2012 British Grand Prix fastest laps

2012 British Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean took an impressive sixth – only seven seconds behind his team mate – despite pitting on lap two.

But did Lotus punch beneath their weight again?

British Grand Prix lap times

All the lap times by the drivers (in seconds, very slow laps excluded):


Fernando Alonso103.773100.924100.25699.94199.39899.25599.8299.4999.24399.21798.51898.76599.09998.86696.875115.40297.68998.46799.06598.14998.10398.09297.797.73297.04297.34297.71997.55197.31997.36496.84296.88596.76296.58496.70396.50994.739113.34595.96696.45996.35796.18696.80796.79196.58596.72396.22196.32395.38596.08695.60996.305
Mark Webber104.377100.978100.45199.91399.93299.70699.913100.24999.6499.30799.38499.1799.75297.855115.78497.49898.1898.31498.41698.50498.16997.97997.5497.66597.68497.50598.17597.31397.07296.97197.08996.93894.629113.92896.13295.95496.27996.13796.46995.97795.94995.98695.68295.8795.83696.56996.29294.95394.93495.2395.28195.778
Michael Schumacher104.97101.114100.89100.49299.898100.467100.902100.279100.181100.088100.55797.353117.7299.36899.03699.13398.94398.75298.7598.60298.76198.43798.339100.17598.21998.28698.89898.24198.35498.56697.98498.22198.72296.484114.04195.98596.296.87596.67796.43595.74995.90395.58695.64496.12195.97595.93495.72895.78495.68595.74695.191
Sebastian Vettel106.371100.82101.51499.955100.197100.009100.906100.419100.33297.773116.19798.27399.21599.08499.32698.2398.01198.19698.04398.03798.11497.79497.6497.90597.48597.71297.67597.66897.63597.24995.176114.25296.35796.86996.57796.53896.79895.94496.07596.03996.30395.83495.95995.90695.7595.98295.66795.45895.20895.10595.64594.897
Felipe Massa105.524100.872101.89499.74999.865100.287100.992100.182100.241100.03699.52699.10697.673116.72898.67798.93198.21998.13598.10498.38298.15698.05397.73997.78397.97497.76597.53697.36797.35697.48397.43597.50297.58897.48595.133113.44695.9795.72595.83696.13895.62395.69296.37295.60495.7496.12395.45895.55295.11195.04196.41595.483
Kimi Raikkonen107.501101.134100.77100.6399.92699.656100.736100.432100.269100.00699.43999.90697.729117.45299.56198.66998.30398.75698.67198.78398.80998.42497.95797.38697.5197.71797.25996.90796.72697.88597.60297.24896.88395.064114.86995.89496.61396.196.14395.74595.55895.4295.34995.44795.3695.40895.40295.31794.72894.66196.13895.744
Pastor Maldonado106.954101.066101.073101.582100.24599.816100.229100.372100.309100.32297.406157.158124.21498.2898.41798.42698.75498.75198.93899.41398.74298.45898.55999.79899.57398.34698.38397.8399898.40597.56198.00998.00497.51597.632100.6297.93198.04298.27898.11498.1598.718102.39598.751101.037100.43199.92998.81199.318100.9101.195
Lewis Hamilton108.413101.476100.519100.77100.444100.082100.412100.076100.04100.25399.64999.299.90599.06398.50498.47298.33899.18100.51899.20496.945114.49398.04398.20497.88497.998.25295.49115.08397.61298.11797.85297.28397.40397.79296.99897.17296.88396.80396.71696.44996.64296.46496.17396.44596.23597.78396.59596.79196.59396.67497.464
Romain Grosjean111.178100.974125.19799.21699.537100.691100.55398.945100.09998.7899.62698.85799.02298.48298.37798.63898.32198.40898.5698.55198.55198.41998.05398.26898.01595.962114.49296.49297.25597.57398.09297.97997.12197.36696.13395.89595.93795.69295.64595.65795.32895.69695.61395.53695.82995.72495.64395.83895.25594.88495.12797.307
Paul di Resta156.909
Nico Rosberg112.208103.684101.472100.768101.079100.572100.737100.599100.54100.15499.83699.759100.198100.59397.969116.25299.09499.53998.999.02298.59498.33698.24298.03797.90497.95598.03898.10498.04199.49298.79397.7497.50597.33697.69997.40395.646122.91996.00796.72796.05696.5696.34596.45296.53496.46696.44595.97295.7595.90796.4296.282
