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2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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134 comments on “Rate the race: 2012 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. That’s 3/10 for me. Nothing special.

    1. 3 I agree, Hammy dropping out ruined the championship chase fun that we had coming.

      1. I dont see how? Vettel replaced HAM so the chase is pretty much still exactly the same, give or take 1 or 2 points.

        1. U guys clearly didnt suffer the early 2000’s of F1 then! If u compare this to other races this year, ya it wasn’t great, but in general it was a good race. Some very good wheel to wheel action, like massa and senna.

  2. Incredibly boring! 4/10 for the few good battles.

    1. 4 for me. Not a whole lot happened before the Safety Cars (which themselves were too long). Were it not for the interesting battles near the end I’d have rated it lower.

    2. I thought it was one of the best races of the year! So much drama, like last week, and constant battling. Was on the edge of my seat for the entire race!

      1. Not sure what race you were watching, but it wasn’t what I saw!

      2. I agree about the drama but dislike the night/street format, it’s like watching a race in a tunnel, you need the chicanes and start finish grid to know what part of the track you are looking at. I gave it 5 for lots of action but think I was probably to generous.

      3. @damonsmedley . I have to agree with you. I thought this race was one of the most exciting races of the year. There was non stop battling, accidents, safety car periods, strategic gambles and drama for Mclaren fans.

        I thought the race would be better if Lewis was still in it, and Vettel and him had to battle it out for P1 with all the safety car periods and pit stop strategy. I still had to rate the race 8.

        I think a lot of Mclaren &n Hamilton fans are disappointed hence the low rating

        1. @todfod Yeah, I just wasn’t brave enough to say that! :-P It’s disappointing for Lewis’ championship hopes, but there’s no masking what a race that was. I’d argue it was better than the 2010 race.

  3. 5 for me. I liked the carnage in the middle of the race, with the two SC periods and all that followed. But the rest of the GP was pretty dull, and 2 hours… is quite a long looong time.

    Hangover doesn’t help either. Back to bed now !

    1. +1 on all accounts.

    2. Ha, while voting I was thinking “but this may just be because I had a hangover”. I was struggling to keep my eyes open in the first half, but it did liven up eventually, so I went for a 6.

  4. quite boring.

  5. First half of the race was incredibly boring, safety car was just back in when it had to come back out again, no fight for the lead and some disappointing DNF’s. Massa was great though, that overtake on Senna was insane!

    1. I could’nt watch the race but just had a look at this precise overtake : wow!! A clear contender for overtake of the year / even decade!

  6. 7: I enjoyed it – some good overtakes, and some great driving control (Massa), there was lots of action, crashes and close shaves.

    1. Agree, would’ve been a 6 for me, but Massa’s absolutely mad overtake and a few others is what lifted it slightly to a 7.
      Other than that, I felt it was a rather slow paced race.

  7. Pretty much an avarage race yeah. A bit of action in the last quarter with Massa doing some of it. And not too bad between the pack WEB, PER, KOB, HUL and PER.
    But a big shame about Hamilton and Maldonado dropping out for a more exiting race.

  8. Six for me. Some drama but otherwise fairly dull.

  9. Lewis’ retirement took the sting out of the race that perfectly demonstrates why Singapore is one of the worst tracks on the calendar.

    1. How did the track blow his engine?

      1. It’s not what he said. Not sure how you drew that conclusion?

        Saying that, the race would have been pretty dull even if Lewis had finished. What is really a shame is the championship is now effectively a three horse race.

      2. @thecollaroyboys Singapore is the most gearbox-intensive circuit on the calendar, so it could be argued that Lewis wouldn’t have retired if the circuit wasn’t as it is (which would be quite a stupid argument, to tell the truth).

  10. 7. Race eventually became more vibrant in the latter stages but other than that, nothing spectacular really (albeit Massa’s move on Bruno).

