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A selection of video highlights from the German Grand Prix weekend filmed by fans in the stands.

Mike the bike

Michael Schumacher checks out the circuit on his bike, cheered on by the fans.

Lotus pit stop practice

Lotus do their tyre change drills.

Hulkenberg in a spin

Nico Hulkenberg’s Force India gets away from him in the wet second practice session. There are also some other highlights from the build-up to the race in this video.

Schumacher’s shunt

Schumacher had less luck when he swapped two wheels for four, crashing in the Motodrom during practice. Here’s his car being recovered.


A view of different cars tackling the Spitzkehre hairpin.

Drivers on parade

The drivers’ parade passes through the final corners. At the back of the truck you can see Lewis Hamilton and the four other drivers in the photograph he took and posted on Twitter.

The formation lap begins

The grid is cleared and the cars head off to start the grid.

The start

Alonso leads as Kovalainen goes wide at the first corner.

A reverse-angle view of the start. Note how long the front-runners have to wait for those at the back to take their places, and Lewis Hamilton’s poor start from seventh.

Lap one stragglers

Senna and Grosjean limp past with punctures after contact on the first lap.

Hot pursuit

Button and Vettel give chase after Alonso.

Vettel’s non-pass

Vettel passed Button at the Spitzkehre on the penultiamte lap – but he completed the pass off the track and was later handed a time penalty.

Race day highlights

A nicely-edited selection of footage showing race day from the perspective of one fan.

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  1. Yes I like these. Had to stop watching, because my son (2,5 years old) heard immediately what it was “raceauto’s!” and I really have to get him to bed now…

  2. The view from that upper stand the formation lap is started from looks great. Surely you must be able to see the entire track from up there?

  3. Mike the bike Schumacher (@mike-the-bike-schumacher)
    2nd August 2012, 23:14

    Mike the bike!!

  4. any video of pre race at track?

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