away from home, but I’m not! Thankfully it’s an adequate time this weekend! And on a Sunday too!!

  7. Spending the weekend in front of the TV — just as it should be.

    Any news on who’s filling in for Anthony Davidson on Sky (assuming he hasn’t recovered yet)? Allan McNish and Karun Chandhok did a great job in Valencia, though I think Damon Hill is back at Silverstone (for better or worse).

  8. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    5th July 2012, 21:19

    Free Practice 1 (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 11:50-13:40
    Free Practice 2 (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 15:50-17:40
    Free Practice 3 (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 11:50-13:10
    Qualifying (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 14:50-16:35
    GP2 Feature Race (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 16:40-18:00
    GP2 Sprint Race (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 11:30-12:45
    Race (Alpha TV) 14:00-17:00
    (OTE Sport 1 & HD) 14:45-17:15
    All events are live and the times are GMT+3

  9. Found this

    Formula 1 – British Grand Prix

    0955-1135 Practice One: Live coverage from Silverstone with commentary from the BBC Radio 5 live team.
    1355-1535 Practice Two: Live coverage from Silverstone with commentary from the BBC Radio 5 live team.(Not available on Freeview)



    1. It is on Freeview right now. I wish the BBC would stop messing the viewers about & not just with F1.

  10. This is (sadly) what happens when Wimbledon and F1 collide – something has to give and BBC thinks F1 should move.

    1. In fairness, it is the Wimbledon final, and much as we love it, THis is a mid-season Grand Prix, not a championship decider. It would be rather silly to expect the Tennis to move over for F1 in this situation.

  11. The BBC love Wimbledom so much that during the 70`s they used to re-record over there video tape to save money, they saved the 1969 Wimbledon all 2 weeks off it but decided to erase the Apollo Moon Landing.

  12. Sadly there’s going to be a clash with Wimbledon. Hopefully the HRTs will have it all wrapped up by gaining 3 laps on everyone by then so that I can switch over to the tennis as a HRT 1-2 will be a formality.

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