De Villota’s condition “serious but stable” after further surgery

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Maria de Villota had further surgery today on the injuries she suffered in a testing crash earlier this week.

Whereas yesterday her situation was described as “critical”, today she is described as being in a “serious but stable” condition.

Marussia issued the following statement

“Earlier today, Maria underwent further surgery at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

“This was a planned procedure that would depend upon the continued stability of Maria’s head injuries, and this morning the medical team were sufficiently happy with her progress to allow the operation to go ahead.

“The surgeons successfully completed the next phase of surgery required to address Maria’s facial injuries. After the lengthy initial procedure, which commenced on Tuesday and concluded on Wednesday, today’s secondary operation took significantly less time.

“Since the operation today, Maria’s condition in relation to the head trauma she received has further improved, to the extent that she is now "serious but stable".

“Whilst Maria remains acutely ill, this confirms that she has been responding well to the treatment she has received since her accident. Coupled with the significant progress that has been made with regard to her facial injuries, we feel sufficiently comfortable to proceed with a further update.

“On a more personal note, we have taken a great deal of encouragement from today’s developments and the rather more positive signs for Maria’s family.”

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11 comments on “De Villota’s condition “serious but stable” after further surgery”

  1. I’d guess this is an improvement over ‘critical’.

  2. Good news. These athletes are really strong and recover so much better than us mere mortals. Keep it up Maria.

    1. +1 I fear more for her losing the right eye, don’t know if it’s treatable or If the damage is permanent.

      1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
        6th July 2012, 21:33

        I’m not a doctor but I suppose some specialist in reconstructive surgery can put some prothesis on her face. Of course losing an eye sounds traumatic.All the best wishes for her recovery

  3. Whew … This is incredible and a welcome news before the British grand prix. Really glad to know Maria is fighting !

  4. Thanks for passing the update on. No cause for alarm there, and a timely reminder to keep things in perspective. Stay strong, Maria.

  5. Well, very welcomed news. So glad she’s coming along well.

  6. Good to hear Maria’s recovering well. As @andrewtanner said, racing driver tend to mend quickly, so hopefully she’ll continue her speedy recovery.

  7. sid_prasher (@)
    6th July 2012, 21:49

    You have to cheer even the smallest +ve change until she is completely out of danger.

  8. Hopefully the FIA and teams look into it, discover why and how it happened and take steps to ensure it can’t happen again.

    1. @Mike – I hope so, too. There should be no protruding objects at a driver’s helmet level at test sites, race venues, or anywhere these cars run.

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