2012 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

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2012 Hungarian Grand Prix

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52 comments on “2012 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Everyone finished reversed order except Alonso, Webber(Grosjean either but he’s not a title contender), which is what Alonso want. for now Alonso extended his leading but Ferrari should improve their car significantly. unless…..

    1. I agree. Ferrari was clearly the fourth fastest car today behind Lotus, McLaren and Red Bull.

      Things have to change for the second half of the season performance-wise for Alonso to retain his lead.

      Having as much as four other clear contenders in three separate teams 40-48 points behind certainly helps and is a basis to build on, a gap to manage. So the situation is excellent, cannot get much better.

      But Ferrari have to improve their car somehow.

      1. I’m not worried about Lotus much since they have tyre temperature problem. but gap from Red Bull and Mclaren is too huge to keep the lead. for sure they will bring big updates after the break but it should be as powerful as Mclaren did. They should become at least 2nd fastest or close 3rd. Now they’re distant 3rd if it’s not Lotus’ weekend.

        1. By Ferraris own admission the track suite them today. so it is great to see alonso extend his championship lead and beat a McLaren and a red bull on the way. today was all about damage limitation and he did a great job of that. hopefully Fernando should be back in the mix at Belgium.

          1. *didnt suit

          2. @aimalkhan I hope that’s the case. How long should I have to wait until Alonso win? :)

          3. I think Spa could instantly provide an opportunity, pending a minor improvement on the car.

            It is better suited to Ferrari, they beat or were on the level of the upgraded Red Bull in Silverstone, on a similar track, in sheer pace. Lotuses out of the equation by expectedly lowly temps. McLarens are the ones to worry, that’s why the improvement is needed.

            Suzuka is also an obvious aim to shoot for.

          4. @atticus-2
            Ah… Spa…

            It will be forever one of the great mysteries of Formula One why Alonso hasn’t fared better there. Other than a 2nd in 2005, 3rd in 2007, and 4th in 2008 and 2011… he’s never finished another race there.

            The last time he (dashing young chap that he is) got a victory there was back in 2000, in F3000 – a hattrick with pole, fastest lap and the win. Interesting little anecdote – Mark Webber was 3rd in the standings (22 points) that F3000 season… and Alonso was 4th (17 points)

  2. Hamilton starts the long trek back into title contention. With Alonso in the form of his life and the Red Bull’s still looking quick it is going to be a tough ask.

    1. He already did. 47 points can be overhauled; Alonso took the championship lead from 42 points down in 2010 in some 6-7 races.

      Of course, it needs 110% performance, maximum concentration, good car and a bit of luck.

      1. And a team operating efficiently. Without the team being objective, he might just as well forget any march towards the lead of the championship.

      2. @atticus-2 True true, but as you say, it’s going to take a massive effort and a bit of good fortune.

    2. Also, back in the 10-points-for-a-win era, drivers were able to overcome a 18-20-point deficit, like Schumacher in 2006 and Raikkonen in 2007.

      On the other hand, it was exactly Alonso, who held al almost constant 20-point lead against Raikkonen in 2005. Senna did so too in 1991 against Mansell (the first year of the 10-6-4-3-2-1 system).

      1. Hamilton best managed to bridge a gap of 10 points (equal to 25 points of this season) once back in 2008 when he won the title with 1 point difference against Massa. On other seasons he was either leading most of the time or was way off the title fight. Shortly he never came from so back and fight for title but of course it doesnt mean he cant do this year.

    3. @geemac I think getting back within two wins range before the summer break is a nice psychological hurdle for him to have cleared.

      But nor is Raikkonen out of it, just a point behind Hamilton. And it’s Spa next and we all know how well he goes there.

      Still Alonso must be pleased to have edged his lead up to 40 points. Webber seems to think he could have had fifth had he not pitted a third time, it seems that was a real gift to Alonso.

      Also interesting to note that despite having been much quicker than his team mate for most of the season so far, Maldonado is now only five points ahead of Senna. If Senna’s improved pace this weekend is here to stay, perhaps Valtteri Bottas taking his place isn’t a foregone conclusion.

