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DRS zone extended for Korean Grand Prix

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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The DRS zone for the Korean Grand Prix has been increased in length.

During the race drivers will be able to activate DRS 320 metres after turn two on the 1,050m straight which leads to turn three.

The detection point has also been moved slightly and is now 90m before turn one.

2012 Korean Grand Prix DRS zone

2012 Korean Grand Prix

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25 comments on “DRS zone extended for Korean Grand Prix”

  1. ‘The activation point has also been moved slightly and is now 90m before turn one.’

    Detection point?

    To be fair I don’t really remember last year’s race and whether the DRS was good or not.

    1. I remember Mark overtaking Hami before turn 1, and Hami streaming by Mark midway through the straight after turn 2, every single time…

      1. @fer-no65 I remember Hamilton well alongside by the DRS activation, so he would’ve likely got past even without the DRS. Not that I think this place needs DRS…

    2. Yes, detection point. Have changed it.

      1. too long – last year it was powerful and long enough. I fear this year could see it a bit too easy

        1. Got to keep Vettel from running away with the championship somehow, this should do it.

  2. Surely we’re going to see cars getting a tow down the main straight, taking the car in front on the first corner and then gallivanting away with DRS on the next straight?

  3. As far as I concern, last year Korea had worst rate of overtaking even with one of longest straight of the calendar. So shortened DRS zone has been trend of this year, it’s not strange to see Korea is extended.

    Also detection point is bettered considering last year Hamilton-Webber case. That helped Hamilton defending 2nd place but surely not good for actions.

  4. So they stop the defending car from reovertaking with the DRS like we saw last year. Fine.
    But now the overtaking car will overtake into T1 and then have the DRS to pull away. Effectively killing any chance of a repass from the defending driver into T3.
    Good job FIA. Remove one problem. To introduce another, equally troublesome one.
    Sadly removing the DRS alltogether doesn’t seem like an option at this point, but the second best solution, I think, would be to place the detection point between T15 and T16, and have the DRS activation a bit after T18. That way the overtaking car will have the DRS assist down the main straight to overtake into T1. Even though overtakes into T1 will therefore be pretty easy, it will still leave the defending driver with a fair shot at repassing down the next straight, into T3.

  5. disgraceful placement of DRS. the idea that a track is designed with designated overtaking points and then putting the DRS activation on the most blindingly obvious one, really baffles me.
    It would create much better racing if the activation was on the start/finish straight, effectively allowing the defending driver to get back in the tow and fight up to turn 3, rather than the attacking driver just waiting till after turn 1 to fly by unchallenged.

    1. me too, give it them down the S/F straight and let them battle on the 2 other long straights normally.

  6. I would have 2 DRS zones for this race personally, on both of the pit straights

    1. YES!!! That would be much better than the ridiculously obviously place of ‘back straight.’

  7. Why isn’t DRS on the straight between T3 and 4?

    1. @xjr15jaaag you know, that’d be so much better!!

  8. Why, why, why, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I really wonder how the people in FIA are thinking about the DRS zones.
    In japan where the straight is significantly shorter the reduced this year’s zone making it almost useless and here making the opposed choice where last year with the shorter zone it was already too easy – artificial.
    The previous mentioned comment about hamilton VS webber confirms it clearly.

  10. i see thay have made the drs zone longer for korea this year.

    considering the drs zone last year already made passing too easy i can’t see any reason for them to have made it longer?

  11. Went back & watched last years race & DRS was very effective in most cases, There was a lot of easy passing but also a lot of good racing into the braking zone.

    I fear that extending the DRS zone will make passing far too easy & eliminate the good racing into the braking zone that was seen last year.

  12. Not surprised they made the DRS zone longer. Last years race was one of the worst of the season

    1. This time, first corner action will turn that up side down!!! :)

  13. Michael Brown (@)
    10th October 2012, 22:09

    Why can’t they combine the activation and detection points – or at least put them very close to each other – so we don’t have any of the car getting DRS, and then getting ahead before the activation point?

  14. DRS zone should be the length of the start/finish straight. could also set up overtaking for the following long straight.

  15. I dislike cars bouncing on a limiter very much. For me personally this is way more artificial than any DRS system and ruins the feel of that abundant power Formula 1 cars posses.

  16. Interesting idea. Let’s see how it works!

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