Mercedes mark Schumacher’s 300th Grand Prix

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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Mercedes marked the 300th Grand Prix appearance for Michael Schumacher by presenting him with a front wing and nose bearing the name of every F1 race he has entered.

It includes all 91 of his Grand Prix wins highlighted in red.

Schumacher was also given a cake in the shape of the special helmet he wore to mark the race and a model car from Mercedes:

2012 Belgian Grand Prix

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8 comments on “Mercedes mark Schumacher’s 300th Grand Prix”

  1. That’s so nice! Well done Michael!

  2. Quite a tribute there, and well deserved too!

  3. awarded honorary citizenship of Spa and an amazing tribute for the 7 times WDC, Truly well deserved. Glad can see this special 300.

  4. 300 races is an incredible achievement. admittedly there are more races these days, but 18 seasons is fantastic longevity.

  5. Does anyone know wether he received a penalty for cutting across Vettel?

    1. of course not he did nothing wrong

      1. He was… naughty but he was a full car length ahead of Vettel, and that’s why he didn’t hit him.

  6. I’m glad he finished the race, I thought it would be just his luck to have to retire.

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