2012 German Grand Prix championship points

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2012 German Grand Prix

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50 comments on “2012 German Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Now Alonso has significant ground!

  2. Well, a race ahead of the rest. Considering how strong Alonso is, and how good the Ferrari is looking, it’ll be very hard for the others to catch up.

    As for Mclaren, Hamilton needs to recover from a 62 points deficit. Not sure that’s possible…

    1. I think it’s time to Mclaren should focus on next season. This year is once again Alonso vs Red Bulls.

      1. If they did that, they would turn their focus to which of their drivers finishes ahead of the other, and won’t be good for their overall constructors’ position.

      2. The season is only halfway and they seem to have the quickest car again. Wouldn’t be a very smart move to start tanking it.

        1. We will know they really have the fastest car next week. If not, they should drop this year.

      3. 10 race victories still up for grabs and 10 possible DNF’s for Alonso.

        Nobody has won anything yet.

        1. Yeah, but I won’t bet on it.

      4. lewis was leading only a few races back when he won in canada. dont throw the towel in yet guys! remember alonso’s comeback in 2010

      5. @eggry, are next years regulations and tyre mix set in stone, being to far ahead can be as bad as being to far behind, ask Fernando.

    2. Mclaren have the fastest car in the dry. They would be mad to throw it away now.

      1. Daniel Brown (@scuderiaferrarifanatic)
        22nd July 2012, 15:48

        They would also be mad to not capitalise on the idea of storming a march on the competition for next year’s World Championship, since realistically both titles are gone, McLaren are 87pts down in constructors, HAM is -62 in WDC and BUT is -89. With the competition so fierce, clawing that back is going to be hard.

        Its not such an easy decision. I dont even know what id do. Id probably dare to differ and go all-out developing 2012 car..or would I? Its a dilemna.

    3. I wouldn’t say it’s done and dusted yet- Mclaren are much quicker now in the dry, Alonso has arguably benefited from wet qualis in the last two races and he isn’t that much further ahead and the Red Bull is pretty damn quick too. I still think everything is to play for.

      1. I agree. I think Alonso was 47 points behind at the halfway point in 2010, and he came within one bad strategy of winning the Championship. Hamilton will come back and be a contender, I’m sure of it.

        1. That was an extraordinary comeback, one that wouldn’t have been possible without the entire team’s backing, including Massa. Look at the positions in Red Bull and McLaren at the moment – the drivers are consistently taking points off each other.
          Alonso’s car at the moment is good enough for third at the very least, and honestly, that’s all the man needs to run away with the championship from here on.

          1. Everything you say is correct. I think Jenson is going to be supporting Hamilton from now on, there’s no other option for McLaren.

            And yeah, Alonso has a great car right now, but who knows how the development race will pan out? The pendulum may swing back towards Red Bull, Lotus or McLaren very quickly.

      2. i dont think Mclaren are faster then ferrari and red bull in the dry…they are better in traction(germany and canada needs a good level) but in aerodinamics down force Ferrari and red bull are better

        1. ah forgot also in tyre management they are better

      3. I think if they have another a couple of bad weekend, their championship is virtually over.
        I don’t say it’s right now but it’s quite close.

        1. If the next week is great(not enough for just good), they would continue, if it’s ugly, they would drop this year. That’s my guess.

      4. I’m not sure they are fastest in the dry. They are good, but not always the fastest. In Valencia, they were no where.

        1. @fer-no65 They say they had two big update after that. In Germany they were the fastest but I’m not sure they’re consistent enough. We will know soon if Hungary is dry…

          1. @eggry Guess you’re right, we need to wait until a totally dry weekend.

            That being said, I cannot see Alonso losing this one.

  3. If we have random winners of the next 4 races, Alonso can even afford to finish on the podium and still maintain his lead

  4. This really has been an unbelievable year so far for Alonso considering how shocking Ferrari’s car was at the start of the season. But one DNF and a Red Bull 1-2 would make things a lot closer! Still all to play for.

    1. i dont think red bull is able to make 1 2…they are to close and ferrari have 0.4 s from Alonso wich red bull doesnt have

  5. Didn’t notice how high Kimi is. I think he’s slightly putting Schumacher to shame comparing them to their team mates.

    1. Daniel Brown (@scuderiaferrarifanatic)
      22nd July 2012, 16:42

      A lot of people compare them – as both have made comebacks, and both have been successful in their ‘first’ career, so to speak, in that they are both WDC winners.

      But it is important to remember, Raikkonen is (i think) in his early thirties while Schumacher is 43 and has proved everything he needed to prove many years ago. The age difference is considerable.

