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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa got to play with a life-sized Lego F1 car ahead of the build-up to the Singapore Grand Prix.

It took 16 people ten days to assemble the car, based on the last year’s Ferrari F150??? Italia, using hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces.

Earlier this week Ferrari confirmed Massa will remain Alonso’s team mate in 2013.

Can you think of a good caption for the picture above? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments.

As usual a pick of the best will feature in the daily round-up.

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Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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124 comments on “Caption Competition 22: Alonso, Massa and Lego”

  1. Ferrari have decided to go back to basics for the construction and materials of their 2013 car.

  2. “Bet that car could go faster than the original one.”

    1. ALO: “See Felipe- it’s MY team. I can even get a taste of this one sooner than you”

  3. Alonso: ‘Ferrari offered me a contract. They didnt say what car I would get’

  4. Massa thought he had re-signed with a drive for 2013, when he had signed for the lego team.

  5. Felipe didn’t look to bothered when he realised he would be driving in lego in the future.

  6. Felipe: Fernando looks really life-like! Even his eyebrows look-
    Fernando: Felipe, its me.

    1. Good but I would modify slightly:

      Felipe: “The driver even looks good apart from the eyebrows which are waaaay over the top”
      Fernando “Felipe, it’s me”

  7. Fernando: ‘Recently, Felipe, the team have become concerned that you have forgotten that I am faster than you. To remind you of this, this will be your car for the remainder of the season.’

    1. Nice one. I nearly spat my breakfast cereal out laughing. :D

  8. Ferrari bricking it over championship chances.

    1. That’s a good one!

      1. Thanks! I usually look at them and think “Nope, nothing witty in this brain.”

    2. Very good!

  9. Fernando: See this lego car Felipe? Even in this, I am still “Faster than you”

    1. They only built one… so Fernando gets it

  10. Luca Di Montezemalo arranged a photo shoot to demonstrate Ferrari’s current team ethos. After the shoot he commented that “with a great lead drive in Alonso and a driver won’t trouble him , Ferrari really do have the building blocks for success”

    1. Correction:
      Luca Di Montezemalo arranged a photo shoot to demonstrate Ferrari’s current team ethos. After the shoot he commented that “with a great lead driver in Alonso and a driver who won’t trouble him , Ferrari really do have the building blocks for success”

      1. Oh dear …

  11. As Ferrari give the press a sneak preview of what cars will be like in 2013, it dawns on everyone that the FIA may have gone one step too far in aiming to achieve zero carbon emissions.

    1. I love it, and don’t forget the cost savings.

  12. “Sorry Fernando, we didn’t have enough bricks to build the pick up truck”

  13. Massa: “I don’t care if I have to stay behind Fernando. I’ll never lego of my Ferrari seat.”

    1. Fantastic.

  14. Alonso turns to massa and says “this can’t be right because I thought there was no blocking”

  15. Drop Valencia!
    20th October 2012, 10:28

    Hey Fernando, this car reminds me of that time I blocked you for a few laps…

  16. Alonso : “Luca, when I said I want the car built around me, this wasn’t what I meant.”

    1. Teehee… Nice one ^_^

  17. Alonso: There is a reason why im in the car and your not

  18. “This build is based upon last years car. LEGO didn’t allow the makers to build the F2012, the stepped nose would ruin the marketing purpose of this project.”

  19. Massas car for 2013 as requested by alonso.

  20. Massa: at least the tyers will last longer

  21. leggo get the championship

  22. When do Pirelli make their new Lego wheels?

  23. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
    20th October 2012, 11:23

    Scuderia Ferrari – at the forefront of “exotic materials” research.

  24. The drivers thought it was so lifelike they thought they could hear Murray Walker shouting “Lego, Lego, Lego!”

    That’s a poor effort! :p

  25. On a serious note, I wonder how close that would get to a real F1 car if you put it in a wind tunnel? It’s the right shape but made of the wrong materials (and not entirely smooth)… does that mean it makes twice the drag? Ten times? Almost exactly the same?

    As far as a caption goes:

    “Alonso reveals the secret of the Ferraris’ reliability: an astounding new material as solid as a house, as light as carbon fibre, and as versatile as Play-doh. Yours for just £5 a set at your local Toy-R-Us.”

