Hot and humid weekend expected in Singapore

2012 Singapore Grand Prix weather

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F1’s annual Singapore race may be held after nightfall but the conditions invariably remain hot and humid.

It’s easy to exaggerate the likelihood of thunderstorms affecting the race here – at present the official F1 website forecasts one every day throughout the race weekend. That does not necessarily mean they will happen, or that they will coincide with the race.

Thunderstorms are most likely to happen in the late morning or early afternoon – before the F1 cars take to the track. And the chance of thunderstorms will decrease as the race weekend goes on.

This fits in with what we’ve seen at previous Singapore Grands Prix, so the chances are good that teams will get dry practice and qualifying sessions and a dry race.

Expect temperatures to start above 30C, and fall slowly once the track action begins. Last year air temperatures remained above 30C throughout the race with the track temperatures no lower.

There will be regular updates on the track conditions during each session on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Weather radar

Location of Marina Bay, Singapore

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2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Hot and humid weekend expected in Singapore”

  1. It’s quite a miracle we haven seen any rain so far at all 4 editions of the race so far
    (save for one practice session with a light drizzle in one of the years – could be 09 but can’t remember exactly).

  2. Rain at Singapore would be quite something… spectacular.

  3. Imagine rain at this place…those walls would be like magnets.

    1. its the spray under the lights that would be a nightmare. i fear they would call it off.

      1. On my way to the circuit now and it’s raining like mad now.
        Bad luck.

        1. well its kinda stopped already so the Met was right – passing thundery showers in late afternoon

  4. Not trying to be cheeky here, but forecasting a hot and humid race weekend in Singapore isn’t much of a stretch from the weather guessers!

  5. Wet Race!!!! Please F1 Gods!!
    Grant us with a wet race!!!

  6. my knowledge of weather in this area is that normally the worse comes in the late afternoons. Also in contrast to the Malaysian GP earlier this year, it’s reaching the ‘dry season’ in Southeast Asia.

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