Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber

Caption Competition

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2012

It’s time for some more Caption Competition fun and this week’s subject is Mark Webber.

He’s recently signed a new deal to remain with Red Bull for 2013. But what’s on his mind here?

It’s over to you to see who can supply the funniest caption for this picture.

Share your comedy captions in the comments and a selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

Caption Competition

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  • 98 comments on “Caption Competition 17: Mark Webber”

    1. “Urgh, smells like team spirit.”

      1. I think we have a winner already.

      2. Could this be a record? The first comment is the winner? :D

      3. Pure genius.

      4. mrblackboa (@)
        4th August 2012, 15:40

        hahaha, lol

      5. hahaha !

      6. +1
        hahahahah xD

    2. To celebrate his new contract mark tries to impersonate at front of his RB8.

      1. Not a caption- He seems to make that face everytime someone makes asks him something true that he doesnt like.

    3. “So ‘Rosebud’ was his sled?”

    4. matthewf1 (@)
      4th August 2012, 10:14

      ‘hmmm….not bad for a number two’

    5. Interviewer: So Mark, not bad for a number 2 driver eh?
      Webber: erhhh…could’ve done better.

    6. I wanted “Not bad for Number 2 driver” on my 2013 RB Helmet, but they denied my request!

    7. lololol … as I posted, noticed the “number two” quotes above … and that’s not my caption btw! lol

    8. “… this is how I want my 2013 car’s nose to look! … heck of an improvement eh mate!!!”

    9. ‘As he looked towards his retirement from F1, Mark Webber considered a second career in Gurning’

    10. “I should have signed with Ferrari…”

      1. Paul Ogbeiwi (@)
        5th August 2012, 9:53


    11. On the advice of his team mate, Webber tried to obtain a few extra tenths by making his face slightly more aerodynamic.

    12. Well Fernando I know what you’re thinking. “Did He finish 4th or 3rd?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is an RB8, the most aerodynamic F1 car in the world, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

      1. As a massive webber and clint eastwood fan–

        I love it!! Pure classic and COTD!!

        When I see a man chasing a woman (WDC) with a hard-on and a meat cleaver (ferrari) I don’t suspect he’s collecting for the red cross!!

      2. BEST — great comment! Webber and Eastwood share some good qualities, don’t they? Add “…and would blow your front wing clean off….” to your comment??

    13. “And this year’s contender for the Archibald Prize is Mark Webber’s self portrait, entitled Thoughtful Sneeze.”

    14. I have that bitter taste Fernado always talks about.

    15. “Bloody hell, I feel like I’m forgetting something. It has something to do with number two and my contract, but all I remember is winning 2 races to Sebs sole victory..”

    16. No matter how much I squeeze I can’t make my chin shrink, look…

    17. Whilst negotiating another year with Red Bull for 2013, Webber also had to consider a surprise late offer from HRT.

    18. Should I become a clown?

    19. Now I warn you ladies,
      I can’t keep it in,
      I was born with a stiff,
      Stiff upper lip.

    20. David Lincoln
      4th August 2012, 12:19

      I wonder if Fernando is faster than I am…..

    21. Hmmmm that might be too gruesome a way of removing Helmut Marko from the equation

    22. “I can´t believe I fell for it again…. I should´ve known better.”

    23. Webber debuts Bernie Ecclestone impression.

    24. Jayfreese (@)
      4th August 2012, 13:33

      Double face Webber

    25. How do I convince Seb to be my number 2 this year?

    26. *Disappointment from down under*

    27. Hmmm, new contract signed…, about that Vettel kid.

    28. Bradley_Cornish93
      4th August 2012, 14:40

      “I still don’t know how we’re gonna break it to Seb that he’s no longer number one.”

    29. “Hmm… Red Bull, or Ferrari?”

    30. Mark Webber contemplates the choice of Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel as teammate.

    31. ‘That damn finger’s got right up my nose.’

    32. Hmmm…the Ferrari is so bloody ugly though……

    33. Vettel on radio: Guyysss do something im faster, we have to do something i can’t pass i cant! Please!!
      Webber: *that face*

    34. mrblackboa (@)
      4th August 2012, 15:39

      (Vettel sitting next to him.)

      Mark Webber: “I think Baby Schumi his diaper needs changing”

    35. davidnotcoulthard
      4th August 2012, 16:17

      “Now that I’ve made this face, I’ll get more salary…right?”

    36. Red Bull gives you ticks

    37. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
      4th August 2012, 16:28

      Interviewer: So Mark, what is your view on the proliferation of Nuclear weapons and should the authorities allow ticket touts to operate out side of the Olympic village in order to fill empty seats?
      Mark: Hmmm…

    38. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
      4th August 2012, 16:31

      Interviewer: Why is it that bullets ricochet off of Superman’s chest, but he ducks when the gun is thrown at him?
      Mark: Hmmm…

    39. Mark thought he’d seen everything until he got caught on the end of a fishing hook

    40. “We are testing our new facial recognition steering interface. This is a left turn while trail braking.”