    1. Actually according to an experiment the Mythbusters ran it could even have less drag than the real thing. I say that because F1 cars have enormous amounts of drag and the lego pieces could create a golfball like effect. That is obviously just talking about smooth vs rough surface and not taking into account any unmodeled parts as well as air not getting through the car.

      1. davidnotcoulthard
        20th October 2012, 15:14

        …Except that the pieces have bumps, not holes.

      2. I think a Lego f1 car would have lower drag than the real thing. That’s because practically all the drag an F1 car generates is induced by the lift it generates (an F1 car actually has a higher drag coefficient than a truck). The lego could reduce the lift, and thus the drag.

  26. I give you Ferrari’s new cost-cutting solution.

    1. that’s funny mate!

  27. Alonso: That’s the car for Ferrari’s cartoon ”sintonizzato” (tuned in Italian).

  28. Massa (grinning): So this is the 2014 car you’ll be sharing with Vettel then

  29. Alonso: “Felipe do you want to give this lego seat a try?”

  30. “Ferrari seemed pretty impressed that someone could build such life-like versions of both Alonso and Massa out of lego and sit them in the F2012.”

    “With Red Bull now cornering the energy drinks market, and doing remarkably well in the pinnacle of motorsport, Ferrari have turned their attention to getting a head-start in the toy industry.”

  31. “This is ridiculous”

  32. “You’re a bit too close to Fernando,” Smedley said it, not me :)

  33. Ferrari once again going for the more radical approach to their 2013 car.

  34. Raceovski (@only-wheels-and-horses)
    20th October 2012, 12:27

    Ferrari family (i.e Luca di Montezemolo) : Both of you can’t have the same toy. Massa quit bothering your brother!

  35. Fernando: Your car is also nice, Felipe, but I’ll stick with mine.

  36. thatscienceguy
    20th October 2012, 12:27

    After months of speculation and rumour the pieces fall into place and Massa gets another Ferrari drive.

  37. The biggest tire manufacturer in the world makes Pirelli tires……

  38. Fernando: “Lucky I wasn’t driving this thing in Spa…”

  39. Mère Çaidaisse
    20th October 2012, 12:39

    Here are Fernando Alegonso and Felipe Massofbricks !

    1. Massofbricks :P I like that one!

  40. After rebuilding their trust in his capabilities, brick by brick, Massa is retained by Ferrari.

  41. “After succesfully introducing the stepped-nose in 2012, here is the stepped everything upgrade”

  42. Alonso had to force a smile, when really he was thinking ALL DA TIME YOU HAVE TO USE MECCANO!

  43. Ferrari take the idea of a ‘stepped’ nose a little too far.

  44. Alonso:”Hey Felipe, here’s your goodbye present!”
    Alonso:”Gotchaa!” :D

  45. After the umpteenth time Felipe had hit Hamilton that year, Fernando and Filepe had to resort to use whatever they could find in Luca Di Montezemelo’s office to rebuild his car.

  46. One of the builders upset Montezemolo by mentioning “Ironically you can take it apart and rebuild it exactly like a Ford F150”

    1. gheghe, i like this one! very clever!

  47. Having used most of the bricks to build the F150 Italia, there was enough to finish the nose on the F2012

    1. davidnotcoulthard
      20th October 2012, 15:24

      there was not enough?

    2. Having used most of the bricks to build the F150 Italia, there was not enough to finish the nose on the F2012

      hit enter to fast on the original.. doh

  48. At least the McLaren young engineer team hasn’t got hold of the 2012 design yet.

  49. Due to wind tunnel problems… the F2013 was made with a slightly different approach

  50. Don’t let Bernie hear the engine!

  51. “This thing drives like a brick on wheels”

    1. yes! good one :D

  52. Fernando Alonso receives a 5 place grid penalty for blocking.

  53. Somebody left Fernando’s step in the picture.

  54. “Ferrari reveal their new test car…”

    “Let’s see if we can trick Massa into believing this is next years car… Yep, it’s worked.”

    “Fernando fancies his chances at the 2013 championship.”

  55. “This looks nothing like a Ford pick-up truck!”

