Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheim, 2012

Caption Competition 18: Nico Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Hockenheim, 2012

Nico Rosberg shows off some of his other skills during a break in the action at the German Grand Prix weekend.

You know the drill by now: Share the funniest caption you can come up with in the comments and a selection of the best will be featured in the daily round-up.

Over to you!

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81 comments on “Caption Competition 18: Nico Rosberg”

  1. I hope no one notices my shoes match the ball…

  2. Nico got the wrong idea when Ross Brawn said that they weren’t achieving their goals on a regular basis.

    1. nice one.

    2. hehe.. nice one.

  3. “So I kick the ball as hard as I can, and the sensors inside it register the hit, which then sends a message to the computer, and the computer tells me how hard I can hit something measured in Maldonados.”

  4. Oooops I kick it again!

    1. @vickyy Nice one! I haven’t checked yet but I bet it’s the winner :P

      1. @andrewtanner , unfortunately no, even i thought i nailed it but there were better entries :)

  5. Britney was a bit confused when they told her you have to have big balls for F1!

  6. “It’s even easier to kick Michaels balls”

  7. It’s easier to kick balls driving a bad car than a good car.

  8. This is you Michael!

  9. Seriously… these tyre marbles are just getting ridiculous.

    1. Nice one :) !

    2. Ladies n Gents, we have a winner.

  10. ”Who is Messi?”

  11. Nico has his Grand Prix victory, now tries his hand at football

  12. Brawn: “While working on a device was meant to control the gravity around our car, we found other fun and interesting uses for it. Notice the blue cable connected to Nico’s belt… when set to INVERTED mode, the gravity zone around the subject is lessened to the point where it is possible for the subject (and objects within close proximity – Brawn points to the ball) to essentially float for a short while. Nico will demonstrate”.

  13. Nico seemingly did not understand mind games meant tricking your opponent, not levitating their balls.

  14. Here Ross, after your hilarious Mexican wave, I’ve got to see how you are at footy

  15. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
    11th August 2012, 10:54

    Mercedes need to keepie-uppie with their development :)

  16. Nico demonstrating how he would prefer it if the tyres had a rounder profile again

  17. Look! It’s Kick-Ke Rosberg!

    Sorry, that was preposterous. No idea with this one.

    1. Brilliant actually

    2. yeah, i like that one a lot too @electrolite

    3. winner :)

  18. The reason why Schumacher has so many car failures: Rosberg always plays in Schumacher his garage.

  19. Rosberg plays football but gets into trouble with old man Schumacher, gets told to **** off down the road.

  20. New pictures show how the Williams pit fire really started.

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      11th August 2012, 16:54

      That would’ve been a winner…except that Keith said that it was from The Tilkedrome of Hockenheim.

      1. Thanks for stepping all over my entry, there should be a rule,only POSITIVE replies to entries.

  21. “These guys get paid how much more than me?”

  22. “I used to look like this when I was 15. They even called me Nico from the block. Now its all Britney here Britney there..”

  23. “Hey Michael ? Hold my beer !”

  24. The Ball: “Hit me baby one more time!”

  25. NIco Rosberg, Jedi in training uses force to levitate miniature deathstar

  26. I wish the car would react to my input the way this football does. We would be back at the front again.

  27. I can beat Michael at football AND racing!!!

  28. ‘ave it!

  29. ah a break finally. Seriously guys, this is fun. I’m going to completely forget what you said about the car getting better every session !!

  30. ¬£10 says Michael can’t do this!!

  31. Team to Rosberg: give the ball to Michael.
    That’s a good boy now.
    (would be better if Felipe was kicking it though)

  32. Ohhh the hokee cokee! Ohhh the hokee cokee…

  33. Out of shot, Michael Schumacher was putting on a goalkeeper’s jersey and getting ready to face a few shots.

    “I’m always the number one in my team”, he said.

    /me gets coat

  34. “So what if he’s a seven time world champion and plays football, I play football too!!!”

  35. Box this lap Nico

  36. I swear heads will roll!

  37. Ross: “Nico, don’t let Michael get his hand on that ball, he is just going to break that as well!”

  38. As Nico kicked the ball out of the garage he remarked “This is what I’m doing to Michael’s career.”

  39. davidnotcoulthard
    11th August 2012, 16:44

    “The Innovations made by Petronas will, in the future, make it possible to store the F1 cars in a sphere the size of a ball used for football. Then, Mercedes can get more cash by letting the FA use the ball for this season’s FA cup final, before racing it at Silverstone.”

  40. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    11th August 2012, 16:56

    I’ll kick the oldie out Wuahahahhaa!!!!!!

  41. Nico Rosberg, age 5.

  42. Don’t look at the tyres look at me.

  43. ” Michael may get the boot at the end of the yr as I have the Golden boots”

  44. OK guys, the photographers are distracted. Life the nose cone now.

    1. ha ha lift

  45. “Pretend this ball is the head of the guy who wolf-whistled my girlfriend..” (During the suspended Silverstone qualifying, after Nico and Rs did the Mexican wave, Nico’s girlfriend popped onto the screen. Someone wolf-whistled her and Nico turned around as he must have heard! Haha :D)

  46. Off season, but on the ball!

  47. Rosberg Robot Shocker! Human-like android discovered recharging in Mercedes GP garage!

    Boss Ross says “It’s cheaper than the real thing, doesn’t whine as much and because it’s made out of old console parts it’s quite handy at FIFA 2012 too”

  48. You think im good? You should see my penalties!

  49. Nico works on his driving skills.

  50. ill teach you how to kick a ball with shoe , now please tell me how to kick schumi out

  51. Nico shows his Russian dancing skills when a ball is thrown at him. The person who threw it runs off leaving the only clue…”I beat Mansell and Senna in my first race win… beat Mr. Grip-No-Have and my loose tyre in yours”

  52. “let me show you what I have been doing to Michaels ECU when nobody’s around!!”

  53. The reason for Nico’s recent slump in form

  54. Nico Rosberg…caught moments before he fell on his butt attempting a bicycle kick during a promotional visit at a local tire store.

  55. Man with dot for face walks past Mercedes garage!

  56. “Come on Michael, where are your skills? …it’s more fun playing with Frank Williams!”

  57. Oops, I kicked it again…I gave you my heart, got lost in the game…oh baby baby

  58. “Well, if I had been in the starting lineup of Germany in the last Euro quarter finals, we wouldn’t have lost.”

  59. Ralf Machio eat your heart out.

  60. “That is NOT my helmet!”

  61. I can keep it up so much better than Michael. But then I guess he’d have trouble at his age.

  62. Are you sure they can Photoshop this support wire out and make me look like i have good ball control? My team mate does a good job of making me look like i have good car control.

  63. “This Bakugan is going to be so awesome if I can get it to open!

  64. Look, this is how the German’s do it, even though they did not win the Olympic Yellow, oops Gold in football.

  65. “Gearbox change? Starting P21? Might as well take up a new sport.”

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