2012 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 272
2 McLaren 218
3 Lotus 207
4 Ferrari 199
5 Mercedes 112
6 Sauber 80
7 Force India 59
8 Williams 53
9 Toro Rosso 12
10 Caterham 0
11 Marussia 0
12 HRT 0

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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44 comments on “2012 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Good result for championship but what a disastrous day for Alonso fan. This is really disappointing. Considering Massa was quite good, I think it was good chance to stretch his lead.

    1. i was scared to death when i saw the accident especially when the doctors run to him & he didn’t get out of the car i said ***** the championship & everything else believe me i’am very happy today that Alonso was alive Imagine if Grosjean’s car hit his head (Henry Surtess was dead because of one tyre hit his head)
      i don’t know if the likes of Grosjean & Maldonado now are realizing that by their irresponsible driving they are putting someone else’s lives at risk

    2. Was a bit frustrated seeing Massa sitting behind all of Alonso’s championship rivals at one point. Glad he managed to get in front of Webber though.

    3. Alonso, today, was very lucky.

      1. i’m happy that he get out safe from that accident

      2. I would agree. He will come back to fight another day.. today he should just thank his lucky stars that his health is intact

      3. bbc report he has back pain on their grosjean is banned article, I’m guessing thats why he sat in the car waiting for doctors advice. I’m also assuming it must be muscle damage rather than bones since he was sitting in the garage during the race.

  2. Vettel collected some good points in the day Alonso socred his first DNF. Very sad to see both Hmilton and Alonso out before La Source because, once again, Grosjean hits someone early in the race. I like Romain Grosjean as driver but he needs to be more careful because he barely survives a first lap.

    1. Considering Alonso got benefit a lot of points from Vettel in Valencia it seems fair give and take…still disappointing.

  3. Unhappy as an Alonso fan. But good for the championship.

    Massa’s fifth shows how useful he is though. It took both Saubers, Hamilton, Alonso, Grosjean, Maldonado – 6 drivers ahead of him to retire for him to come 5th!

    1. He did finish in front of Webber.. but I agree.. Massa is the most convincing underperformer to driver a Ferrari

  4. Button will be happy to win, of course, but this weekend really belongs to Red Bull. Two consistent, high-points finishes with Alonso and Hamilton gaining nothing.

    With both their drivers in championship contention, I wonder whether we’ll start to see tensions in the team again?

  5. Gutted for the Sauber drivers. and yes, Alonso and Hamilton crashing out through the fault of jokers named Maldonado (jumped the start) and Grosjean

    1. Grosjean is a catastrophy. In 6 out of 12 races this year he had first lap incidents. But today it was the most dangerous. Sack him and put D’Ambrosio in his seat.
      Maldonado too is a trouble magnet. When he doesn’t crash, he jumps the start. This guy can’t get anything right. I think he won in Spain only because there was nobody in front to crash into.
      Very sorry for Alonso, he had a good start but was forced to retire because of some clown. But I think he’ll be in front of the RedBulls in Monza. There’s no way Vettel would have been on the podium today with Alonso and Ham in the race.

    2. i said it yesterday that Maldonando will compromise someone else’s race

    3. Actually I don’t think Maldonado shares much of the fault there. Yes, he jumped the start and got in a tangle there…and right after the safety car…and retired right after that but that whole mess in La Source is entirely Grosjean’s fault.

      Still, I find it puzzling how it’s only these two guys who mess up, either in turns, either both at the same time, just as it happened today. The difference is this time it actually was a scary accident and from Charlie Whiting’s and Hamilton’s reactions, with Alonso getting quite shaken up, and Sauber plunging into disaster as a result, this time someone might actually sit these two guys down at the same table and give them an ultimatum to generally straighten up their acts.

      I for one sure hope so. Otherwise all this will happen again in Monza. Mark my words…

      1. Our Dutch commentator actually suggested that if the stewards were to get medieval on Grosjean, they could suspend him for once race. With Monza coming up, that might not be a bad idea..

        1. That could be a bit harsh but not an unfounded decision. I doubt it will happen though.

          Either way, judging by the looks of them and their cars and knowing Monza is a fast track, just as Spa, Grosjean and Maldonado will most likely start in the top 10 again.
          The FIA should welcome them in their office, show them the circuit map and tell them: “Boys, this is the first chicane at Monza. Your task for next week is to learn to get through it better than anyone else on the grid. Cause a crash here and you’ll get to meet Yuji Ide. Understood? Good. Dismissed.”

          Jokes aside, something has to be done. Things can go seriously wrong, seriously fast in Rettifilo at the start.

