F1 fans’ videos from the 2012 Italian Grand Prix

2012 Italian Grand Prix

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Fans’ videos from the Italian Grand Prix show Alonso hitting trouble in practice, Perez making sure he gets a good start, and a close-up of Vettel’s stricken Red Bull.

Alonso hits trouble

Kimi Raikkonen goes through the run-off at the Rettifilio during practice but the next driver onto it doesn’t emerge. It’s Fernando Alonso, who pulls to a stop with a technical problem on his Ferrari.

But it could have been worse – the last time he pulled over there the crowd weren’t cheering him.

Under the banking

The cars exit the Serraglio kink and blast underneath the bridge and old banking – you can hear the engine noise dip as they pass out of sight.

The grid


The drivers take their positions on the grid, though Bruno Senna appears to be short of his marks and Sergio Perez seems to be some way in front of his.

The start


This fan had an excellent close-up view of the start.


Cheers as the field passes through the Rettifilio on lap three.

A wave from Button


Jenson Button’s might have all-but killed off his championship hopes but he still managed a wave for the fans.

Vettel’s Red Bull

Last year the crowd got to have a close look at Mark Webber’s Red Bull after the race – this time it was Sebastian Vettel’s.

Weekend highlights


A smart montage of footage from the weekend.

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2012 Italian Grand Prix

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    11 comments on “F1 fans’ videos from the 2012 Italian Grand Prix”

    1. Having seen the video of the start, it puzzles me why Sergio wasnt given a penalty…….he was clearly off his mark and it appeared a third of his car was out of the box……i dont know what the rules are about placing the car in the box (if it pertains only to the wheels or even the front wing should be in the box) but that looked like a blatant mistake…….i remember something similar happened with Massa in Spa 2010 and he wasnt penalised either…..

      1. 0:38 Mark Webber seems to do the same thing as Perez there :)

      2. @avinash It is a bit weird to be honest. It seems to be hardly controlled at all. I don’t expect that the drivers could sort it out for fear of stalling the engine but I am curious to know what the ruling is.

      3. I think the fact he got a poor start probably prevented any rival teams bringing this up with Charlie.

      4. @avinash @cristian @andrewtanner @john-h The FIA have responded to my enquiry about this. Drivers have to place their cars with the front wheel centre line level with the yellow line. Apparently Perez was close to the limit of acceptability but he was OK, which is why he didn’t get a penalty.

        I still find it hard to see how from the video, but perhaps there’s something else there we can’t see. Some drivers reported difficulty seeing the grid boxes and yellow lines as they weren’t as clearly marked as at other circuits.

        1. @keithkollantine @cristian @andrewtanner @john-h I think the FIA clarification is vague at best……the so called limit of acceptability is such a variable depending on multiple circumstances, like the person who is checking it, the incline of the start-finish straight or the aforementioned visibility of the yellow line……the best way to police it is by use of sensors either on-track or on the car…….maybe they can be used to guide the driver aswell just to make sure no one has an advantage.

        2. @keithcollantine Thanks for checking it out for us.

        3. Maybe they looked at the way Perez started as he’s got passed by Senna, who was way out of marks. Indeed, the penalty would have been fair, because inch by inch you almost star a place higher.

        4. But we have an example on that very same start that they do not enforce this policy, @keithcollantine

          If you look at Webber, he overshots this start box so much that the yellow line is halfway between the front wheels and the sidepods! See here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/81220033@N04/8039653431/sizes/h/in/photostream/

    2. I like the video of the RB8. If I was that fan I would have tried to get in a little deeper behind the diffuser, just to annoy Newey and co. ;)

      1. Tifosi being as hard core as they are, I can imagine that video ended up in office@scuderiaferrarif1.com inbox that same evening. :)

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