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Ten of the best pictures that tell the story of the 2012 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Hungaroring track map, Thursday

A Mercedes track map appears to show how much KERS boost the drivers use at each corner on a flying lap of the Hungaroring.

Sebastian Vettel, Friday practice

Red Bull started the weekend under a cloud. The FIA had banned the engine map they used in Germany and they faced questions over a further request from the governing body to change another part of their car to ensure its compliance with the rules.

The RB8s didn’t look especially quick on Friday, and Mark Webber failed to reach Q3 on Saturday.

But team mate Sebastian Vettel, who took pole position at the track in 2010 and 2011, put his Red Bull third on the grid.

Lewis Hamilton, Friday practice

A heavy rain shower hit the second practice session. Lewis Hamilton went out on intermediate tyres but with half of the track very wet and the other half almost dry, concluded there wasn’t much to be learned from the conditions.

Charles Pic, Saturday qualifying

Rookie driver Charles Pic had another strong weekend. He out-qualified the other Marussia of Timo Glock and finished ahead of his team mate as well.

Start, Hungarian Grand Prix

As the cars reach turn two Hamilton Romain Grosjean has successfully repelled Sebastian Vettel’s attack on his second position and Jenson Button is poised to demote the Red Bull for third place.

Further back Webber is about to complete an excellent start from 11th by passing Bruno Senna for seventh, despite having started on harder medium compound tyres.

Nico Hulkenberg, Hungarian Grand Prix

It was follow-my-leader around most of the twists and turns of the Hungaroring. Nico Hulkenberg was jumped by the other Nico at the first round of pit stops, allowing the Mercedes driver to take the final points place.

Bruno Senna, Hungarian Grand Prix

Senna had a strong drive, staying within range of the leaders. This was much to the frustration of Button, who ended up stuck behind the Williams after an early second pit stop.

Fernando Alonso, Hungarian Grand Prix

Grosjean’s hopes of attacking Hamilton for the win were dashed early in the final stint.

Fernando Alonso, who pitted three laps later than the Lotus, costing Grosjean time. He was also held up by Michael Schumacher’s lapped Mercedes and as a result dropped behind team mate Kimi Raikkonen.

Championship leader Alonso salvaged fifth place on a day when the Ferrari was not in contention for victory.

Lewis Hamilton, Hungarian Grand Prix

Hamilton celebrated his second win of the season having crossed the line one second ahead of Raikkonen, who put him under pressure in the final stint.

Lotus, Hungarian Grand Prix

The Lotus team celebrate their second double podium finish of the year – but when will they finally get that win?

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  1. Lotus: “Yay we lost again!”

  2. Love the ghost of Button behind Senna and Charles Pic with the obviously overheated fans in the background.

  3. Kimi looks thrilled in the team photograph :P

    1. That is great!

    2. That was classic pic

  4. in typical kimi fashion…no sponsor garb for the pics! awesome! can anyone name what is on his shirt?

  5. The Lotus one is a good pic, good to see that spirit from another team other than RBR or McLaren.

  6. I am a serious dedicated Michael Schumacher fan since 1991, I have heard so many rumours about him and another has been circulating that he is quitting at the end of 2012 season, this to me is not very good news at all, i miss his domination like he did with ferrari. but i suppose you cant blame him, he has tried so hard to get a 8th title.i shall miss him as he always brighten up my weekends.i wish him and his family a happy healthy year and the future to come.

    1. Let’s hope he won’t quit, I wish he stays and that Mercedes can give him a better car! He had so many races with car failure this year unfortunately!
      He drove really well though! And offered some great races with overtaking.

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