    1. +1 Massa’s move on Bruno

    2. And Schumi’s move on Vergne!

  11. A 7 from me. I know it seems a but much, but from a street circuit I wasn’t expecting wheel-to-wheel stuff for 2 hours. Good racing in the second half though

  12. The race was a disgrace to Formula 1. Mechanical failures formed the outcome and it was just pathetic to see exhausted drivers just trying to complete an unecessary duration of a extremely boring race. Please make the race shorter, no driver can race there…

    1. I think shortening races in general would be a huge benefit for Formula1. Or even 2 races per round, like WTCC or World Superbike.

      1. Or GP2 with reverse grids as well. That’d be fun :)

      2. I don’t like that idea at all. The other formulas cater to that need if that’s what you want.

      3. please no! Its what makes this race a challenge.

    2. So the first 40 years of F1 were also a disgrace to F1 huh? Mechanical failures have always determined the outcome and the exhaustion is a throwback to times when drivers had to be dragged out of their cars after 4 hours of racing, with their faces completely black from the engine soot.

    3. It seems to me that due to the nature of your grievances you have only been following F1 from maybe 2010.

      1. Totally agree with you two @necrodethmortem @icarus very well said

    4. Disgruntled Ham supporter? Sure looks like it lol..

    5. As much as I agree with you on race duration, I simply cannot do the like about your comment on mechanical failures. Constructors work hard to make bulletproof cars and reliability failures are part and parcel of life. It is McLaren’s fault that they had two reliability failures in two races. Many championships have been won and lost in the past because of reliability or the lack of it respectively.

  13. I found the first 10 laps after the 2nd SC very interesting, first bit wasn’t very, then HAM going out apparently meant we’d have no real fight for the win with BUT waiting until he had too little pace on the softs, well done McLaren …. Some good action from Massa, great race from di Resta, and Alonso got his podium once again to keep him well ahead in the WDC. Not too bad two hours, but not great compared to some of the other races this year.

  14. 4 from me. Was quite a procession for the first 30 odd laps. Even after that it was plain old boring. I’d take 2 hours of Spa or Monza, but never Singapore (or Monaco for that matter).

  15. Which race? The one before or after the safety car?
    The first 30 laps are worthy of a 4 and the last 30 of a 6, maybe. So, I’m gonna say 5 in average. Still, too much of a simulated Monacoesque experience for my taste. It would have ranked even lower if it wasn’t for the scrambles in midfield and the safety car periods turning the strategies upside down.

    Still, one could say this was a bit less boring than watching tyres wear.

    1. @tony031r Have to agree right there.

    2. PIRELLOTTERY at work.

  16. 4 from me; the lowest I’ve rated any race so far this season. The crashes provided some talking points, but the ensuing safety car periods were far too long (a symptom of the new rules). We could have had a great battle between Vettel and Hamilton, but another mechanical failure deprived us of that. It also means that Alonso’s lead in the championship is a lot healthier than it should have been, which isn’t great – I want to see it as close as possible.

    1. @estesark

      the ensuing safety car periods were far too long (a symptom of the new rules)

      Agreed. Having unlapped drivers go around is a waste of time on tracks as long as we have in F1. It works on ovals in IndyCar, it doesn’t work here.

      1. Sad the number of racing laps were effectively controlled by how slow/fast the backmarkers chose to ‘catch up’, given that one or more may have no incentive to get it restarted…. Am sure it’s a fine place if you’re part of the in crowd, but glad to hear Kimi interviewed and simply saying ‘it’s a boring race’… hurray we’ve still got a driver who’s not into the ‘politically correct-speak’.

  17. About a 7. Why is everyone saying boring? Where they watching the same race I was? The race was full of drama, battles and tension. I enjoyed the race despite being disappointed in the result. It would’ve been more interested had Hamilton’s car let him compete with Vettel.

    1. I agree, really enjoyed it. Kimi was just saying it’s boring because you can’t overtake. Well, other people managed to, Kimi (and by no means all under DRS).