      And Ferrari have slipped back to fourth on the constructors’ championship, making Massa’s pitiful contribution to their points total even more glaring.

      1. …making Massa’s pitiful contribution to their points total even more glaring.

        Keith, such an eloquent way with words simply puts a smile on my face.

      2. @keithcollantine You make a good point on Senna. I’ve been following the Williams battle pretyt closely and if you ignore Maldonado’s win in Spain (which granted is a difficult thing to do!) Senna has scored more points finishes more often than his team mate. He is well down in the qualifying battle though I admit, but I honestly believe that is a symptom of him having to regularly give his car to Bottas on Friday mornings.

  3. The top 5 have broken away from the rest. Lotus and Mclaren should make Romain and Jenson no.2 now and support their lead driver’s title challenge.

    1. I don’t think they can justify making them total support drivers while second place in the constructors is neck and neck.

      1. You are right, t hey really can’t do that, which gives Alonso an advantage over the other drivers in contention.
        In a way, Lotus are behind Kimi, if their drivers are running in a consecutive order.
        Mclaren on the other hand just do whatever they feel like, no strategy behind their actions.

  4. Can’t believe Massa only has 25 points. We all know Alonso has been out-classing him, but to see that he’s only gotten one win worth of points? Terrible.

    1. for sure it’s time to change Massa. They have many times to think from now…

      1. And if Alonso doesn´t win the title this year, there might be the numbers 7 and 8 on next years cars. Last time this was the case in 2010, after Ferrari finished second half of the season with one driver capable of winning Spa and another two who didn´t get any points at all.

        1. Well it won’t make big difference since Massa’s average point per race is just about 2.3 points. It will become more clear it turns out Ferrari can’t improve their car because, Massa won’t take point to home.

    2. Corriere dello Sport (Italian sports newspaper) say hypothetically Raikonen return to Ferrari in 2013

      1. I heard that speculation also, but I can’t imagine them swallowing their pride and taking him back.

        But it would be verrrrry nice to watch Kimi against Fernando in the same car!

  5. oh man Raikkonen looks like a serious contender now..

    1. My prediction was that Raikkonen will be a serious contender after the spa..

      1. if Lotus solve their tyre temperature problem… it will get cold after the break.

  6. 8 points separating 2nd to 5th. Close stuff.

    1. Then 1 point separating the next 3.

  7. wongchinkong
    29th July 2012, 15:16

    Excellent performance by Lotus in the constructors’ championship. Now lying in third position, ahead of Ferrari, and within a point from McLaren. Lotus should try their very best to get Kimi a pole position in qualifying and with his strong race pace, he should be the next race winner.

  8. Bring Spa.. Raikkonen on charge.

    1. Maybe. or Maybe not.

  9. Great drive by Senna this weekend. He’s now only 5 points behind Maldonado, which is no mean feat considering the 25 points Maldonado received from winning in Barcelona. There seems to be some potential in him yet. I thinks he’s done a good job at silencing his critics and I hope he keeps it up and does enough to keep his seat for next year (as much as I would like to see what Bottas has to offer).

    1. Over the whole season, I don’t think Senna is doing any good. He has proven himself to be a Heidfeld. A calm points collector. Unfortunately, that is his peak.

      Maldonado -his driving has been erratic, his wheel-to-wheel racing even more pathetic, but he has had more raw pace compared to Senna. Remember, Vettel was terrible in 2010 when it came to wheel-to-wheel racing. He had 4 first lap retirements in the first 4 races of 2008. But, he has improved now.

      Maldonado has potential to improve. Senna, unfortunately, doesn’t.

      1. And yet all he’s been doing recently is improving. I’d say definitively declaring any driver on the grid having no potential to improve is quite short-sighted, but perhaps that’s just me.

