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Red Bull have revealed the special livery they will run on their cars at this weekend’s race.

The Red Bull RB8s will feature the pictures of 1000s of people who donated to the team’s Wings for Life charity.

The team ran a similar scheme five years ago at the same race.

Sebastian Vettel said: “I think chances like this for the fans to be involved are great – I will have thousands of wing men and women with me on every lap of the track this weekend.

“The Wings for Life cause is a special one, I care a lot about the work they are doing and have been an ambassador of the charity for many years. It’s great for the fans to be able to join Mark, the Team and me at this year’s race in Silverstone – I’m looking forward to it.”

Mark Webber added: “The paint scheme on my car for this weekend looks awesome, the guys have done a great job. It’s great that the fans can travel with me round the circuit for the whole weekend, while supporting an incredible cause – let’s hope the livery gets a good result.

“I’m proud to be an ambassador for Wings for Life, which is doing fantastic work in its search for a cure for spinal cord injury.”

Here are images of the car as it will appear this weekend.

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30 comments on “Red Bull reveal Wings for Life RB8 livery”

  1. Fully agree with what Mark Webber says, it looks amazing. I would love Red Bull to carry this livery for the rest of the season.

    1. It’s really cool! The colours are both light and dark together, but overall the blue is better in my opinion.

  2. It looks amazing. Brilliant job.

  3. Looks great. Very nice initiative by Redbull Racing. Hope it get’s some decent TV coverage on-air time.

  4. Andy Redden (@andyredden-on-f1)
    5th July 2012, 19:27

    Looks like its made from lego bricks!!

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      6th July 2012, 14:28

      It’s all a strategy. They made it look like a car made of Lego bricks so that other teams underestimate them! Just like that, they hope they can catch their rivals by surprise.


  5. Looks stunning and it’s raising money for a very worth while cause… plus I found the photo of my son. (Thanks for the HD pictures!)

  6. If i worked at the red bull livery departement and one of them crashes this weekend I would cry!

    1. LOL in the nosecone there’s a picture of someone with a DRS sign…

  7. The livery looks great unlike 2008 and we will see a Red Bull car with the same colour scheme but different avatar. It’s great.

    One more thing I observed for the 1st time this season is that both drivers also have a different race suit and a different shade. It’s only possible when they are in the same frame.

  8. As I said on the forum:

    It’s better than in 2008, when they just put all the pictures together. It looks good, I really like it!

    But I’m not sure how it will work on the telly. I mean, from a distance it must look like the normal car with some odd painting. I suppose for charity it should be much more distinctive, like standing out from the rest of the field or from the usual livery the team uses…

    1. That’s why I partially agree with you regarding the colours. In 2007 they were distinctive, and now as you say it’ll look normal while racing. But it’s true, in the pics it’s gorgeous!

      1. @carlitox ah, 2007, you’re right.

        Yeah, in the pictures it really looks good!

  9. To look up your own picture, have a go on the faces for charity page, it has an app to look up your name and browse through to find yourself

    1. Actually, I find it a bit hard to determine where exactly on the car the pictures of my daughters are. Oh well, still a great initiative, and I hope they (I mean RBR and the charity) get some exposure over the weekend. In fact, when they’re in the pit boxes on Friday waiting for the rain to relent might be a good time to invite some people over to have a look at their cars.

    2. I don’t think that allows you to see where you are located because if you search anyone they all end up being on the bull’s head on the right side of the car. But it might be accurate in showing who you’re next too, in my case a picture of Eddie Jordan who’s next to a picture of Lewis Hamilton!

      No doubt you are on here somewhere as well? So maybe a collection of HD photos from every corner and let the hunt begin for ourselves?

      1. But it might be accurate in showing who you’re next too

        Its not,
        just searched the people surrounding me and they had different people around them

  10. I’d say this looks better than their usual livery, with the ripples-on-water effect, regardless of the photos that are blended in.

  11. they kept the colour scheme despite the photos I dont know if that the best option to stand out., looks gorgeaus anyway.

  12. The last photo with Mark and Seb its so typical, everyone can relate with this it’s just like when you were at school taking class pictures, usually the tallest stay in the back and in football the shorter kneel and in F1 the shortest stand.

  13. Stunning! It’s created quite an unusual effect, but the colours are really vibrant.

  14. Sean (@spaceman1861)
    6th July 2012, 0:51

    Must find my photo!

  15. This look amazing, really cool idea… Hope Wings for Life get a lot of exposure is a great initiative…

  16. Nikola Loncar
    6th July 2012, 8:14

    It is shame that Red Bull has not sent us a photo of the part of a car with our picture on it. I can remember that Honda has sent me a hi res photo of my name on the car. But never mind it is for a great cause. Nice livery dough

  17. The pics are barely visible. Its better if they go back to the 2007 livery or increase the size of the pictures

    1. @malleshmagdum But then they wouldn’t be able to fit as many on…

      1. @andrewtanner really doesnt matter andrew. No point in having ur pic there if u cannot see it

        1. @malleshmagdum It’s for charity for goodness sake!

  18. From a distance it looks almost metallic, or more metallic than usual, which is quite welcome. For double world champions they have a frightfully dull livery, the STR one looks miles better.

    Great idea and it looks great, I’ve used on of the images on my desktop.

    Oh and could the drivers quotes be any more PR friendly?! ;)

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