2012 British Grand Prix championship points

2012 British Grand Prix

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2012 British Grand Prix

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    44 comments on “2012 British Grand Prix championship points”

    1. LOL Mclaren dropping to 4th. Amaizing how wrong has it gone for them since the first couple of races.

      1. and its all been of there own making…

      2. Yeah, and all that in the light of their big upgrade package for this race.

      3. If their pit stops were all as good as of today’s, they should be much better. However, their race pace need urgent solution.

        1. if their pitstops had been like that in all the previous races this year, I’m sure Mclaren would be leading both championships.
          amateur team this year.

          1. True, its like having the fastest pit stop when you are only finishing 20th. They needed this speed in the first 7 races. They are fastest in the pits now, but are dropping like a stone on both tables.

      4. Funny how after all these years, McLaren came out with the car to beat at the start of the season, only to throw it away in their pitstops!
        If they don’t come with something that works in the next race, It could very well mean the end of their championship hopes. Vettel, Alonso and Webber have all been consistently getting good points so far and are getting pretty clear from the rest now.

    2. Lotus ahead of McLaren for the third! Noice!

    3. Things looked so close 2 races ago! Now everyone seems spread out! What happened to 2012? :(

      1. davidnotcoulthard
        8th July 2012, 15:15

        Well, the 2012 Canadian GP in it self was “terrible”, compared to 2011, it’s ending and/or it’s red flag period (should’ve browsed the web while waiting, like I did during yesterday’s red flag).

    4. Shame on Mclaren.
      Blown opportunities, arrogance that their perceived advantage will last.
      They have not been able to develop the car because they don’t know what direction to take.
      They have taken themselves out of both championships.
      Great job.

      1. I guess you work for them and know exactly what direction they are taking?

      2. I would say exactly the same thing for Mercedes. The car looked so good until bahrain…..

        In my opinion the best racecar throughout the season is the Lotus….but they are the one team yet to win…. pity.

    5. I had doubt whether Webber could maintain his pace or not but I think Webber is now serious contender. Also Dominant performance of Red Bull in Valencia looks like circuit-oriented one. but unpredictable tyre behaving(the prime was faster than the option no matter how old it is) is disappointing.

      I think Webber and Alonso was evenly matched but just separated because of which they choose to start(or run last stint?). Poor performance of the option is the key of the race.

    6. I think we’re defiantely moving into a new phase of the championship – Alonso vs. Webber. It’s going to be interesting to see how Red Bull handle this, because Vettel has made up bigger gaps under more pressure in the past, but the more they slow Webber down to let Vettel pass him, the greater the gap to Alonso will become, because Alonso being Alonso will take full advantage of that.

      1. Already?

        McLaren is off-pace but I’m not counting them out, they still can improve their car and be up there again. Red Bull is very good so making it an Alonso vs. Webber after race #10… what about Vettel?

      2. Webber does not have great form in the third and fourth quarters of the season. That said, neither has Vettel had great form in the third quarter in the past. Alonso tends to shine in the final two quarters (his favorite tracks)… and he is already ahead.

        I just dont see Webber staying consistently ahead of Alonso or Vettel. I believe Alonso’s main competitors are still Lewis and Vettel, although more so Vettel.

        1. Mark does seem like track dependable. If he likes the track (Monaco, Silverstone), he’s mighty. But he always struggles in Valencia and Singapore, for example. Tracks he doesn’t particularly like…

          A big boost in his confidence could revert that, but with Alonso as strong as ever, and considering how good he is at the “grabbing what I can, and taking advantage of other’s problems” game, makes Mark the dark horse.

          1. Last year Webber finished 3rd at Singapore. That’s hardly “struggling”. And we’ve already had Valencia where he placed 4th, which isn’t too bad.

            1. However Webber did not so often finished ahead of Alonso later part of 2011 even though he had superior car over Alonso. I know Webber didn’t like RB7 than Vettel but Alonso has better car now as well.