          1. Going Clockwork Orange on them with footage from the start in ’78 would do them good.

        2. If you suspend Grosjean, I think you also have to suspend Maldonado, just for an accumulation of incidents, he got two penalties in one weekend. Both of them need to be sent a message that the way they have been conducting themselves on track this season is potentially putting other drivers’ (in addition to their own) lives at risk. And that is unacceptable; and the FIA need to send a clear message.
          Of course, with Monza being one of the most dangerous tracks on the calendar, they would be timely suspensions.

  6. Well, I think the McLaren is the fastest car and Button or Hamilton will win it. There’s a long way to go.

  7. I still don’t see Button as a championship contender, and think Hamilton needs a win in Italy to have any chance

    1. Button only needs to close up 8 points per race to beat ‘Nando. I reckon the McLaren is easily that much faster than the Ferrari.

      1. @duncanmonza
        But I don’t think McLaren or Button will be able to be consistent enough to make use of that speed.

        1. Button’s form in the 2nd half of the season last year was quite exceptional with 7 podiums in 8 races from Belgium onwards, the other result a 4th place at Korea. Only Vettel did better, also scoring 7 podiums but with 5 wins and 1 retirement in a dominant car.

          If Mclaren have the fastest car consistently for the rest of this season and Ferrari remain 3rd or 4th fastest I think that Button and Hamilton both have a reasonable shot at contesting the drivers championship.

          1. Button did well last year, but if anything, the Mclaren was fast enough in the second half of last year to challenge Vettel more than he did in the end.

  8. Really feel for the Saubers this time! Glad for RBR though. Helps put them back in contention for the Drivers’ Championship.

  9. Williams 8th in the constructors’ with a race winning car -_-

    1. Same old 2012 Williams- Maldonado crashes, Senna ridiculously far behind where Maldonado would have been…

      1. Senna ridiculously far behind where Maldonado would have been…

        This is the best description of the Williams drivers I’ve read all year. It should be a headline in their press release.

    2. Williams are paying the price for going for the short term buck. Perhaps they might realise that it will cost them in the long run, because the constructors money for finishing 5th or even 4th in the championship instead of 8th or 9th definitely outweighs whatever Senna is paying for the drive.

      Get Bottas in that car and stop messing around Frank!!

      1. – Senna set fastest lap today, 1:52.822
        – Williams 1stop strategy today did not work
        – Senna picked up a puncture when Toro Rosso overtook.
        Imagine if he does not need to give up the Friday practices to Bottas.

        1. +1

          Also apparently caught some damage on the insane first lap from Vettel, though I couldn’t clearly see it on the angles we got. Not bad at all, all things considered. Really wish Williams had reacted properly to the other teams and put him on a two stopper.

  10. Raikkonen in front of both McLarens and 1 point behind Webber who has been doing reasonable, but not great lately.. If Lotus were to get their stuff together, he might end up being more than a dark horse for the championship and actually have a go.

    If, maybe, might..

    1. Tough race but Kimi gained on Championship leader, I’m happy.

      Hope they sort out things at Monza, car just didn’t work during the first stint.

  11. Webber’s gearbox problems may actually go away now….

  12. I’m not shocked to see this but honestly it’s almost unbelievable how Force India are ahead of Williams. Makes me wonder where they would be if we swapped the driving lineup from both teams!

  13. Is it just Kimi that has completed every single lap this season now?

    1. Rosberg as well I think, still?

      1. I think Webber as well.

        1. Lapped in Spain.

  14. Grojean 1 race ban well deserved…..

  15. Hamilton’s deficit largely is down to the fact that Alonso won at Hamilton’s two previous DNFs. Now that Alonso has his turn of bad luck Hamilton ends up in the same heap. It’s kind of a bad omen for Hamilton for catching up to Alonso. Vettel, however, capitaized and is now in a strong position to challenge Alonso. Webber is waning and I don’t see him getting back in this. I think we have seen Kimi/Lotus shoot their bolt. Yes they have their fancy stalling device in the works but we have seen this general concept fail to transform a car, from the F-duct to DDRS, etc., to the tune of several tenths. And while they ready their device, the others are bringing other upgrades. They just don’t deliver, whether by strategy or race pace. At least it is looking like another tight season.

  16. I guess the only consolation Alonso can take from this result is that it was Vettel’s RB8 scoring the highest and not Webber’s. This also vastly improves Raikkonen’s chances. For the first time in what seems like years, RBR are starting to just look a little threatened in the Constructors.

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