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Here are the top ten pictures which tell the story of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Pastor Maldonado, Friday practice

Pastor Maldonado was 13th-fastest at the end of Friday practice. There was little indication that the following day he would plant his Williams on the front row of the grid, in among the championship contenders.

Maldonado has had an erratic season but raced well at the front in Singapore, holding off Fernando Alonso for several laps. Unfortunately a hydraulic problem ended his race early and kept him from adding to his points total, something his hasn’t managed to do since winning in Spain.

Timo Glock, Friday practice

Timo Glock in action on his favourite circuit. The Marussia driver served notice of his intentions by out-pacing the Caterhams on Friday.

In the race he capitalised on retirements and delays for several drivers ahead of him to claim 12th place. It may not be worth any points, but it was enough to move Marussia back in front of Caterham in the constructors’ championship. If they can hold on to tenth place until the end of the season it could prove highly valuable.

Lewis Hamilton, Saturday

Lewis Hamilton seemed content to let Sebastian Vettel top the times in practice. But that all changed once the contest got serious.

In Q2 Vettel produced a superb lap of 1’46.791, eight-tenths of a second faster than anyone else – until Hamilton pipped it by a tenth. Vettel couldn’t match his best effort in Q3 but Hamilton went quicker still, and duly sealed his fifth pole position of the year.

But it was all in vain for the McLaren driver, who retired while leading with a gearbox problem.

Paul di Resta, Saturday

Force India looked competitive from the word go in Singapore. But while Nico Hulkenberg failed to made the cut for Q3, Paul di Resta did and matched his best ever qualifying position by taking sixth.

It got better on race day, Di Resta bringing the car home a career-best fourth with Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari in his sights.

Bruno Senna, Saturday

The paddock united in a show of sympathy for the loss of pioneering F1 medic Professor Sid Watkins, who died following the last race.

Among those who paid their tributes by signing the book of condolence was Bruno Senna, whose uncle Ayrton remains the last driver to have died at a race weekend and was a close friend of Watkins’.

Ahead of the race a minute’s silence was held on the grid in memory of him.

Singapore Grand Prix start

Some of the field made it around Singapore’s clumsy first corner. The stewards took a look and decided no one had illegally gained a position.

Felipe Massa and Vitaly Petrov, Singapore Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, who qualified 13th, was hit by Vitaly Petrov, who lined up 18th, at the first corner – you can see the damage to Petrov’s car in the previous image.

This picture shows Massa, front brake glowing, re-passing the Caterham driver. The safety car allowed him to get back in the hunt for points and he duly claimed eighth after squeezing past Senna in a dramatic moment on the approach to turn 13.

Mark Webber, Singapore Grand Prix

Mark Webber failed to score for the second race weekend in a row. The timing of the safety car didn’t help his cause, and passing Kamui Kobayashi off the track earned him a penalty which dropped him from ninth to 11th.

Heikki Kovalainen, Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore track is one of the bumpiest in F1. Although parts of it were resurfaced for this year’s race it didn’t stop the F1 cars from generating some dramatic sparks where they touched the ground.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, Singapore Grand Prix

Vettel’s win reduced Alonso’s points lead to 29. Jenson Button, who finished second, said after the race the championship battle is now between Red Bull and Ferrari’s leading drivers.

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12 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. My favourite pic is that of the start. I wasn’t watching DiResta at the time, but from this picture it seems that Button was too close to DiResta to allow him a proper defense. Going deep and wide into the corner would have held Alonso off, but then he would have run into the back of Button, who was taking a narrow line to undercut Maldonado.

    I have to be honest, though, I’m not huge fan of artistically blurred images.

    typo: “served noticed”

  2. yeah I’m also not a huge fan of these overly blurred photos… surely these are not the “best” of the weekend. The one of Heikki second from last looks like the kinda photo that a four year old would take. When the background is in focus, the foreground can be blurred, and vice versa, but when both are blurred, it just looks bad. IN MY OPINION. I’m sure others will disagree.

    1. @graigchq I think it’s just because there are so many more of that type of shot compared to most weekends, this being a night race. Long shutter times to let in enough light mean they’re going to have heaps of motion blur which forces the photographers to be a bit more artistic.

      1. Not necessarily: photographers can also increase the ISO-speed, which makes the shutter speeds similar to normal daylight pictures. I don’t think the amount of blur pictures has to do with the low light conditions, but with the bumpyness of the track: a lot of sparkles, and that can be best shot with a long shutter time (because the sparkles are so bright, they will ‘travel’ through the picture).

  3. Wow. I love that final pic. Absolutely fantastic shot. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I think those two will be the new rivalry in F1. The new Hakkinen-Schumacher. The new Prost-Senna. (I’m not talking in terms of drivers, I’m talking in terms of epic rivalries)

    1. That is a very bold shout!

      1. Why? They already have 2 WCTs each and are the closest bet for a 3rd .. both are also very dedicated and emotional when it comes to racing and getting results… not a bold statement at all..

    2. @raymondu999 It is a brilliant shot indeed.

    3. The pic. is awesome indeed. But I bet for Alonso-Hamilton.

    1. Nice work, it really sums it all up in one picture.

    2. @idr Hehe, nice one! Would look better with a slight blur on the background I think, to make it look more real… something like this maybe

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