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In the round-up: Rush, the film based on the 1976 F1 season, will be released in September 2013.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

First Look: Official Images Of Formula 1 Racing Drama ‘Rush’ Starring Chris Hemsworth (The Playlist)

“‘Rush’ just received its release date yesterday which is September 20th, 2013.”

Equivalency rules ‘unattractive’ for F1 (Autosport)

“It’s feasible. I don’t think it’s an attractive thing to do, personally. Equivalence formulas, we have had it before, we had it in ’88, we had turbos and normally aspirateds when we were coming the other way. It wasn’t such a bad memory for McLaren, but it wasn’t an attractive formula.”

Kovalainen coy on 2013 seat (ESPN)

“For me, being at McLaren was a dream come true. They are a great team, a top team – no question. I know exactly what happened at that time, and what would happen if I got the chance in the future. I would have no problem [rejoining McLaren].”

Formula One: HRT looks East for the future (The Jakarta Post)

“HRT management have said that the team’s current budget is about US$50 million, less than a fifth of the biggest teams and probably half that of Caterham.”

Formula One star visits Saunderton (Bucks Free Press)

Mark Webber, who is ranked number two in the Formula One drivers’ championship, visited the charity who is celebrating their 30th year anniversary.”

Will the Olympic Park stage an F1 race? (The Telegraph)

“Exemption requires an Act of Parliament and there is presently only one closed-road event on the mainland – the Jim Clark Rally in the Scottish Borders – although central Birmingham hosted rounds of the FIA Formula 3000 Championship, grand prix racing’s former antechamber, from 1986 to 1990.”

Comment of the day

Once again we had some great suggestions for the latest Caption Competition, including those from Jay_au (@Jay), ShaneB457, Electrolite and Icemangrins.

And here’s my favourite suggested by @MahavirShah:

Nico got the wrong idea when Ross Brawn said that they weren’t achieving their goals on a regular basis.

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Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Pimbers4955!

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On this day in F1

The non-championship Kanonloppet Grand Prix was held at Karlskoga in Sweden 50 years ago today and won by American Masten Gregory driving a Lotus-BRM.

Just ten cars started the the race, which was run over 30 laps of the 2.99km track. Roy Salvadori finished second ahead of Jo Bonnier with Graham Hill and John Surtees among the retirements.

Image ©, Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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26 comments on “Rush release date and first pictures revealed”

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how many times am I going to watch the movie at the cinema? even if it’s a bad movie, and I doubt it, i’ll have to watch it at least 5 times.

    1. @fer-no65, Better start saving, I imagine the tobacco companies will be eager to finance more F1 movies with their brands emblazoned on the cars.

      1. I can think of a better user of their money.

        They could try burning it. You know, stack it up in one big pyramid, douse it with petrol, throw a lit match and just stand back an watch it burn. Kind of like the Joker in The Dark Knight.

        Okay, that’s an exaggeration. But my point is very valid: movie-making is a difficult game. It costs tens of millions – sometimes even a hundred million or more – just to make a major motion picture. And the tobacco companies would get very little return on their investment. To start with, the film has to be what audiences want to see. Rush could be a very good film, but maybe it’s the only racing film that is necessary. People will see it and like it, but there won’t be any demand for another one. But, assuming there is demand to begin with, it’s still going to cost a tobacco company a bundle.

        Let’s put it this way: Heineken is paying EON Productions five million dollars to include their product in the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall. As a part of this deal, Daniel Craig will be seen drinking a Heineken beer in one scene – and it is not a scene specifically written for Heineken; rather, it is simply a scene that called for Craig to drink a beer because a beer was a more-appropriate choice for the scene than a martini (in keeping with EON’s policy of only having sponsored products in scenes where the audience would expect to find them – like beer in a bar – after poor reactions to blatant product placement in Die Another Day and Casino Royale). That’s what five million dollars will get Heineken: subtle product placement.

        Now, imagine what studios could charge tobacco companies for ultra-prominent placements in films about racing. The companies would be bankrolling the entire film, which would create additional headaches for all involved, because appearing in two-hour advertisements for cigarettes would not sit well with a lot of people in Hollywood, and so they would opt out of the project. This, in turn, would mean that the studios could only get the next-best alternative to their preferred actors and crew members, and so the film would likely be of a lower quality. If you can’t get a Christopher Nolan to make your film, you’re going to have to settle for a Brett Ratner. A lower-quality film will result in a poorer critical reaction and lower box office takings, making it harder for the film to break even, much less make a profit. Of course, you could have an advertising blitz, but that will just cost even more money and compound the film’s problems.

        So in the end, it’s probably less painful for tobacco companies to burn their money rather than to try investing in films about racing cars simply because they will get some additional exposure that they would not normally get.

        1. @prisoner-monkeys, your arguments, to me, seem to support my comment but you begin and end with a totally opposite conclusion. Do you also teach philosophy ?