      Hamilton retirement stripping us of an interesting battle and too long under safety car the only negatives for me.

      1. I enjoyed the race also but fail to understand why every one is moaning about Lewis not finishing. Vettel would probably have caught him any way. I thought the safety cars spoilt Jensons chances as he was on newer tyres than Vettel until the 2nd safety car. That may have developed into a better battle at the end.Alonso for the title

        1. Vettel would probably have caught him any way.

          Exactly! And that would’ve been great, as old Murray Walker used to say “Catching is one thing, passing is another”. Would’ve been great to see those two having a bit of a battle. We were slightly robbed of that I think.

      2. No, Kimi also did overtake but he said he was stuck behind Mercedes most of the race which had too much straight line speed for the Lotus to overtake.

  18. 5 – The race died as a spectacle when Hamilton retired, he and Vettel were a long way ahead of everyone else on pace and we were deprived of a good battle between them at the front. After that Vettel had it completely under control with an excellent drive and Button never looked remotely like challenging. Great drive from Di Resta as well.

    Feel bad for Maldonado, he kept his head down at the start and was actually driving really well but then his car breaks which was a shame. Also, Alonso has driven really well this year (exceptionally in fact) but he has had such a lot of luck, Hamilton and Mclaren are clearly the fastest package but that’s two non-scores for Lewis in the last 4 races, everytime he takes a step forward he gets put two back. Vettel is now second but I don’t think Red Bull have the fastest car, which is what they need to overhaul Alonso.

  19. 6/10 I felt that all position changes were done during the first safety car period. The top 6 on the grid finished the way they started with Hamilton and Maldonado missing. I enjoyed some battles, especially Massa somehow getting past Senna (I was jumping up and down of excitement at that moment!). Kobayashi, Hulkenberg, Perez was a bit scruffy, just like Schumacher outbraking himself. All in all: it lacked excitement.

  20. 5 for me. A couple of exciting moments, but nothing special besides that. Was so incredibly average I don’t really have much else to say.

  21. You gave that a 10? 10 should be reserved for one off special races like Canada or China last year.

    1. @debaser91 thats debatable. But IMO this race deserved a 9 or 10

      1. OMG freak alert!

      2. And I’m guessing you rate Valencia/Malaysia this year 20 out of 10?

      3. I hope you’re saying that independent of PDR’s result.

  22. I disagree: I guess real F1 fans want to see a genuine battle for the lead, and the excitement dropped as soon as Hamilton retired with gearbox issues. From that point, Vettel won easily, Button was comfortably second, Alonso comfortably third and Di Resta comfortably fourth.

    There was a reasonable amount of overtakes, but not many overtakes that weren’t decided in the actual corner itself.

    1. I think it’s the other way round. It’s the casual fans that only think a race is worth watching if there’s a battle at the front.

    2. @andae23 have been following F1 for 9yrs now…I love overtakes too, but crashes are thrilling (if nobody is hurt). They bring out the SC and it changes the order making the race unpredictable……Most of my frnds who follow F1 are even more obsessed with crashes

      1. 9 years of watching – so if you started watching at the same age as me – that makes you 12 years old now. I will grant you to enjoy crashes for another two years but by then you have to grow up !!

  23. By what possible measure was that as exciting as Valencia or Sepang?

  24. 7/10. I found the race interesting and I never got bored. Hamilton and Maldonado’s retirements were very disappointing. For a track like Marina Bay, this was a good race.

  25. It seems to take the safety car to liven up the singapore grand prix every year

  26. Would go for a high 6. Pros: Glock/Massa/DiResta drives. Cons: Duration/Lead challenge/Lapped Cars

  27. Horrible circuit=horrible race..curves, curves and more curves..who designed this pos.

  28. Okay… who’s been smoking crack and rated this a 10. I was being generous when I gave it a 5. Top 4 all in the same order as they left the grid except two places higher as the front row failed to finish. Poor race from Alonso and yet still making it work.

