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We’ve got three great prizes to be won this weekend if you can make the best prediction for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

All you need to do is predict who will take pole position and what the top five will be.

Are McLaren the team to beat this weekend? How close are Ferrari and Red Bull? Will Lotus finally score their first win.

Enter your predictions below and you could be in with a chance to win.

Remember all predictions must be made before qualifying starts, but you can edit your predictions up to the deadline.

How to enter

To enter, predict the pole sitter and the top five finishers in the race. You can also enter a prediction for the pole position lap time – this may be used as a tie-breaker.

Enter your pole position lap time prediction as follows: MM:SS.ccc

For example, for a lap of one minute, 23.456 seconds you would enter 01:23.456

You need to log in using an F1 Fanatic account to make your prediction.

If you haven’t got one yet the sign-up process is quick, simple and entirely free: sign up here now.

After entering your prediction, you will receive an email confirming your entry. If this does not happen, or you are concerned your prediction has not been received, please get in touch using the contact form.

Enter your predictions

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2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship overall prizes

Grand prize: Two grandstands tickets to the 2013 British Grand Prix

The person who scores the most points over the whole season will win two grandstand tickets to the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The grand prize winner will receive tickets to all three days of the event with reserved seating for the race.

Second place prize: An F1 painting of your choice

The second place finisher will win a Formula 1 painting by Rob Ijbema.

You get to choose which F1 driver, present or past, will feature in the painting.

Or you can pick one of the other motor racing paintings on Rob’s site:

Runner-up prize: Racecar Engineering subscriptions

The five players with the next highest scores (positions three to seven) will each win a year’s subscription to Racecar Engineering magazine.

Racecar Engineering is the world’s leading motorsport technology magazine. Every issue is packed with in-depth features, interviews and analysis from Formula One, Le Mans and all forms racing and rallying.

Runner-up prize: Autocourse calendars

The five players with the next highest scores (positions eight to 12) will each win a 2013 Autocourse calendar.

The Autocourse Grand Prix calendar contains images taken during the season of all the major players competing in the Formula One World Championship.

The images are high resolution and taken by one of the world’s leading Grand Prix photographers, the calendar is printed on art quality paper and comes with a stiffened backing board and shrink wrapped for protection.

2012 F1 Fanatic Predictions Championship race prizes

Race winner’s prize: Autocourse eBooks

The highest scorer in each race will win an Autocourse eBook. The 1971 edition will be the first prize up for grabs, and later players will have the chance to win 1972 to 1976 editions.

The Autocourse eBooks are faithful reproductions of the original annuals in digital form. The colour, clarity of images and text have been improved to modern standards, but the content remains in original format.

Autocourse has become the definitive record of Formula One racing the world over and early editions are collector’s items, which regularly trade for hundreds of pounds.

  • The 1971 Autocourse eBook is available from for 19.99 with free postage/packing to UK customers.

First runner-up prize: Grand Prix Heroes DVD

The second-placed player in each race will win their choice of one of Duke Video’s new Grand Prix Heroes DVDs (pictured top).

Videos are available on such famous F1 figures as Niki Lauda, James Hunt, Mika Hakkinen, Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jody Scheckter, Ronnie Peterson, Peter Revson and Frank Williams.

Second runner-up prize: F1 posters by PJ Tierney

The third-placed player in each race will win one of PJ Tierney’s excellent unofficial Formula 1 posters.

You can view PJ’s posters along with his other work on his website:


Competition terms and conditions

1. Maximum one entry per household.
2. The competition is not open to employees, friends or family of F1 Fanatic, Silverstone Circuit, Car-a-Day, Icon Publishing or Chelsea Magazines.
3. Predictions will be promoted on the front page of F1 Fanatic before closing prior to the start of qualifying.
4. In each round players are invited to predict (a) who will be on pole position and (b) what the top five finishers will be (five different drivers).
5. Players score points in each round as follows:
a. Correctly naming the pole sitter: 2 points
b. Correctly naming one/two/three/four/five driver/s who finish in the top five: 1/2/3/5/8 points
c. Correctly predicting where one/two/three/four/five driver/s finish: 2/6/14/24/40 points
6. Whoever scores the most points in every race counting towards the Formula 1 World Championship wins the grand prize.
7. In the event of a tie on points the winner will be determined by who is closest to predicting the pole position time correctly. If that fails to produce a winner the editor will choose a means of deciding who has won.
8. Predictions must be entered using the form above. If you have trouble submitting your entry via the form please contact F1 Fanatic via email and send your prediction using the contact form.
9. In the event of a dispute the editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
10. No cash alternative is offered for any of the prizes.
11. Grand Prix tickets: Children must be accompanied by an adult. Accommodation and transport to the venue not included.
12. Players who have won prizes will be notified by email within seven days of each Grand Prix. Grand Prix tickets will be despatched once they are available.