  56. Open DRS!

  57. Alonso: Hey this car has more curves than ours!

  58. it says a lot about current f1 car design when a lego car is less boxy than the real thing!

  59. How is it our REAL car looks more Lego than this one.. :/

  60. Ferrari reveal Nicholas Tombazis’ main inspiration for the F2012.

  61. It was only after this prototype F150 came out of the autoclave that Ferrari realized that their wind-tunnel would need a bit of tweaking.

  62. Ferrari drivers get reprimand for blocking.

  63. Montezemolo: “Racing in Formula 1 is just child’s play for us”

    1. Best so far

  64. Alonso: “When you said we could win the constructors championship, this wasn’t exactly what I had in my mind”.

    1. This has to win.

  65. After so many run-ins with Lewis Hamilton in 2011, Ferrari began to experiment with alternate materials to keep replacement part costs down.

  66. Nick Jarvis (@)
    20th October 2012, 18:32

    ‘hey felipe, this is just like your championship chances; in pieces’

  67. This year Ferrari’s selection process for the 2nd driver included a Lego building exercise, judged by Alonso. Fernando was impressed by Pérez’s wall, but he liked Massa’s effort the best.

  68. Ferrari’s solution to wind tunnel problems…and an easy rebuild after crashes!

  69. Fernando put on a brave face as he climbed into the 2013 challenger, he knew that he had to Lego of his chances yet again.

  70. Wow Felipe, this seat is actually more comfortable than the one in our real car.

  71. Felipe Massa’s recent improved performances relative to Alonso were cast in a new light upon closer inspection of the car the latter had been driving.

  72. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    20th October 2012, 21:17

    Fernando shouldn’t have used this car in Suzuka.

  73. Fernando “I have to say I’m surprised Felipe. I felt sure that they’d lego of you”…

  74. Alonso: I can go faster than you in this one as well….

  75. So Ferrari will outsource all Lego work from now on.

  76. Both: “Could you please check the CV of that new car designer again. We’re getting nervous here.”

  77. “Christian said he wanted the championship to be a fair fight between Sebastian and Fernando, so he had Adrian design this upgrade for us, free of charge.”

  78. A very similar image to this was used for a round of the GT Planet caption competition a few weeks ago. I obviously can’t claim any credit for these ones, but here are some of my favourites from that round:

    “Well, after that move on Senna, the pair of you pooped so many bricks I had to do something useful with them.”

    Ferrari unveiled its red-brick car, pre-empting Herman Tilke’s next circuit: a yellow brick road.

    Massa: “Great news – I’m the fastest Lego builder!”
    Alonso: “How so?”
    Massa: “On the box it said three to four years, but I finished it in only one!”

  79. Alonso was ******** bricks when he found out this is Ferrari’s new update. (Massa just got re-signed and couldn’t care less)

  80. It’s all built around Fernando…

  81. Luca: “Fernando, are you sure this is what mclaren were planning?”

  82. Massa: “I would be faster, if you drove this one.”

  83. davidnotcoulthard
    20th October 2012, 23:00

    “The tyres indicate the car’s and the tyres’ reliability…and they say ‘ZERO‘…..oh, dear.”

  84. “That’s right Felipe they built the entire car around me…….. quite literally!”

  85. Alonso: “Felipe, now go and put the kettle on!!”

  86. Meanwhile at Maranello, the resource restriction agreement bites hard…

  87. ‘Fernando… has more bricks… than you…’

  88. Ferrari unveil their 2013 (multiple) stepped nose design

  89. If the F2012 was a “dog” of a car, 2013 is going to be Lego.

  90. Well, it can’t be any worse…

  91. ALONSO : (in a spanish accent) Hey, Felipe ! Where are you’re a Lego’s ?

  92. “Block me again Fernando, and I take you apart, piece by piece!”

  93. Stefano Domenicali concluded that the Ferrari wind tunnel may again need re-calibration after the team’s latest design disaster.

  94. Alonso: Hey Felippe will this car fall appart for the rest of the season?

    Massa? Hopefully not because I am not sitting in this car.

  95. Felipe: Alonso’s bricking it now !!!

  96. “thank you felipe for giving me all your parts”

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