    Very unlucky for Hamilton, surely would’ve made the title fight a bit more interesting had he been able to finish. Liking his mood when he was interviewed after, fairly positive given he retired from what was pretty much a sure win. Hopefully he can have a strong end to the season and have some luck on his side for once this season.

    Big up for Di Resta as well, fantastic result and a very solid weekend throughout. Kinda glad as my faith in him had been waning of recent. And a great come back drive for Massa from his first lap puncture.

  29. 7.
    It was not that bad, there were some good overtakes and drama. The SC stayed out far too long, and I was surprised about the second SC. The track is long, the group was compact.

    I think that the second SC ruined a little bit the race, because the two stoppers were going to struggle at the end and a three stop could have been a good strategy. Pity.

  30. Gave it a 6. I enjoyed the part when Schumacher forgot where he was.
    Massa was brilliant.

  31. First part of the race and until the safety car came in, it was nearly a procession with strategies more or less the same and an extreme difficulty to pass another car. After the SC things got a little bit together, and we could watch some really nice wheel to wheel battles.
    So it´s a 4 for 1st part of the race and a 6 for the 2nd part which means an average 5.

  32. 10 for me…..I love these kinds of races….lots of crashes and SC periods.

  33. Gave it a 5 loosing LH was massively disappointing and the track is just another Monaco at night very boring.

  34. I gave it 8. First half of the race was extremely drowsy, but every single lap after the first SC episode were pure gold!

  35. A 7 from me. The on track action wasn’t particularly exciting but the presence of a couple of Safety Cars at least offered a potential opportunity for some shuffling of the grid near the front. Other than that it was entertaining and just as it was entering a bit of a lull Hamilton’s gearbox went and failed which livened things up.

  36. 6/10
    I gave it the sufficiency onl because 20 laps from the end there were a good 10 laps, closely fought and full of excitement. The rest was boring to say the least.

  37. Terrible for a hamilton fan

  38. A rating of 3/10 from me today. Not because the racing was particularly boring (much of it was) or even because of the retirements (Self-confessed Hamilton fan).

    3/10 because clearly BEFORE the safety car period, it was going to be impossible to complete the proscribed 61 laps in 2 hours in normal conditions- the half-way point occurred at around 1 hour and 2 mins. Why set an unachievable target? Make it 55 laps, that would still have made it a marathon for the drivers in those conditions.

    1. Are u mad? The race was only shortened by 2 laps and the saftey car was out for a good 10 minutes. With a lap here taking 1 minute 50ish the last 2 laps would have easily fit in.

    2. @mattb

      the half-way point occurred at around 1 hour and 2 mins. Why set an unachievable target?

      The race would easily have been completed had it been green-flag all the way. The cars lap much quicker in the second half of the race because the fuel loads have come down.

  39. replying to my own comment….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  40. 4/10.
    +1 – It’s Singapore and looks pretty under the lights.
    +1 – WDC shaken up.
    +2 – DiResta in 4th, Glock’s drive to 12th, Alonso in 3rd when it was a deserved 5th, Massa in points.
    +1 – 1x Spectacular crash
    -1 – Vettel’s celebration on the radio. ‘We showed them!’? Really? I think McLaren more or less showed themselves.

  41. The thought of another 5 years at this snorefest of a track is really something to NOT get excited about. Pretty lights don’t make a good race. 4/10 for me.

  42. 5. Completely average. Not awful, but nothing special.

  43. 8. The first half was poor, and the two safety cars almost made me fall asleep, but the post-SC laps were exceptional. First place isn’t everything.

  44. I myself found today’s race spectacular, gave it 9/10 because of the second half. Some bold overtaking maneuvers (including overtake of the year by Massa), cool crashes and near misses, great fights (Saubers for instance) and drama (Hamilton retiring). And the best podium interview so far.