    41. See! The left side is my serious side to race and the other side is… well… I had a few beers last night and that poledancer… well… you can tell by my right side!

    42. Christian Horner: Mark. Mark? Mark! Oh no, he’s thinking about his dogs again.

    43. FA : Now that’s how you put the shrimp on the barbie mate..
      MW : But where does the kangaroo go?? Stay put?

    44. A month with no F1. Urgh..

    45. Mark Webber tries to calculate how many fourth place finishes he needs to win the championship.

    46. If i push the green and the red button at the same time the exhaust gas gets out by the secret hole or was it the blue and the red button ?

    47. One more year to pretend that I love this crook energy drink.. I can do this mate. Gotta pack a roadie !!

    48. Mark appreciated the gesture after a disappointing Hungarian Grand Prix, but unfortunately Seb’s Crocodile Dundee impression failed to lift team spirits.

    49. Webber in gurning flap scandal

    50. EYEBROWman and FINGERboy?! Oh, come on, I can take it on the CHIN!

    51. “Hey Mark! Show us your Kimi impression!”

    52. What poison would not appear on Seb’s autopsy report?

    53. “Whooops… I wonder what would FIA’s Technical Working Group say about that.”

    54. mmmmm, red bull , ferrari , red bull , ferrari , vettel , alonso , RED BULL !!!

    55. “Saturday’s press conference was interrupted by smells of ‘blown exhaust’ “

    56. *brrrrrt*
      “Next question!”

    57. “Does anybody else have a bloody clue what’s going on with this Olympic Opening Ceremony ??”

    58. Everything is gonna be allright, said Helmut. Now what’s bugging me then?

    59. This was Vettels face after I passed him.

    60. Vettel. Hes gone and taken my symmetrical nose again. Now i have Monza spec on the right, and Monaco on the left.

    61. Tell us if you will, a little bit about your admiration for your teammate

    62. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
      4th August 2012, 22:00

      What shall I have for my tea, KFC or Morley’s?…Hmmm

    63. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
      4th August 2012, 22:08

      Interviewer: If Horner and a Kangaroo were trapped in a burning building, which would you save first?
      Mark: Hmmm…That’s a toughie…

    64. Hmmm,
      As much as I love F1 Fanatic, Iam finding the intense overload of advertising a bit much.

      1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
        4th August 2012, 22:44

        That’s Cheeky. :P

        1. I coundn`t resist :-).
          this is my second attempt at this reply as I had to reload the page due to a massive BMW Olympic full page in your face advert appearing out of the blue and crippling my browser…..(4th try)

    65. Webber considers whether he should take on anti-wrinkle cream sponsorship instead of vitamins

    66. Long term use of Red Bull drinks aint done me no harm….twitch….twitch

    67. Mark Webber is shown the overall medals ranking at the Olympic games.

      1. This should be the winner :)

    68. Should I really tell Seb what I think of him…. Naww!!

    69. Can I call a friend?

    70. Mark Webbers new fusion face:
      Left: Good
      Right: Evil

      Guess he had mixed feelings about his latest race result :)

    71. In the first pratice session of the annual Popeye competion Webber warms up before equiping He`s pipe.

    72. As Webber looks at the driver’s standings: “So what’s the chances I can get Piquet Jnr. as my team mate for a few rounds”.

    73. ehhhh Whats up Doc??? (to Dr. Helmut Marko)

      1. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
        5th August 2012, 0:38

        You actually made me Lol! Well done good Sir :-)

    74. “I wonder if they only pit me in Germany so I didn’t beat Seb”

    75. Hhhmmm can’t decide Seb or Felipe?

    76. First they took my new wing away and I still one, so then they messed with my launch control for a whole season, now i find out Seb’s been able to adjust his ride height…& all this gruff from Emperor Palpatine – err, Herr Marko… Maybe number two to Alonso wouldn’t have been too bad. (He doesn’t wreck me when i pass him…)

      1. Wow, wish I could edit those typo’s! Really… “one” instead of “won”, lower case “i”. Musta been sleepy.

    77. Mark your clutch been fixed !

    78. Mark Webber checks his chin, questioning, “Do I have a cherry or a bum?”.

    79. “Can’t tell if its’s a hole or a slot”

    80. “Can’t remember, did I flush the toilet this morning ?”
      -French humor-

    81. “Mmmm, Marmite or Vegamite…”

    82. Vettel or Bieber?

    83. “If Fernando comes to know i dated his girl it might just help me win the championship”

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