Silverstone lifts car park restrictions for Sunday

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Silverstone says it is lifting the restrictions on attendance that were in force today and all fans with tickets are encouraged to attend.

The circuit issued the following statement:

“Silverstone would like to thank fans that heeded the circuit’s advice on Friday evening and did not come to the Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix on Saturday.

“While it was an extremely difficult decision, and one that will have disappointed people that had to stay away, the decision gave the circuit a fighting chance to repair and get previously unsafe car parks into a state that can be used on race day.

“The circuit has implemented further contingency plans throughout Friday night and Saturday. As a result, it is now in a stronger position to accommodate all ticket holders coming to Silverstone on Sunday.”

Fans are advised to be aware of the following on race day:

“Everyone with a valid ticket for Sunday is encouraged to come to Silverstone

“Please leave plenty of time to arrive at the circuit and, where possible, travel in 4×4 vehicles, on motorcycles or car share

“In order to park vehicles safely, fans should be prepared for a longer walk than usual. Please wear sensible shoes and clothing

“The severe weather conditions over the last weeks and, in particularly, the last 48 hours, has had a significant impact on the public car parks. It will, therefore be more difficult to park on than in previous years

“Please follow Stewards’ instructions. They will do everything possible to ensure you are parked as quickly and efficiently as possible

“Everyone who has a valid ticket for Sunday entry arriving by foot (campers & people staying in the locality) with pre booked tickets should arrives as normal

“People with pre-booked Park and Ride passes and tickets should follow directions as sent out and follow instructions from stewards. Please be patient – we are doing our very best and are working hard to get you in

“Campers must leave cars at the campsites and not bring them to the circuit as they will be turned away

“Campers should avoid trying to leave the site on Sunday night and stay until Monday morning. This will avoid getting caught up in traffic unnecessarily

“Hospitality guests should follow instructions as normal, and again be patient with stewards

“To help stagger traffic exiting the site, please stay behind and enjoy the off-track entertainment, including the post-race Grand Prix Party

“For up-to-date information tune into 87.7FM, or visit the Silverstone website, Twitter and Facebook pages.”

Managing Director of Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips said: “The weather has been a constant issue over the weekend. Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge, but please bear with us; we are going to do our best.”

If you attended the race weekend please share your experience of the traffic problems in the comments or in the Going to the British Grand Prix forum.

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9 comments on “Silverstone lifts car park restrictions for Sunday”

  1. Hmmm. I was hoping they were going to introduce more park and rides. There are plenty of old aerodromes around here. Can’t have been that hard to set something up surely?

    1. Hard, sure. Impossible? Nope.

  2. So arrive in 4×4 vehicles?
    time to shine!! (not my car)
    but surely Cayennes and RR sports with 20″ wheels and low profiled sports tyres are just going to get stuck

    after all my Bora ploughed the Thruxton car park at BTCC @TheScottWilkes @EmmaDouglas91

    1. That’s Batman’s back-up car!

  3. Well, good to see they’re forthcoming with advice and information. I think they ought to address the issue more so after the race but they should also stress that they cannot control the whole area and just simply tarmac it.

  4. I love the ‘sensible shoes’-advice, however I miss ‘…or bring a Leopard II tank’

    1. They do advice to travel by horse or pack animals:

  5. Chris Topping
    7th July 2012, 23:11

    Hi, does anyone know the location of car park 26? Even better does anyone have a site map showing all the car parks so we can plan what angle to drive from whilst avoiding the main routes?

  6. Typical of today CEO/investor style approach to the redevolopment of this famous circuit. Maximum return, minimum regard. Who’d think you need to have car parks to hold a world event

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