    Some people are just so butthurt over Hamilton’s retirement that I just cannot believe it. It didn’t make the race a bit less entertaining goddammit!

    1. Stephen Northcott
      23rd September 2012, 17:29

      Massa’s overtake was only because he lost control of his car and got lucky. Hence the investigation.

      1. Massa lost control because of the attempt, not the other way, he braked way “too” deep into the corner. The investigation was because they touched a bit, probably to find out whether Senna left enough space in between him and the wall, as he did.

  45. 8 for me. I enjoyed the race, the attrition, the scenery, and the result.

  46. Michael Brown (@)
    23rd September 2012, 17:02

    6/10. Start was boring, a little bit of a surprise that Maldonado lost out so badly at the start. Then nothing happened, then a lot of things happened, then THE BEST OVERTAKE OF THE YEAR, then nothing.

  47. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    23rd September 2012, 17:07

    When Alonso won Valencia and most of people saod the race was outstanding, I stated how dissapointed it was for me to see the leader (Vettel) fall down not in a race move, but due to car problems. I’m fan of Vettel, and despite the fact I like his result today, I didn’t like the moment when Hamilton lost his place for a technical problem again… We see races where the only way to change thee lead is when the leader’s car breaks down. Race 4/10 for me.

  48. I gave it an 8, Lots of good, close fights, A fair bit of overtaking & a lot of tension/drama.

    Loved every second of it :)

    Those rating it low because Lewis retired & because of mechanical failures etc… Can’t be true, long time F1 fans & god knows what they would have rated races through the 70s/80s which were largely similar to this one.

  49. If you’re a Hammer fan, it was a tough day. But that is how it goes sometimes. There was plenty of other things going on, but they were more subtle. I enjoyed it!

  50. I actually thought it was quite a nice race. The lap is a bit too long, almost as much as Spa. I guess a lot of people would not agree with me in saying that mechanical failures liven up the action and bring in an element of unpredictibility in a sport and on a track which can tend to become horribly monotonous and predictable. A race where Lewis had started on pole and everyone finishing on pretty much the same place where they started would be called processional and calls would be made for the track to be culled from the calender. Not saying that Marina Bay is particularly brilliant as a circuit just that sometimes unforseen events happening with the best of the lot can improve the quality of a race drastically. Case in point : Valencia.

    Massa had some good passes (I can safely say that as no action was taken), Di Resta raced brilliantly. Brilliant race as well for Marussia finishing ahead of a Sauber and Force India no less. To be fair I thought Vettel should have got pole with his pace the whole weekend and maybe he deserved the win as well.

    On the whole as good a race as could be provided from a street circuit I guess. Some good passes, some failures and some incedents and accidents and retirements. 2 hours not too badly spent.

  51. I await the day that we have a race as exciting as the race this year in Valencia to happen at this track. That really would be a spectacle. The only problem is I really don’t see it happening. I thought after Valencia that maybe this year was the year it would happen, but clearly not. Oh well, I still hope for improvements but until then, I’m not liking the sounds of another 5 years here in all honestly. Yes, it’s a spectacle for a track, but it’s boring for racing.

  52. is it me, or am i the only one noticing jenson not attacking the leader now in i think 3 races…. blah….. boring as usually when its jenson chasing the leader

    1. +1 I thought I was the only one who noticed that!! Jensen could have really challenged for the lead if he had tried. He said on the radio that he dint like the Soft tyres and he loved the Super Softs as they gave him more confidence. I cant remember what tyres he was running on the last stint? Maybe thats the reason he dint push towards the end.

      1. I’m pretty sure that if a driver is less than five seconds behind leader and has a real chance in beating him he’ll go for it and push as much as he can. It’s not like that a one-time world champion would hold himself up deliberately.

    2. Well, you are most certainly not the only one! I’ve said the same thing for years. Maybe the guy is “smooth” but there’s no aggression. Even in the (shoulda been) illegal Brawn he only won from pole. Boring to watch and never producing anything extraordinary.

