Sunny race day expected at Hockenheim

2012 German Grand Prix weather

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The German Grand Prix switches between venues each year and this time it’s the turn of the Hockenheimring.

Located around 100km south-west of the Nurburgring, Hockenheim has seen some blisteringly hot conditions in the past. This year’s race looks set to be not quite as hot, but should at least be dry and sunny.

The weekend will begin with cooler conditions and a slight chance of rain on Friday and Saturday. But it will get hotter as we draw closer to race day and the clouds should drift away giving us a sunny Saunday.

As we’ve seen so often already this season, the changing temperatures will play a decisive role when it comes to tyre strategies. Sunday will be the hottest day but air temperatures in the low 20C range is well short of what we’ve seen here in the past.

If you’re in the area please share your observations about the weather in the comments or in the German Grand Prix spectators’ forum:

Hockenheim weather radars

  • Weather Online – Movement of rainfall over the last 24 hours
  • Metrociel – shows the expected rainfall and temperatures over the coming days

Location of the Hockenheimring

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5 comments on “Sunny race day expected at Hockenheim”

  1. Dry weather is perfect and welcome for this weekend. We’ll get to see the full benefit (or not as the case may be) of McLaren’s major update, Caterham’s upgrade from Silverstone and of course the testing of Pirelli’s proposed new hard compound.

    1. Let’s hope the rain stays away on Friday.

    2. Not so sure Andrew, the weather prior to the race may not play into their hands, it’ll be pretty hard to test their upgrades on a wet track. Oh the joys of car racing :)

      1. @adrianmorse @funkyf1 Only a slight chance of rain. Fingers crossed!

  2. Nothing like seeing the cars get a full head of steam up and do it in the sunshine. It should show us who has been pretending and who has not…

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