Tio Ellinas handed 2013 Marussia test chance

2013 F1 season

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Tio Ellinas has earned a chance to drive for Marussia in a future Young Drivers’ Test.

The Cypriot driver earned the chance by becoming the highest place Marussia Manor Racing driver in this year’s GP3 championship. Ellinas finished eighth in GP3 championship and scored his first win in the final race at Monza last weekend.

But he will have to wait until next year to take advantage of the opportunity as Marussia already completed their Young Drivers’ Test for this year at Silverstone in July.”

“It doesn’t quite seem real that I’m going to get my first F1 test,” said Ellinas, “it is something I have always dreamed of since I was a child.”

“The test should come after the season next year, so I will be well prepared for it. I have got a lot of work to do before then though, so I will keep my head down over the winter and work hard to prepare for the 2013 season. I really want to thank the Marussia F1 team for this amazing opportunity.”

2013 F1 season

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19 comments on “Tio Ellinas handed 2013 Marussia test chance”

  1. I suppose that’s assuming Marussia will still exist at that point.

    1. It’s without a doubt a possibility.

  2. Yabadabadou! Brilliant news! Congratulations Tio!

  3. Also if you don’t know, Ellinas (Tio’s surname) in greek means greek person. But anyway Greece and Cyprus are like siblings. :)

  4. I’ve seen him racing in British Formula Renault, and he was seriously good; up there with Alex Lynn

  5. I am so excited about it!!! He is a very talented driver and the future is bright for him.

  6. Good for him. I’m glad that he’s not jumping into it straight away (or rather the team won’t allow him). 8th in GP3 isn’t setting the world on fire, be interesting if he doesn’t improve on that next year :P

    1. It’s still a very good result, especially considering that the series was dominated by Lotus GP and MW Arden. Rio Haryanto had a similar result last year, and now he’s racing for the Marussia Carlin GP2 team. If Glock or Pic should leave Marussia F1, then I imagine Haryanto or Max Chilton would step up to Formula 1, and Ellinas would take the vacant seat in the GP2 team.

      1. You forgot Carlin! both Buller and Da Costa won races.

        1. @ukfanatic – I didn’t forget Carlin’s GP3 team. I just don’t think it’s likely that any of their drivers will go on to the Marussia-Carlin GP2 team.

          Da Costa is a part of the Red Bull Young Driver Programme. It’s unlikely he would race in GP2 at all; instead, he’ll probably continue with the Red Bull-backed Arden-Caterham next year. If he were to join GP2, then he’d probably be placed at Arden International given that Christian Horner owns Arden, but Red Bull seem to prefer running their drivers through Formula Renault.

          As for Buller, he finished well behind Ellinas in GP3 this year. Where Ellinas scored points in all but three or four races, Buller only scored points in three or four races. He might have a connection to Carlin, but I can’t see them taking him over Ellinas considering that Ellinas was a stronger performer in GP3 and has the backing of the Carlin GP2 team’s primary sponsor. Buller probably needs another season in GP3 before he can think about moving up a class.

          1. I think most drivers will keep in GP3 for next the season, but i’m not seeing Da Costa on Arden I’m seeing him on WS by renault.

          2. That’s what I said. Christian Horner and Tony Fernandes joined forces earlier this year to make Arden-Caterham in Formula Renault 3.5. Da Costa is already driving for them.

          3. Also, while I agree that most drivers will stay in GP3 – of they can afford to – I think Ellinas’ results justify a promotion. He’s been quick and he’s been consistent, and he’s been one of the best-performing drivers not to race for Lotus or Arden, and they’re the juggernauts of the category. If he was with either of them, he probably would have been in title contention.

  7. it must be a slow news day

    1. This is a young driver from a country which hasn’t previously had an F1 driver, who’s earned his chance through his performance in a junior single-seater category. Why in your view is that not newsworthy?

      1. keep up the good work Keith !
        Its these ‘little-behind the scene’ news that makes F1Fanatic better than other sites.

      2. We should just ignore this guy, surely we all know his game by now…

  8. Russians use Cyprus for money laundering, many rich Russians potential Marrusia customers live on the island, so the connections are there anyway…he is a very good driver though.

  9. Shame the guy was funded by the scam that was Grand Prix Shootout during his time in Formula Ford.

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