  53. 2. I don’t know why I didn’t vote 1 though. Must’ve seen a few more boring races in some 15 odd years suppose.

  54. 5 from me. First 30 or so laps before the first safety car period were quite boring. Hamilton’s GB failure spoilt it further for me. Massa’s overtake on Senna was awesome!!! Exemplary car control. Some good overtakes towards the end of the race salvaged the race or it would be 4 at best. The latter half of the race was more lively than the first half. Alonso was massively good and knew what he had to exactly to get into the points. Every contender took points off each other and Hamilton’s crash has almost ruined his chances in the championship race. I think it would be surprising if Alonso doesnt win the WDC this year.

  55. The stuff some people say, about copying GP2, remind yourselves that F1 is the pinnacle of Motorsport, GP2 are meant to look up to F1, F1 is not a show, its where the finest racing cars in the world race all around the world, theyre not there to put on a show for you, think before posting some bs
    Thank you

    1. Sorry but you are wrong there- F1 is a show, always has and always will be. They introduced DRS and Pirelli tyres to improve the show, remember? They have spectacular venues such as Singapore to improve the show. It’s all about the show, and drawing in as much spectator interest as possible. That’s how F1 makes its money. It is an international sport, and one of the biggest in the world.
      Please think before posting some bs. Thank you.

  56. For some reason, I really enjoyed this race. Maybe I was expecting it to be processional, but it definitely wasn’t. To quote Murray Walker, there was always something going on, you just need to know where to look.

  57. heres how i rate the race
    every race gets a +5 to start off with
    +1 varying strategies
    +1 safety car changed the race inside out
    +1 not alot of overtakes, but the ones that happened were immense eg massa/senna

    -1 race was too long

    i rated the race a 7

  58. 5/10
    Would have been a far more interesting race if Hamilton and Maldonado hadn’t retired. I would have like to have seen what Maldonado is capable of when he’s driving well, which he seemed to be doing today, and watching Hamilton and Vettel at the front would have been preferable to the lacklustre driving of Button in the last quarter of the race.

    Alonso was gifted his podium position, Vettel was gifted first place, and please…….was there really any need for the endless finger and air punching, the screaming on the team radio, and the tears on the podium Sebastian??? It wasn’t exactly a fantastic win, say what you like about Lewis, he’s more subdued when it’s a podium he feels he didn’t deserve.

    Congratulations Di Resta and Force India, highlight of the day ….the only one!

  59. 6 for me… it was quite boring… It was exciting until Hamilton dropped out… Alonso had a very dull performance today even though he scored a podium.
    There is still a championship battle on but it lost a lot of the “interesting” factor having Hamilton replaced with Vettel.

    It makes me wonder if we´re up for another “Schumi” era type deal….

  60. +1 Great looking race for 2 hours
    +1 overtakes on track (Massa was great)
    +1 F1 rightfully appreciating Sid Watkins RIP

    -2 Vettel won (self confessed Red Bull hater)
    -1 Hamilton’s retirement (Brit/underdog fan)
    -1 Schumi again showing signs that he’s past it

    – at points during the first third it was quite processional but I wasn’t bored at all.


  61. ZERO

    What a lousy racetrack in such a fantastic location…

  62. 2/10 – One of those GPs that feel you left utterly cold, like UEA ’11, Korea ’10, Germany ’10 and Bahrain ’10. To see someone pull together a perfect weekend and loose if just gut-wrenching, especially because it’s effectively ended the driver’s championship.

  63. 7 – The tension in the first part of the race as everyone started pitting was great! second half felt a bit flat however.

  64. 7/10. First half wasn’t that great, but the second half was exciting. With Hamilton retiring, most drivers being cautious with overtaking and others being a little too aggressive, it never really got off as an amazing race, but was fun to follow. Odd how the TV overlays became confused at the end, too.

  65. 7 for me.

    First half of the race was incredibly boring. Second part was quite good actually!