      2. A bit cynical but sadly oh, so true @hohum!

    2. @fer-no65 I’m with you on this, I have a feeling I’ll watch this as much as I did The Dark Knight Rises!

  2. A movie about one of the most fascinating seasons in F1 history to be released on my birthday in 2013….awesomeness defined!

    1. And a day before mine! High five!

    2. Hey! It’s my birthday!

      1. …and the day after mine – seems a good time for F1fanatics to release an F1 film!!!

    3. I would love such a great birthday present. Now you will surely have to try and get a good ticket to the premiere of it!

  3. If there’s one thing I want to see in the next year or two it’s the likes of Kovalainen and Glock in decent teams. They have absolutely slugged it for the third year now and I’d love to see what they could do higher, potentially vacant seats – like the Ferrari, or potentially Mercedes/Sauber/McLaren.

  4. David Coulthard is driving the Red Bull Running Showcar in New York City

    Is he, though? That’s the thing — I still have no idea. There’s nothing about it on the Showcar web page. All I know is what that Tweet said: Coulthard and the car arrived here this morning. For all I know, they’re here to have dinner together at Le Bernardin.

    1. Maybe he made the paper card Lotus but re-painted it?

    2. I hate these kind of things, why announce it like that without any details, only to then go ahead before anyone really notice and show what people missed! Its not as if spotting an F1 car somewhere in greater NY is easy to do.

      Sure, there was not much too see probably, but just hearing the car and seeing the car rung would be enough for many a fan.

  5. My FIRST comment mention :) ! Thanks Keith !!!

    1. That was funny :)
      good job…

  6. davidnotcoulthard
    12th August 2012, 6:28

    With “Rush” in the Headline I thought you were talking about the band of the same name.

    Anyway, I hope that neither Niki or James will be presented as the villain.

    1. Peter Morgan – the screenwriter – has said that the film looks at the rivalry between Hunt and Lauda, concentrating on how their wildly different approaches to racing empowered them and were equally-good ways of going about winning the World Championship.

      However, there is an age-old saying in storytelling that a story is only ever as good as its villain. We saw this in Senna, which really set Jean-Marie Balestre up as the villain with the way he openly favoured Alain Prost and kept pushing things in Prost’s favour so that a Frenchman could be World Champion.

      Rush is definately going to need an antagonist of some kind. It can’t afford to present Hunt and Lauda to be equal in heroicism and worth because there’s no story in that. One of them has to come out on top. That’s the nature of the beast – there can only be one World Champion.

      However, given Morgan’s style in these biographical pictures, I don’t think he’ll resort to making Lauda out to be the villain because Hunt ultimately won the title. Rather, I think they will be both equally-heroic and equally-villainous. Their on-track pursuits will make them legendary; their off-track behaviour would make them less so. The film won’t be balanced 50/50 because that would be as detrimental as having the film concentrating on the virtues and ignoring the faults of both drivers.

  7. Heikki Kovalainen needs to win the award for the nicest driver in F1 i would welcome him back to McLaren.

    1. I thought that one went to Chandok?
      But do nice guys become WDC? Button and Kimi come to my mind. But lots of people find Kimi not nice.
      But all the other WDC’s on the grid… Just read the comments around here…

      1. Normally ruthlessness will win you WDC…you need to be slightly aggressive also (but not Maldonado aggressive).

      2. @verstappen I don’t think many people think anything about Raikkonen ;)

        I don’t think you have to be a bad guy to be a WDC. As long as your honest with yourself and team no one can really ask much else!

  8. ShaneB457 (@shaneb12345678910)
    12th August 2012, 16:17

    Timo Glock and Heikki Kovalainen fully deserve to be in better cars for next season. Its a shame really to see where they are now, when they shoud be in a midfield team at least. They have proved that they have talent when they have been given a half-decent car. Glock did well with Toyota and to secure two podiums in 2009 was a great acheivement. He is quite level headed and consistent which makes him a good option for teams looking for another driver next year.

    Heikki is a race winner and has so much potential. Like Glock he is reliable and has proved he can handle the pressure of being with a solid-points scoring team. Even though he played second fiddle to Hamilton in 2008, he scored points for the team and helped them in the constructors.

    They have both been with backmarker teams for two and a half years now and have not got a single point between them in that space of time. They must be desperate for a better drive next season.

    1. Glock especially needs to secure a better race seat, Kovalinen I’m not so sure. Caterham are showing a lot of promise: they have the financial backing, the power train package and now all they need to do is improve their aerodynamics. The last part is what I believe is kept them from being able to challenge for points so far this year; given time (and a little more expert help) I think they are capable of breaking into the midfield. The same can’t be said for Marussia and especially HRT.

      1. Glock isn’t good enough for a better seat.

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