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2012 British Grand Prix

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Managing director of Silverstone Circuits Richard Phillips paid tribute to fans, his staff and the local community for helping making the race a success.

Thousands of fans were asked not to park at the track on Saturday after heavy rain caused widespread traffic problems on Friday.

Phillips said: “Given the extreme weather conditions and position we found ourselves in on Friday, I don’t think Sunday could have gone much better.

“The sun shone, we had a great race, a popular winner and I’m delighted that we were able to get all the fans in and out of the circuit. There were some unavoidable delays but, on the whole, we managed to keep everyone moving safely.

“The fans really have been incredible; they make the British Grand Prix and are truly exceptional. I’d like to thank every single one of them for their continuing support over what was a trying weekend.”

Phillips said the decision to restrict parking on Saturday was vindicated on Sunday: “We had to make some difficult decisions on Friday, but they turned out to be absolutely the right decisions.

“Limiting the number that travelled to the circuit by car on Saturday enabled us to work through Friday night, all day Saturday and Saturday night to ensure that we were in better shape for Sunday to get everyone into Silverstone for the main race. It was an incredible effort by all the staff here.

“However, we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s patience and people listening to the information being giving out. By working with us we were able to overcome some serious challenges to deliver a great British Grand Prix for the fantastic British fans.”

He added: “The support of the local community has been wonderful. Local farmers got in touch offering camping facilities – some of which we used to re-site campers on Friday night – and we even had people camping in gardens.

“Everyone pulled together; it was actually quite humbling.”

Silverstone plans a “thorough review” of last weekend’s problems and told fans it would shortly issue details of how fans who could not attend due the weather may obtain refunds.

If you attended the race weekend please share your experience of the traffic problems in the comments or in the Going to the British Grand Prix forum.

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8 comments on “Silverstone boss grateful for fans’ co-operation”

  1. People offering up their gardens? Now that is cool.

  2. I was at the grand prix, with a public parking pass, and was incredibly fortunate when it came to the traffic, other than being stuck in the car park for 2 1/2 hours on Friday. Friday afternoon was understandably chaos, but I must say that the staff did a great job on Saturday and Sunday, they did everything they could to fit everyone in, and I was queuing for no more than an hour both in and out on both days, Saturday morning being the worst. The co-operation of most of the fans was also remarkable (there are always a few only willing to help themselves), with many assisting others getting out of the car parks, and with a generally friendly, and relaxed atmosphere. I think it says something about the fans and staff, that the most disappointing aspect of my first grand prix weekend, was the result!

  3. This things only make me wanting more and more to go to the British Grand Prix. The relation between everybody must be amazing! The British GP certainly has to be my first!

  4. There was a facebook page “help the fans get to silverstone” with offers of carparking on private drives and even lifts to the race,also people offering space in gardens ect for tents.Went on sunday and found staff helpful and understanding.Only had standing ticket and most of the public areas were just a mud bath,with some of the banking dangerous.But again the British public just got on with it.Stood on the large area between Vale and Club in two inches of mud everybody enjoyed the race in a good sprits.Would like to see the real fans of the sport treated beter next time most of these areas could be a lot beter these are the real fans not the suits on a freebie(rant over).Took us a hour an half to get out which i thought was quite good considering the conditions.

  5. Wasn’t this the GP that those government guys from the US where supposed to get as a free trip from the US GP organizers to see how a GP operates?
    I bet the guys that gave them the trip where sweating cold sweat in Friday.

    1. i doubt it. the top officials are helicoptered in and out, and i bet they had a few people taking notes in the trenches. the specific problem of flooding is something texans have experience with. i wonder what provisions will be made for tornadoes and lightning ???

  6. We were camped at Whittlebury which wasn’t “that” bad to be honest, the more expensive plots were ruined, whilst we were on the cheaper ones and was quite fun getitng on yesterday in the mud.

    I somehow didn’t get stuck in the mud as my car thankfully kept going

  7. Here’s how the Silverstone organizers operate;

    If I jump out of a plane I’ll be sure to bring a parachute of which I know it will function properly.

    If the Silverstone organizers we’re to jump out of a plane they’ll just grab any bag and ‘hope for the best’.

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