2012 Singapore Grand Prix in pictures

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Pictures from the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix, won by Sebastian Vettel.

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Lotus F1 Team/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren/Hoch Zwei, Mercedes, Daimler/Hoch Zwei, Getty Images/Red Bull, Sahara Force India F1 Team, Sauber F1 Team, Caterham/LAT, Marussia, HRT, Pirelli, Singapore GP/Sutton

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5 comments on “2012 Singapore Grand Prix in pictures”

  1. Is it just me, or is the Red Bull running a lower nose?
    It looks different from the Monza and before version…

  2. It was good seeing Ole on the podium. As Horner explained his father passed away earlier this year so this seems like a great way to make him feel a bit better.

    1. The danish commentators were going absolutely crazy finally having a Dane on the podium!

  3. Why the photo too little??? did not like previous race

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