  6. This is a phenomenal season by FA!! I really, really hope he wins his third WDC!!

  7. Alonso just seems to have had everything fall into place for him this year (a complete contrast to Hamilton!) given the situation Ferrari were in at the start of the season. We’ll have to wait and see what happens after the break to determin the final result in the championship, but I’m hoping Red Bull can emulate what they did in 2010.

    1. The rain has played into his hands. I dont expect Ferrari to get pole in the dry.

      1. Rain played into his hands? As far as I’m concerns it rained for every driver and all the driver had the opportunity of claiming the pole . And as some drivers said “when it rains the driver makes the difference” this was said by hAmilton. So I think Alonso has given a lecture of driving to all the drivers in the grid in dry and wet conditions.

    2. It depends how you look at it- Mclaren started the year with the best car so Mclaren were in the dream situation but failed to capitalise, Alonso had a dog of a car and had to race his socks off for everything. I think he’d have preferred that Ferrari weren’t so off the pace. Mclaren are coming back with their upgrades too so it’s far from over.

    3. in 2010 RB have a fastest car all over the year from start to finish (exept Monza)…Alonso made some miracle in 2010 and red bull errosr and DNF…this year is totaly diferent..i expet ferrari to be stronger i the second year and a easy very easy win for ferr

  8. Alonso has just three points less than both the Mclaren drivers points put together!

    I think the time has come at Mclaren to make a hard decision. They have a fast car now but both drivers are very far from the leader. They can win if they decide to back one of the two from the next race onwards.

    Letting Hamilton and Button race each other would cause them to fall behind and they won’t win the drivers’ championship.

  9. The positive for Alonso is that every race he seems to be fighting a different driver. Even if he gets beaten once in a while, no one driver seems able to mount a consistent challenge. Unless one of the other drivers can start to consistently battle for wins it’ll be tough to beat Alonso.

  10. for me it’s impossible …we have to look how the cars will be in 2013 and if ferrari start dominating it will be a Alonso domination like 00-05

  11. The points have been updated following Vettel’s penalty:

    Vettel demoted to fifth with 20-second penalty

  12. Yeah, this championship is over. Roll on 2013.

  13. Look at Raikkonen in standings….:)

  14. Lewis radio-ed that he wanted to “retire” … like to Aruba … or the garage? Mister Drama.

  15. Yes if you are not Alonso should quit fiting and do something else,
    C’mon what Alonso did in half season can be done in the next half,
    But I love it so far Ferrari is F1 and should win WDC too.
    Alonso really can play all you all..
    He is like I got a dog car but I’m so good you can’t beat me, I’ m so great the car is so bad, and if you think you can do it too, well I will get the good car too, so may as well quit loosers.
    He is so smart got everyone looking around and is the Ferrari the best car any condition, how many podiums, wins, consecutive poles, mmmh as webber said in qualy don’t see many issues with the Ferrari.
    Alonso is as good off track than he is on track, chess player for sure.

  16. Alonso’s consistent results are not about luck but his style, approach and talent. His experience has led him to a
    The point where he is capable of getting good points in almost any situation. With so many drivers in and out of podium positions, getting good points is all you need. The only other driver in a similar situation is Kimi – and to some extent it’s how he won 2007. Alonso will win not by being the fastest, but making the best of every opportunity he has.

  17. This is a championship where a pragmatic driver like Alonso can shine, where the points are well spread out, I remember him saying to become champion you just need to score a 3rd place in every race.
    I don´t rule out McLaren yet, next 3 or 4 races are crucial, I bet on Hamilton to the win in Budapest.
    Webber is doing a good season but he´s not so consistent as Vettel, he can be brilliant in a race and modest in the next. Vettel is clearly the main threat to Alonso.
    The dark horse is Raikkonen but unfortunatelly he can hardly aspire to more than a top 5 place in the standings and a victory or two at the most. Next two races will be interesting, high temperatures in Hungary and his high ability in Spa will make him a natural contender for victory. Looking forward!

  18. Alonso is simply outstanding. Furthermore it’s great to see Sauber have scored so many points already. Their race pace seems quicker than the Mercedes and sometimes Lotus, even at this stage in the season!

  19. Kimi being 4th is quite an achievement considering he’s the only one in the top 7 who still hasn’t won.

  20. Raikkonen will go in Monza as a championship contender. Mark my words..

    1. @f1rollout Don’t think so myself, but if there’s a track that suits their high speed, it will be that one.

  21. Lotus’ visit to the top 3 constructors was all too brief. Should be a battle that shapes up nicely, though I kind of expect that Button will improve and take points off Romain at the very least.

    Nice and healthy gap that Alonso has, he’s earned himself a DNF! Considering he’s probably ‘due’ one (yes, it doesn’t make sense with the laws of probability but stuck with me) it should make things tighter at the top.

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