2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

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22 comments on “Predict the top five in Hungary and win F1 prizes”

  1. For once, I’m going with my gut instinct after FP2. Analysing and over-analysing has not done me any favours so far, so I might as well try something different.

    Pole: Hamilton. Race: Hamilton, Alonso, Button, Webber, Grosjean.

  2. Henry (@scuderiaexxon)
    27th July 2012, 16:00

    I went with:
    Pole: Lewis Hamilton
    Race: 1st: Kimi Räikkönen 2nd: Lewis Hamilton 3rd: Jenson Button 4th: Fernando Alonso 5th: Mark Webber

  3. I have no idea.

  4. I don’t know.

  5. Another weird week, dry quali, wet race. I’d like to see the points race shaken up this week, maybe Hammy gets a win and Alonso finishes well back to make this interesting again.

  6. we all analyse practice results, make our predictions and finally it turns out to be a topsy turvy race! No point in analysing!

  7. Pole: Hamilton
    P1: Hamilton
    P2: Button
    P3: Alonso
    P4: Raikkonen
    P5: Massa

  8. This is the first race I’ve gone with exactly what I think will happen, instead of a mix of what has happened in recent races and what I’d like to happen. It doesn’t really matter as I’ll still end up with my classic score of 3 points, because this season’s so damn unpredictable! :P

  9. I’ve played it safe and gone with an Alonso – Hamilton – Vettel – Webber – Raikkonen top 5.

  10. I went for
    Pole: Hamilton
    1. Hamilton
    2. Alonso
    3. Button
    4. Raikkonen
    5. Senna

    Senna and Williams look good here, and he needs a good result, especially just before the summer break. Of course, I’m leaving out Red Bull at my peril, but hey, there’s only so much room in the top 5. Last season was easy; any permutation of RBR, McLaren, and Alonso was a pretty safe bet, but this season there’s also Sauber, Lotus, and occasionally Williams to consider. Only Mercedes are making it a little bit easier for us recently by dropping away a little (more’s the pity).

  11. Pole: RAI
    P1: RAI
    P2: HAM
    P3: ALO
    P4: VET
    P5: BUT

  12. Pole: HAM
    1. BUT
    2. ALO
    3. RAI
    4. VET
    5. PER

  13. Pole: Lewis
    First: Kimi
    Second: Lewis
    Third: Seb
    Fourth: Nando
    Fifth: Jenson

  14. it wont let me do it????

  15. Hamilton Pole

  16. Last year, despite FP1 and 2 results, I would have gone with Vettel as he could always pull something out of the bag, but McLaren look good. I don’t read much into practice times, I expect they were running low fuel but the car seems to handle well which is promising. Hamilton for pole.

    I reckon we’ll see Alonso and Raikkonen behind him on the podium.

  17. i make my prediction but when i click ” add prediction” nothing happens…it look like it’s not activate for me

    1. @fanser See the rules for guidance on what to do.

  18. Kimi for pole and Podium.. :-)

  19. sid_prasher (@)
    28th July 2012, 12:52

    Lewis for Pole and win. Seb for second. Button third, Alonso and Kimi to follow.

    I think Webber will make me regret this prediction :)

  20. hopefully grosjean will get pole and maldanado second with the 4 leaders sitting right behind him grosjean and maldanado to create a pile up which cause the leading 4 in the championship to crash, kimi comes up from behind to win Spa for the 5th time! you have heard it here first

    or grosjean will finish on the podium
    is there a prediction for whether Maldanado will crash into someone or not?

  21. I’m fairly sure d’Ambrosio will finish in the top 5 at Monza, although I hope he doesn’t as he’s not available in the list !

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