Hamilton’s doughnut and more fans’ videos from Silverstone

2012 British Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton may not have had a British Grand Prix to remember but he entertained his fans on his return to the pits with a cheeky doughnut.

That was one of several great moment in last week’s race filmed by fans on their cameras. Here’s a look back at the weekend through the eyes of the spectators.


This was the story of the weekend for thousands of people who got stuck in traffic jams and soaked car parks.

Wet qualifying

The rain caused problems for the drivers as well – here are several of them going off at Vale during the wet qualifying sessions.

Classic F1 cars in the rain

A McLaren MP4-1, Brabham BT49, Williams FW08 and Williams FW07 navigate a very wet track at Luffield and Woodcote.

The start


A view of the start from alongside front row sitters Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber, the Ferrari driver moving across to cover Webber the instant the red lights go out.

Further around the first lap the field has shaken out into single file – Paul di Resta has gone off earlier on the lap after being clipped by Romain Grosjean.

Maldonado rebuffs Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen treid to get around the outside of Pastor Maldonado but is edged onto the run-off for his trouble.

Alonso in the pits

Ferrari may have been outstripped by McLaren for speed in the pits but they’re still one of the quickest crews on pit lane. Alonso makes one of his two visits for fresh tyres.

Hamilton’s doughnut

It was a disappointing weekend for Hamilton – he finished eighth, the same place he started – but he couldn’t contain his exuberance at performing before his home crowd.

Race weekend montage

A selection of footage from the weekend including two of Alonso’s spins, a close-up of Timo Glock?s car after he spun in Q1, the formation lap, the fight between Hamilton and Alonso, and more.

Hill and Herbert

Damon Hill and Johnny Herbert entertain themselves.

Webber interviews

Mark Webber appears on stage after the race for a chat with Tony Jardine and the Silverstone crowd.

Thanks to everyone who shared their Silverstone videos through the British Grand Prix forum. If you’ve shot any F1 footage you’d like to share, please get in touch via the contact form, using Twitter or via F1 Fanatic’s YouTube account.

Thanks also to Girts for helping with this feature. If you’re interested in contributing to F1 Fanatic. See here for details on how you can:

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    1. Thanks for the lovely compilation of fans views again Keith, thanks for helping out to @girts, I bet all fans agree this is one of our favorite features!

      I had a look as some of the other Silverstone mud fight clips that youtube brought up, hope everyone there got out before monday evening!

    2. pb7_phil (@)
      16th July 2012, 10:03

      Just reminded me of this i took whilst sitting at Club for the Historic race on saturday; unfortunatly i missed him going off at Vale….


    3. That Alonso pit stop was bloody fast.. just look at the guys with wheel guns… in just a fraction of a sec they ve done their work.. all i can say is that its a highly coordinated art work..

    4. good collection Keith, even if one of mine was used :P
      Got loads more everyone!!! visit my youtube

    5. I hope they’ve warned Johnny not to do that with Anthony Davidson. Good to hear he’ll be back at work again at Hockenheim.

    6. Urgh…doughnuts. F1 cars don’t suit them. Rev the engine, now that’s much better.

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