F1 fans’ videos from the Singapore Grand Prix

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

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Fans’s videos from the Singapore Grand Prix including Massa’s unseen spin and new angles on the crashes and other major moments during the race.

Second practice

@Werdnazent had a good view of the quick final corner during second practice.

Friday practice highlights

A collection of footage from F1 plus the other action on and around the track on Friday.

Petrov’s practice problems

Caterham mechanics recover Vitaly Petrov’s car after he hit the barrier during third practice. Video by Ashee (@Frostysnowflake).

Vettel in qualifying


Sebastian Vettel locks up at turn one during qualifying. Video by @Thecollaroyboys.

The start


Two angles of the start which show an unusually slow getaway for Fernando Alonso, and his team mate Felipe Massa being hit by Petrov.

Massa’s first-lap spin

Following the contact Massa had a left-rear puncture which caused this spin on the first lap which wasn’t picked up on the world television feed.

Hamilton retires

Was this the moment Hamilton’s championship hopes died?

Button’s near-miss with Vettel


Two angles showing how close Jenson Button came to taking out Vettel at the first restart.

Schumacher hits Vergne

Moment later Michael Schumacher had a not-so-near-miss with Jean-Eric Vergne, putting both out.


Donal Kelleher (@Cdk2012) was close to the cars at turn five following the restart.

A sparkling conclusion

Champagne and fireworks on the Singapore podium.

Perez’s start at Monza

Those of you who saw the fans’ video from Monza will have seen video of Sergio Perez starting the race in front of his grid hatchings. The FIA responded to F1 Fanatic’s enquiry about the start – here’s what they had to say.

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    10 comments on “F1 fans’ videos from the Singapore Grand Prix”

    1. These videos show why street races are so nice for the people visiting them, where else can you get that close. And great moments captured too!
      Thanks everyone for sharing their videos and thanks @girts for putting in the work to sort and shift.

      1. where else can you get that close


        1. the bus stop chicane grand stand in spa is pretty close to the track.

    2. Dangerous move by Vettel. You can see both Button and Alonso thought it was a real restart.

    3. That’s a good one where Schumacher ploughs into the back of Vergne :D

    4. Makes Schumacher’s crash even more embarrassing. Not befitting a 7-time world champion.

    5. I’ve been to the race twice. The experience of seeing the cars speeding pass you at less than 2 metres is enough to justify attending this race.

    6. Regarding Perez at Monza, what’s the FIA excuse for Webber?

    7. @keithcollantine

      Os it really possible that my start video from 23 Sep got 11000 views through F1F? Thats what the stats on youtube imply, saying that 90% of the 13000 views came through an embedded player. If so then you’ve got some serious traffic going through the forum page.

    8. Was this the moment Hamilton’s championship hopes died?

      No but it was probably when he decided going to Merc was the right option.

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