Daniel Ricciardo112.943104.07101.482101.113100.975101101.611101.125100.09199.89399.454100.616100.191100.769100.8797.565116.73998.37498.37398.80898.6698.60498.80798.63898.46898.25998.75798.16996.14116.49997.71197.68297.43197.30997.14998.51297.30398.55496.93796.73496.25796.24296.25796.00295.74695.90495.69395.76495.44895.60395.72395.505
Bruno Senna109.373101.4101.18100.717100.789100.29100.59999.76999.749100.20999.75999.235105.64100.443116.5798.07299.33198.40698.69298.54698.68298.49398.06498.6197.96398.03798.2497.91597.95496.505115.61296.88396.45296.82197.5397.60296.10296.43296.62296.83696.60296.98196.91896.94696.60596.57196.29495.86396.36396.67896.72795.963
Nico Hulkenberg110.583102.016100.997100.909100.723100.492100.492100.632100.167100.11399.698101.026100.574100.199.60597.166116.9498.32398.60998.76298.70798.48897.99998.15198.07397.90397.91197.73597.48297.89197.90397.77497.90997.80595.898113.64595.98196.52596.93896.74696.63897.13596.83596.84596.67796.43496.26696.1196.35496.646100.5697.253
Sergio Perez110.228100.88499.781100.689100.524100.133100.472100.00199.903100.73497.594
Jenson Button111.468103.672101.263100.757100.958100.476100.64100.624100.175100.03999.73299.835100.364100.418100.4898.932116.04997.87998.04498.41698.33498.68798.54598.4498.06997.93298.27998.21298.54298.89297.887113.27196.32996.29696.67796.46496.48196.6496.51996.37596.13396.96896.93196.89196.82896.37896.27696.12196.31196.72596.99296.086
Kamui Kobayashi111.857102.66100.994100.335100.456100.253100.451100.409100.38899.96999.5799.622100.29399.54898.87597.364117.19198.08298.00198.3798.09998.21598.12197.79497.66598.02498.1597.51399.21397.80997.59597.73598.24199.12796.61296.55594.608127.08795.67796.3296.10396.23295.65595.83495.83996.09495.89695.47895.55595.90396.85696.365
Vitaly Petrov
Heikki Kovalainen114.97103.766101.959102.25101.843102.46101.96101.799101.483101.135101.716100.86119.16599.90199.88199.87499.945100.371100.358100.30299.598100.186100.066100.1399.29799.45799.76799.09697.252118.24998.75799.373100.79199.78798.99198.22298.0598.358100.13100.272100.29299.7599.989100.31698.43698.45798.287101.34498.66999.124102.011
Timo Glock113.739104.309104.223102.671102.644102.406102.244102.394102.837102.268101.313103.481102.259101.648101.222101.419101.73399.213119.151100.479100.795101.337102.37100.848101.326100.638100.178100.078101.469101.134100.09599.816101.016100.76299.545100.364100.86397.824118.24798.26199.66498.24699.386100.54798.28197.94598.00297.54997.88497.42299.219
Pedro de la Rosa114.364105.375103.893103.45103.462103.075102.765103.065102.635102.49101.989103.892102.613104.193102.164101.938101.896101.542102.243102.069102.166102102.486103.56102.612103.858101.045122.053101.583100.456102.822100.438100.184101.992100.592100.798102.288101.632100.423100.23100.06799.72499.87199.61899.715100.14199.894101.952101.907101.493
Narain Karthikeyan114.675106.807104.152103.738103.113104.061104.061102.872102.768102.419102.437102.95103.449102.945102.749100.169124.504102.441105.588101.374102.068101.101103.15102.094101.75104.047100.972106.083101.222102.173102.82101.221100.416102.60698.373120.30299.27299.51699.06198.4899.04698.46298.912101.07599.711100.872100.14498.82399.88498.339
Jean-Eric Vergne112.621103.903101.319101.036101.202100.971101.697102.439100.759100.41100.301100.409100.75199.246117.52498.3798.85799.07899.26499.49898.97898.84798.52598.38198.22898.21298.22897.87497.82297.73898.42195.812115.39996.34996.59796.46796.72396.8897.76596.59396.14696.40296.64396.45496.27996.05895.98995.73895.51497.60396.1996.091
Charles Pic115.469106.537104.352103.416103.349104.406103.699102.956102.752102.516102.168103.25101.102119.498100.892101.127101.543101.253101.38102.052101.172100.882100.704100.563100.552101.678101.48101.527101.372101.293100.04999.052117.802101.689101.28499.364100.231100.748101.54799.48599.999.49699.21298.78998.69998.53398.45398.43998.47798.00898.992