        1. @leucocrystal

          I get the feeling that Bruno is your favorite …. … driver ;]

          1. He’s the one I support most, yes. Haven’t most of us got at least one of those? ;)

      2. Senna’s not trying to kill people on track though.

        Murdernado on the other hand…. Glad he got that drive-through today. He needs to learn to not crash into other people.

  10. It looks as if Alonso’s closest contenders Vettel, and with Ferrari seeming to lack pace I think Hamilton & Vettel will be closing him down in the championship. The constructors’ title looks to be Red Bull’s but nothing is certain.

  11. Button and Webber (due to their pit stop strategies) worked like team mates of Alonso.
    Unless one of RBR or Mclaren improve their car to a level to dominate remaining races it will be hard for their drivers to catch Alonso.
    This was one of the worst races for Ferrari and still Alonso managed to score very useful points. If season continue like this, which we see usually different winners and podium finishers for each race it only helps Alonso.

    Ferrari may not have the fastest car for all season but I think they will improve and get close the leaders.

  12. McLaren’s pace is back at the front, and Hamilton’s right up with the Red Bulls. The gap may be big, but not insurmountable. Look for Hamilton to get on a roll, and if the Red Bulls stick with him Alonso’s lead is going to shrink rapidly.

  13. Oh, if only Raikonnen had won, he’d be third!

  14. As an Alonso fan it is difficult to see how Alonso will be able to hold onto his lead for the next 9 races. If Hamilton has a fast car or just a car capable of poles and a team that performs smooth pit-stops he will be formidable for anyone. That was also a vintage display from Kimi and the Red-Bulls can never be underestimated. It is not a forgone conclusion and could be a better(& more painful) championship than 2010!!

    1. How many times Alonso had the fastest car during the first 11 races?
      None; and he build 40 points lead over 2nd driver.
      With the 3rd fastest car which is not so long away from leading teams, he will walk this championship. All Ferrari need to stay close to leaders. Fernando good enough do the rest.

      1. Well, now tyre ‘row’ seems settled(except Mercedes or maybe Lotus) so I think you really need real performance. Alonso is still in good shape but if this kind of race continues, the lead would be vanished after just a couple of race. It’s time to have fast car now.

        1. Well I never make bold comments looking at single race. There will be races where Ferrari perform better than this. Performance of teams still shuffling from circuit to circuit. As I said if Ferrari can keep close to the leaders as the 3rd fastest car Fernando is good to do the rest. If Ferrari improve and come to the same level of the leaders than I think there is no need to talk, the point difference only increase in such a situation if you have a driver like Alonso.

  15. As has been the case through out the whole year. Predicting a winner let alone a 2012 champion has been extremely difficult. Going by Hungary’s race Alonso is in a vulnerable position right now even though he is clearly ahead. And Hamilton is looking dangerous at the minute. Either Alonso is going to have to maintain his near perfect driving to date with minimal mistakes, or, Ferrari is going to have to close the gap once again to the leaders and compete for victories.

    I can’t see Alonso maintaining his flawless display so far. Something has to give. His going to make a mistake somewhere, or a pit strategy will hinder him, and his lead will diminish. Quite simply, Ferrari have to lift their game to win a drivers crown. And as an Alonso supporter. I hope this is the case.

    1. Perhaps we would see another 2009-like title finish when Button scored numerous points first half of the season then rarely finished on the podium. even if so, Alonso’s maybe-third title will be rated higher than that since he never/might not have the fastest car over the season. I prefer to see fast Ferrari but it won’t be so bad if Alonso win third title…

      1. Having lead and several drivers take points off eachother is good. But when those several drivers faster than you, it can get nasty very fast.

  16. Only a few races ago were Raikkonen and Grosjean pretty much tied, now Raikkonen is really running away with it. I think it’s a little ambitious to think he and Hamilton could get back in the title chase though. Alonso is consistently scoring, he doesn’t seem to understand the word ‘pressure’ and as a result he just keeps bringing home points. Even today he had a pretty dire result but actually increased his lead. I just get the feeling that Alonso will do enough to hang on to it and not throw it away, his head seems to be screwed on right, he can afford to play the percentage game almost.

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