Perez moved back on grid for impeding

2012 German Grand Prix

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Sergio Perez has been docked five places on the grid for the German Grand Prix.

The stewards decided the Sauber driver had impeded Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen during the qualifying session. Raikkonen complained about Perez’s driving on the ream radio during the session.

Perez originally qualified in 12th place. He is the fourth driver to receive a grid penalty for this race.

The stewards’ statement said the penalty was imposed “due to the driver being involved in two similar offences in the same session”.

See the updated German Grand Prix grid.

2012 German Grand Prix

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16 comments on “Perez moved back on grid for impeding”

  1. Very harsh penalty IMO, considering the conditions in Q2.

    1. He did almost take Kimi out when returning to the track though, and hindered both Kimi and Alonso.

      1. If it had been a one off incident I’d say it was harsh but it was multiple times.

        1. Exactly, rightful punishment.

          1. Kimi hardly ever complains, even when it’s justified, so it was a sever impeding on a flying lap. Perez is not progressing as a driver.

    2. agreed. I think theres a hand of the race direction in there, perhaps to tell Perez to stop with the Maldonado rants, Perez himself cant really be an example of sportmanship especially after almost threatning Maldonado.

      1. To be honest, it might have something to do with the fact that Raikkonen had a couple of moments with Perez before. Remember Monaco…

        Still: quite a harsh decision by the stewards, given the weather conditions, the low visibility and low grip levels. I think just a warning and a couple of words with Sergio would have done the trick here. He looks like he is capable of understanding what he is told… unlike “you-know-who”.

        The bright side – Sauber are used with nailing alternative and recovery strategies. It will be interesting to watch Perez trying to make his way up the field tomorrow.

  2. Now this is just getting silly.

  3. Massa on the clean side!

  4. yes, Kimi speal when it is important not to just say anything like Perez with Pastor

  5. Yeah, his returning was dangerous. I don’t know 5-grid is perfect choice but it’s hard to say he’s innocent.

  6. To be honest I didn’t really see that much of it but what I did see looked like unintentional blocking, owing to the weather. However, you can’t have different rules for varying conditions, it would be crazy. The punishment seems fair.

    1. @andrewtanner, well said but in fact you could make a case for more severe punishment in bad weather due to the possible worse outcome from not taking care.

  7. If you ask me a reprimand would’ve done although that’s arguable, I only saw the Raikkonen incident in Q2, we should all know it’s difficult for any driver to see in the massive spray of water flickering in front of the visor of the driver behind but Sauber should’ve known Perez are going to emerge onto the track somewhere near Raikkonen.

    In hindsight, Raikkonen & Alonso’s grid positions weren’t affected & they outqualified Perez, effectively & notably in Q2 due to the increasing intensity of the rain hence why I thought the penalty was unnecessary, If it was just to ensure that Perez is aware of his ‘perilous’ driving then he’s not the one the stewards should be dashing penalties for such reason, certain drivers are eligible though & I think we know one.

    1. Your talking about Hamilton aren’t you? very nudge wink

    2. If you ask me a reprimand would’ve done

      I agree. As Martin Brundle pointed out in the commentary, both Raikkonen and Alonso advanced to the next qualifying session. Perez did not. Why punish him even further, given that neither Raikkonen nor Alonso was affected?

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