One of the more remarkable drives in the race was that of Romain Grosjean, who recovered to sixth place despite having pitted for a new front wing on the second lap.

Fortunately for Grosjean he had started the race on the soft tyres, which proved to be the less competitive compound, so he was able to run his remaining stint on the hard tyres.

Even so he did a remarkable job both in nursing his tyres over stints of 24 and 26 laps and in cutting through the slower cars without losing much time. He finished the race less than seven seconds behind his team mate.

He said: “The team did a fantastic job in giving me a great race strategy and we believed in ourselves to go for long stints with both sets of hard tyres.

“I was still battling hard with the cars around me, but trying to save the tyres at the same time. It became harder towards the end of the race but I hung on to my sixth place. Kimi [Raikkonen] was too far in front of me to catch him at the end of the race.”

All the same it does rather point to yet another instance of Lotus having a competitive car and failing to achieve the result they were capable of. Particularly when we take into consideration Grosjean’s compromised qualifying effort and the presence of both cars at the top of the fastest lap table.

British Grand Prix fastest laps

Each driver’s fastest lap:

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’34.66150
2Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’34.8840.22350
3Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’34.8970.23652
4Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’34.9340.27349
5Felipe MassaFerrari1’35.0410.38050
6Michael SchumacherMercedes1’35.1910.53052
7Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’35.3850.72449
8Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’35.4480.78749
9Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’35.4780.81748
10Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’35.5140.85349
11Nico RosbergMercedes1’35.7501.08949
12Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault1’35.8631.20248
13Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes1’35.9811.32037
14Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’36.0861.42552
15Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’36.1731.51244
16Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth1’37.4222.76150
17Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’37.5152.85434
18Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth1’38.0083.34750
19Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault1’38.0503.38937
20Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth1’38.3393.67850
21Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth1’39.6184.95744
22Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari1’39.7815.1203
23Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes
24Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault

Caterham’s much-vaunted major upgrade seemingly failed to bear fruit. But poor weather during and before the race kept them from realising its full potential.

Technical director Mark Smith said: “On Friday we are running the aero test we had to postpone earlier this week because of the weather and that will help us make sure we can optimise the whole package we brought to Silverstone.

“We know we have progressed but we just were not able to show it today so we will focus on doing so at the last two races before the summer break in Germany and Hungary.”

Team principal Tony Fernandes said contact with a Toro Rosso cost Heikki Kovalainen “20 to 30 points of downforce” which “can mean up to a second”, though this figure is best taken with a pinch of salt.

2012 British Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2012 British Grand Prix fastest laps”

  1. Another miss by Lotus, then… it’s time they get it all together and win a race. They are not that far off in the championship, and they have a competitive car. But if they wait too long, then it’s gonna get harder. Specially with Alonso now picking up the pace and constantly challenging for wins.

  2. Lotus seriously need to sort out qualifying and start from first two rows consistently. They got arguably fastest race car and two fast drivers. (I know it’s close up there, but that’s what it takes if they want to convert this performance into win)

    They really missing out on points at the moment, hopefully they can keep this up for second part of the season. So far most of the races were the matter of getting past slower cars through the race and not having enough laps to get the leaders. Better qualifying and we shall have very interesting battle in the end!!!!

  3. If you compare the top teams on that graph, I reckon Lotus have the fastest car in race trim!

    1. @cornflakes Yep. You could see them catching other cars quite easily, similar to how they did in Bahrain. Thing is, it always comes too late!