      3. Aussie Aussie Aussie
        11th July 2012, 3:53

        I see 2012 shaping a little like 1986: just as Mansell and Piquet took wins off each other to let Prost take the title then, Webber & Vettel will take wins off each while Alonso gets the juiciest points finishes Ferrari will be capable of this season. My money is on Alonso.

    7. It looks like the season is shaping up like 2010.Alonso VS Red Bull.

      1. I wonder if Ferrari are considering getting rid of Massa and putting Petrov in that seat. Maybe it will work this time if the Russians are on their side …

        1. To say that after a race where Massa pretty much did what was expected of him to finish right behind in 4th is a bit curious. Do you think Petrov would have been able to get back in front of Vettel PM?

          1. Petrov would hold them up as a backmarker

          2. Of course not. It was a joke.

      2. and Red Bull don’t have dominant car as 2010 also Ferrari has quite good car now. It’s interesting. 2010 Revisited!

      3. Just wait till they say to Alonso at the next race: ‘Felipe is faster than you’

        1. Haha, returns…

      4. davidnotcoulthard
        8th July 2012, 15:18

        With the absence of McLaren?

    8. If Mark keeps going like that Helmut Marko will be forced to take away his car bits and give them to Vettel. Ferrari/Alonso should be happy with this result and focus on Vettel in the Championship because RedBull aren’t gonna tolerate Webber’s defiance for too long.

      1. Aussie Aussie Aussie
        11th July 2012, 4:00

        “Webber’s defiance”? You mean Webber’s superiority to Vettel at Silverstone on track in both qualifying and on raceday. Red Bull surely knew what they were getting when they extended Webber’s contract last year, especially after his press conferences where he virtually congratulated the likes of Alonso and Hamilton for the wins they achieved. He said, if I recall correctly, “at least somebody’s got to take wins off Sebastian” or words to that effect. They knew they were getting a No 2 driver with the mentality of a No 1, and I’m sure they saw this as a way of putting a rocket up Sebastian Vettel to ensure he didn’t become complacent.

    9. Oh Man…Look at Raikkonen….One win and he’s into this…

      1. Oh Man…Look at McLaren…One more slump and they’re out of this…

    10. Great to see Massa 4th, “for sure” this should serve a big boost for him!

    11. Great weekend for Redbull, Ferarri and Lotus. Terrible weekend for Mclaren.

    12. McLaren from Hero to Zero! Where are the Silverstone updates? They need to react ASAP before it’s too late. By react ASAP I mean scoring more them their competition on the next 5 races combined to be in a better position into the last quarter of the season.

    13. Good job from both RBR drivers, and Fred is making the best with that Ferrari. Turning out to be quite an exciting season!

      1. @rcorporon I think it’s fair to say Ferrari are past the point of having a woeful car still. Massa is proving it as well as Alonso.

    14. If I’m not mistaken the Ferrari will have a big upgrade for the next race or the race after the next race. They will have another diffuser, floor , etc. so the key is the team that brings the most updates for the remaining of the races. Red bull already presented a b specification in Valencia so I think it will take a few races for them to come up with more updates

    15. Good to see a bit of variation in the constructors. How do Lotus not have a race win yet? How do they gold that position with 4 DNF’s from Grosjean? Madness!

      1. Qualifying.

    16. Red Bull benefiting from being consistent in scoring with both drivers at the moment, it is strongest pairing so far, unlike McLaren and Ferrari, where usually only one driver shows up, or Mercedes where usually only one car is able to go to the end of the race. Lotus is kinda mixed one, but I think both cars/drivers should be higher.

    17. With Webber being a title contender this year it just means that all the talking of signing with Ferrari will be over. They usually renew the contrat in the summer, and Webber has two choices: stays with RB and fights for the championship or joins Ferrari but won´t stand a chace in this year´s championship because RB will put all their coins on the other driver not allowing the “desertor” to win.
      My guess is that the only slot open by the end of the season is going to be Schumacher´s seat which will be given to Di Resta.
      Yes, Massa will stay!!!

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