Vergne penalised for blocking Senna

2012 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne has been moved back three places on the grid for the Japanese Grand Prix for holding up Bruno Senna during qualifying.

The stewards agreed Vergne had impeded Senna at the chicane during Q1.

Vergne said: “I was catching [Timo] Glock on my flying lap and I had to slow because of that.

“I saw Bruno was coming very quickly and unfortunately he caught me at the chicane where there is not much room. But I knew I had to let him past and moved as much to the outside as I could, even though I knew I would not be in the best position to come out of the corner.

“After that, he slowed a lot and I had to pass him again on the straight, otherwise I would not have set a proper time.”

The penalty moves Vergne behind Senna, who was knocked out of Q1 after being held up by the Toro Rosso driver.

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2012 Japanese Grand Prix

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    15 comments on “Vergne penalised for blocking Senna”

    1. I’m not sure that was avoidable. How’s Vettel-Alonso’s case?

      1. Agreed.

    2. If Bruno would spend as much energy racing as he does whining, he might be able to get some better results.
      I was all for him racing and wanted him to do well, but I gotta admit-he sucks.

    3. I agree with the penalty (this was a straightforward case), but I am really getting tired of Senna waving to other drivers. He did it in FP2, and many times last time out in Singapore. Obviously the man is under pressure: although not in points, he is being outclassed by his teammate and he will almost certainly lose his seat to Bottas next year. So after 2.5 years of messing around at HRT, Lotus and Williams, I don’t think many teams will be interested in hiring him – unless he delivers in the last races of the. Poor Bruno.

      1. I really don’t know why people are making an issue of the waving; I can’t even count how many times this season I’ve seen plenty of the other drivers on the grid do it.

        1. It’s not a problem, but I think it’s more a sign of his struggle at the moment. Besides, it’s better for him just to focus on driving.

          1. Now that I can agree with.

      2. surely he’s now quite nervous since his seat is not guaranteed. still it’s not good to see.

      3. I’m sure every time he does it, Bottas waves back.

        1. @bullfrog Very good ;)

        2. I’m a B. Senna fan, but I had to laugh at your comment.

    4. Ayrton Senna is so wrong about his nephew…

      1. Drop Valencia!
        6th October 2012, 10:14

        is…… is present.
        Ayrton is no longer alive.
        Considering Bruno did not race in what is now essential racing/learning years, he is doing well, the only other F1 driver I can think of that didn’t race in his youth was Nissany.

        1. I think your critical thinking and logical ideas are getting in the way of a good rant. ;D

    5. Is there a link to a video of this incident?

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