  4. think it had much to do with the qualifying session. the lotuses were hamstrung from their grid positions. grosjean dropped the ball at the end of q2 but raikkonen did a great job to get sixth without kers and only one lap’s worth experience on the inters. the start was key as if kimi could have got ahead of vettel it might have paved the way for a podium – red bull’s clever strategy vaulted seb in front of massa. as was the case many cars were bottled up behind schumacher and lost 5 or 6 seconds during the first stint, which hampered raikkonen and put him about 6 seconds behind massa by the time he found a way past. lotus could have pitted kimi a bit earlier as well to leapfrog schumacher as he was extremely quick on the hards. but that’s from hindsight and easy to say now.

    grosjean drove a very good race, but he was not held up as much as the cars he was battling were considerably slower and easy to pass, allowing him to set fast laptimes with little hindrance. he was also fortunate that perez and maldonado tangled, as they probably would have been ahead of him after their second stops.

  5. McLaren over a second off the pace… shocking

    1. I always believed that Lewis was qualifying his car exceptionally high due to his skills but during the race he always lost positions due to the car’s poor race pace and the team’s screw-ups.

    2. They were hoping/gambling for a fully wet race.

  6. I think the main thing this graph shows is just how even the performance of the top 3-5 teams are this year, even without the tyre factor it would be difficult to predict which car was going to be fastest at the next race.

    1. yes, I was also thinking that @hohum, it’s quite nice to see and a big difference from last two years.

    2. Exactly that @hohum, apart from the few odd ones out like Maldonado, HRT, Marussia, it shows a really close pack.

  7. Pretty neat how drivers out of the top 7 lap speeds, only 3 have not been official Ferrari drivers (publicly).
    Also,, wow, Lotus race pace!!

  8. Very revealing stats – shows just how slow the McLarens were. Massively off the pace. I fear for the rest of their season.

  9. Tony Fernandes commented that Heikki had a first lap clash with both Torro Rossos. We didn’t see this on TV. Heikki’s car suffered damage which cost him easily 1 second a lap. That explains why his fastest lap is below that of both Marussias.

  10. Now I understand Eddie J’s comment that JB had a reasonable race. His fastest lap was quicker than LH but both their races were clearly not about the drivers. As LH commented the car is a long way behind the fastest cars at preent.

  11. What a tremendous drive by Grosjean, in my opinion the fastest man of the race. I probably won’t vote for him as DotW, though, because it was his own fault he got shuffled back that far. First of course spinning in Q2 (when he had already done a time that was good enough to go through), and then the contact with DiResta, although it’s difficult for me to judge how easy or difficult it would have been to avoid the Force India. Still, I hope he breaks his duck soon.

    With regards to McLaren, Hamilton’s laps 14-17 gave me hope that he would continue to charge forward in the race, but in the second and third stints it was that all too familiar tale of not getting the tyres to work (not especially for Hamilton, but of F1 2012 in general). Of the drivers I was watching, only he and Alonso were struggling with the softs, so it was perhaps understandable that the team pulled him in after only 7 laps in his second stint, thinking he could do 24 laps on the hards with a lighter car, having done 21 in the first stint. As a spectactor, it’s a little frustrating to not be able to understand why he didn’t go well on his second set of hards. Did he battle too hard in the first laps out of the pits (with his team mate, no less), overusing the tyres; or was he too cautious with the tyres – thinking of all the laps he still had to do on them – thereby not switching them on properly? In either case, I think Hamilton’s tyre struggles (and the fact that Button started so far back and was in traffic all the time) made McLaren’s pace look a little worse than the car was capable of (and note that in similar conditions, they were even further off the Lotuses’ pace in Barcelona).

    Still, if McLaren have any hope of playing a role in the championships, they better qualify right at the front and try to hang on to good positions, or make the best of any changeable conditions that come their way. On pure race pace, it doesn’t look likely they will be able to challenge the current top three.

  12. It’s a mistake – I think – at Fernando best time. On the graphic appear to be at lap 37 and is 1:34:74 and below is just 1:35:385. How is it?

    1. @ciprian, because the entry of the pit lane bypasses the final corner, the in-laps are faster than the regular laps.

  13. Yes indeed. Thank you. Did you receive our email regarding F1 Manager? Tks.

  14. I’m new to the sport – Would someone please explain why the lap time before a pit stop seems much faster than those that proceeded it? Are drivers trying to compensate for the time they will lose? Are they using what’s left in their tyres?

  15. Btw…impressive times from Marussia. Caterham did alright too.

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