Sauber drivers positive over Singapore pace

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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The Sauber drivers expect a more competitive showing in Singapore than the team have managed before at the street track.

“In the past this kind of track didn’t really suit our car,” said Kamui Kobayashi. “But with this year’s Sauber C31 things have changed.”

“I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be competitive there.”

Sergio Perez, who finished second at Monza, said the track should be “okay” for their car.

But head of track engineering Giampaolo Dall’Ara was more conservative with his expectations: “Out of the seven upcoming races I expect this one to be the most difficult for our C31.

“But we will have our next aero update in Singapore, which should help to compensate for this and still put us in a position for a strong race.”

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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6 comments on “Sauber drivers positive over Singapore pace”

  1. Here’s hoping for a strong Sauber result – a podium for one of the ‘underdog’ teams is always great to see.

  2. I’d love to see another Sauber podium in Singapore. Now that Perez has three podiums, I really want Kobayashi to get one. He’s shown that he can match and beat his team mate, so I do believe he can do it.

    1. Me too, i’m not yet convinced about that pairing.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sauber win a race this year but I doubt it’s gonna be in Singapore. Perez would have to put in a superhuman effort to do so and slingshot past the McLarens who are gonna be mighty fast here, Ferrari who always performed well and Red Bull who are sort of on their turf, on the twisty, technical street circuit. And I say Perez because Kobayashi has a dreadful history on this particular track and I don’t think he’ll improve that much this year. I’d rate Perez for a classification somewhere in the middle of the point scoring pack and Koba someplace at the end of it. But that’s it.

  4. It seems that perez is really showing kamui up, who last year was an excitement to watch, but not so much now. I hope to see him get on the podium this year.

  5. So basically everyone at Sauber is contradicting each other and they have no idea how they will perform? :P

    Doesn’t strike me as being a favourable circuit for them by virtue of it being very twisty without much opportunity for them to employ their straight line speed…but you never know.

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