  66. I enjoyed the race BUT I very much dislike alleged racetracks? where it is extremely difficult for the drivers to race!!! The very narrow tracks offer very little racing just a parade with an occassional daring act in an attempt to pass. Places like singapoor are just serious accidents waiting to happen. Thanks, R & R

  67. Stuck behind a slower Mercedes for three races in a row. Combined with team’s inability to get the car on the grid compare to it’s race pace. Very frustrating for a Lotus/Kimi fan.

    1. Indeed! Amazing he is still 3rd though, with several race winners behind him.

  68. dreadfully boring – i gave it a 3, for the number of times i fell asleep

  69. 3. Singapore may be a great event for people on the ground in Singapore, but apart from the high up helicopter shots of the track and skyline, it makes for average viewing and racing. Maybe it being broadcast on Channel 10 in standard definition in Australia doesn’t help, but with the lights its like watching 1990s quality footage of another rubbish street circuit

  70. I was at the race. HAM’s retirement robbed us of a potential cliff hanger between VET and HAM.

    First half was admittably BORING – but the race came alive after the safety cars period. Gutsy stuff from MAS, HUL and WEB.


  71. Well, it should be the first race in a really long time that Massa gets votes for best pass of the race.
    Otherwise, having retirements be the big news coming out of a race is never a good sign. A three.

  72. I liked the race, but by the end I couldn’t help feeling that the FIA have got their priorities screwed. The Singapore Grand Prix is perhaps the most expensive race on the calendar. The money spent for lights, parties, and everything else is done every year and yet RRA is so important, we are switching to cost-effective and environment-friendly V6s in 2014.
    The Singapore Grand Prix, in essence, shows everything that is wrong with F1. The circuit itself has its eccentricities and the biggest anomaly being that it has more laps than circuits which have faster lap times. But apart from that, we see that unnecessary money is being spent on many things. Four years after I impulsively agreed with Montezemolo when he said the race was a ‘circus'(I was shocked with such a poor race for Ferrari, who I was wholeheartedly supporting then), I am back to thinking along those grounds due to a far deeper reason than race results. The big question is: Do we really need the Singapore Grand Prix? Is it more indispensable than the classic F1 races??

    1. 100% right… we dont need it. no overtakings, narrow track, maximum speed 290km/hr… boring race. if there was no retirements yesterday honestly the race would have been very boring… the retirements only shook up the order.

  73. Why cant people be objective when rating the race? Every time Hamilton drops out, a lot of people say that race was no good

    1. @dujedcv Exactly. They don’t seem to understand the pole. Race and result are two different things!

  74. normal race, maybe rated at 5/10
    the retirements made it exciting only…!

  75. Boring. But i’m certain if it was a Button win people would be giving a 10.

  76. I thought it was excellent; the racing was very close and tense, like Monaco this year, and the spectacle of the cars under the lights is fantastic!!!

  77. There were a few decent moments around the safety car periods and towards the end but overall I found a bit dull so I only gave it a 6.

  78. I thought the race was one of the better ones. I was disappointed to see Ham retire as a 1st place finish for him and 2nd for Vet would have made the championship much tighter. Also Mal did a good job overall and that would have pushed Alo down to 5th and even fewer points from the GP. Shu ramming Ver after the SC restart was bewildering to say the least and although I am a fan of the great man, it’s time to give that seat up for a younger…..more alert man. Well done to Vet for bringing home the bacon, he might yet pull off three in a row. I hope not because there are already two red bulls in my 1:18 diecast collection, and 6 ferrari’s (since 2000). Another McLaren would have looked good. Still it ain’t over until the proverbial lady sings. Bring on Suzuka………………a second Button win perhaps?

  79. what kinda is tht snail tailing from the start to the end……no overtake but many accidents…..F1 should stop singapore gp from next year….ppl wanna see race and race must hv overtaking…..scrap this circuit….bernie

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