Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2012

Rosberg hopes Schumacher stays at Mercedes

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Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, Shanghai, 2012In the round-up: Nico Rosberg says he hopes Michael Schumacher will stay at Mercedes.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

“Car whisperer” Rosberg set for Singapore test (Reuters)

“With Michael it works well, so I’ll be glad if he stays on next year. We also push the team together very well.”

McLaren say 2013 car design is based on Lewis Hamilton staying (BBC)

McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe: “It is our assumption that they are the drivers who we will be fielding next year. We have two fantastic drivers in Lewis and Jenson and we are very keen to keep them.”

Lowe: Qualifying pace a boon for McLaren (F1)

Lowe: “We are in the great position that we can qualify well at the moment. That is proving to be a strong benefit relative to our race pace, which is relatively weaker. Last year the opposite was the case where we had very strong race pace, which made it very tough.”

F1’s greatest driver of all time Schumacher heads to ROC in Bangkok (Race of Champions)

“Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher has signed up for the 2012 Race Of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand.”

Lewis Hamilton says consistency is crucial to his Formula One title charge

“Unfortunately, I have come out [retired] a couple of times ?ǣ or been taken out ?ǣ and we have had a lot of pit stop problems but no reliability problems.”

Time lapse: Preparation of race cars for overseas transport (Sauber F1 Team via YouTube)


Comment of the day

More thoughts on Schumacher’s future from @PhilEReid:

In all the races that Schumacher has finished, he?s always finished in the points. If only the reliability of the car had been better for him. It actually puts him as one of two drivers to, when finish, finish in the points (along with Alonso), which is quite remarkable if I do say so.

It?s also ??nice? to see him out doing Rosberg, as that?s always been a struggle. Where would he be had he been able to finish (granted it was his own fault for not finishing at Catalunya. For one they?d (Mercedes) would be further away from Sauber. Granted they probably wouldn?t be challenging the top four, but they?d pretty much be confirmed 5th at least.

It?s just quite an interesting thing to see, as I?d never really seen it before. It?d be nice if this continued for Michael going into next year, or for him to get a win this year. That would be quite a special moment in F1.

From the forum

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to AmericanTifosi, AUS_Steve, Calum, Deadman, GeeMac and Saints!

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On this day in F1

Alain Prost beat Jackie Stewart’s record of Grand Prix wins 25 years ago today.

Stewart’s tally of 27 victories had stood for 14 years until Prost scored his 28th career win in the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Prost took the win after Gerhard Berger spun with three laps to go.

Nelson Piquet collected third place while team mate Nigel Mansell retired with electrical problem. As Ayrton Senna also failed to score, Piquet extended his lead in the drivers’ championship.

Here are the final laps of the race and Berger’s dramatic spin:

Image ?? Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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  • 25 comments on “Rosberg hopes Schumacher stays at Mercedes”

    1. I love that I share my birthday with so many other F1 fans – have a good one AmericanTifosi, AUS_Steve, Deadman, GeeMac and Saints! :D

      1. Here’s to an awesome day @calum :)

      2. Happy birthday @Calum , @GeeMac and everyone else! Cheers!

      3. Yeah, looks like its a good day for motorsport fans! Have a lovely birthday @calum, and very much the same to @AUS_Steve (would be nice to get next season comfirmed as a present!) and I hope @GeeMac will have a nice day with great friends too. And a happy birthday as well to @AmericanTifosi, @Deadman and @Saints

    2. In the Sauber video, why do they take the car apart only to put it back together?

      On a completely separate note, I love these daily roundups Keith. I’ve always read them before going to bed and its a good way of catching all the days news. Cheers!

      1. Whereas im reading this after waking up….. we’re a bit upside down in Australia:-)

        1. No, I just looked out the window – we’re the right way up, it’s the rest of the world that’s doing it wrong!

      2. I think its something to do with the maintenance and replacement of various parts after the race they’ve just come back from and then rebuilding it for transport with the new/fixed parts.

      3. @cornflakes They must check all components before putting them back in, they perform several tests to several parts of the car to ensure they are in good state to put them back in the car for the next GP, to do that they resort to various machines that analyse the state of the different component’s for instances for carbon composites they have an scanner that detects possible inconsistencies in the material, for the suspension arms they also test their resistance, as for other parts like the engine they are usually sent to their manufacturer.

        1. @ukfanatic – thanks! Great insight.

    3. I really enjoy those little Sauber videos. This one and the cutaway F1 car are great.

      1. Me too, its great to see they have been putting some really nice material out in the open lately.

      2. @suave Ditto. I don’t think any other team connects with the fans so well. It’s impossible to dislike Sauber.

      3. I also agree. The first grand prix that I got to watch was the 2008 British grand prix. Plenty of teams had stands there with the previous year’s car for us to peruse as well as other team memorabilia. I enjoyed looking around all of them, it allowed me to get a flavour of each team’s personality and heritage, and so I found myself being interested even in teams that I don’t follow. I also got a rare chance to appreciate the differences between the cars up close (even if by f1’s standards they were “out of date”). When I attended the British grand prix in 2011 and July this year, I was disappointed to find that the teams no longer have stands with such displays, instead just stands to sell memorabilia. I assumed that this was due to the current economic climate. It’s nice to see what Sauber are doing, a simple yet effective way to engage with the fans and give us more insight into the “mystery” of what happens behind the scenes at the factory between race weekends

    4. That vehicle in the alleged HRT twitter clip looks more like an original Lamborghini. Are they making an F1 comeback?

    5. Couple of stories suggesting Lewis being pushed… Have to say it’s got a bit personal between Ron and Hamilton. Whether it’s Rosberg, Schumacher or Massa that are affected who knows? wp.me/p2HWOP-22 wp.me/p2HWOP-3A

        1. I have always had a feeling that Lewis could go to ferrari, especially after the love in on the italian podium. Maybe the McLaren situation wouldnt happen under ferrari management. I know it is unlikely but i would love to see lewis and alonso reunited :-)

      1. Thanks for the links, they make interesting reading although I don’t know how credible that blog is as I’ve never read it before.
        One thing that I think the writer hits the nail on the head regarding the Lewis-McLaren negotiations is

        So McLaren may have had enough of Lewis, XIX need to justify their existence by getting him more money, McLaren refuse to pay more – gridlock.

        That seems to me to be the real driving factor here. Simply money. Regarding the other article I think it’s far fetched to believe Alonso, Ferrari’s king, would allow Hamilton into his domain.

        1. I don’t know how credible that blog is as I’ve never read it before.

          Well, the authors insight appears to be based on “hearing whispers”…

        2. I’m starting to think that both Schumacher and Hamilton will stay where there are.

          1. Things are starting to settle now, I agree on that, but generally where there’s smoke there’s a fire. And we’ve had PLENTY of smoke for the past couple of weeks. I reckon we’ll find out by the end of this weekend though…

    6. wow, great video sauber, more please! and, an eddie cheever sighting

    7. Some “news” from Finland: the JJ Lehto trial will be on again in October in a court of appeal (Hovioikeus, the second highest judicial body). JJ has some new expert saying that it wasn’t him who drove the boat, while the prosecutor denies these claims and is pushing for a five year sentence.

      Full story in Finnish: http://www.nelonen.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/uutinen/j%C3%A4rvilehdolta-uusi-asiantuntijalausunto-hovioikeuteen

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