Better conditions expected for second Indian GP

2012 Indian Grand Prix weather

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Dust was a concern for the drivers at the first Indian Grand Prix last year.

Dry weather and the recent construction work meant the track surface at the Buddh International Circuit was very dusty.

“The track conditions are a lot better than last year already,” said Narain Karthikeyan, “it was very dusty.”

“The landscaping they’ve done, the dust has settled down, there’s no more construction around the circuit. Already a high level of grip and the circuit looks quite nice.”

The weather is expected to be similar to last year: sunny, though not quite as warm. Temperatures may not quite reach 30C during the weekend, but should get close.

There will be regular updates on the track conditions during each session on F1 Fanatic Live and the F1 Fanatic Twitter account.

Location of Buddh International Circuit

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2012 Indian Grand Prix

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23 comments on “Better conditions expected for second Indian GP”

  1. Will it be warm enough to cause RBR any alternator issues? ;)

    Though I do think they’ve got ‘over’ that now.

    1. Red Bull have done much talking to Renault and the suppliers of the alternator; I don’t think it will fail. Good that you are wishing bad luck upon your rival team/driver though, it really shows how much faith you have in your own team.

      1. I sometimes feel without the Newey factor…Red Bull is a par team!! As for the drivers, sure they are good but when your machine is monstrous, u just need to put the right foot down! Where is the competition?? It’s good from the engineering aspect but from a racing point of view…it sucks!!

        1. Well perhaps you should start supporting RBR since they seem to be the team most likely to retain both championships!

          1. Well I should perhaps start supporting the deserving driver and by that I mean Fernando Alonso. He has been simply the best driver this season. With a laggard car, he has been consistent and he deserves the title and if there is any other driver that comes close it has to be Kimi!! I am not demeaning Vettel’s performance in this season and overall but if u look at double world champions in totality…most of them have proved themselves in a below par car but Vettel..well he has been lucky enough to drive for a car designed by Newey!! As for the constructors Red Bull deserves it fair and square and so I will be supporting them!!

          2. I was being sarcastic, stick by your team! But yes, Alonso would be a deserving champion, as would Red Bull be deserving constructors champions.

          3. @akshay – he proved himself for STR, when they were mired in midfield.

        2. @akshay – RBR have hardly been monstrous all season, with numerous teams being able to win, challenge for wins and challenge for the championship. Vettel and Alonso, along with Ferrari and Red Bull, have done the best jobs, and that’s why they lead the championship, while Webber is down in 5th, and Massa 9th.

          1. @david-a Exactly my point…I want RBR to take the constructors championship this year. Their pace is phenomenal currently and that is the reason why I wish Alonso wins the title…his car has been pathetic but his drive has been fantastic!!

    2. @david-a How about this.. a driver like Nico Hulkenberg(0 podiums) moves to some good team from an average team and is the world champion while a proven driver like Sergio Perez has 3 podiums already and is with a good team alright but his car is nowhere close to Nico’s!!!! Vettel is a good driver,no doubt but questions will be asked!!

      1. @akshay Perez has secured a seat at Mclaren (a top team), where we’ll have to wait and see if he can handle the pressure of being amongst the frontrunners. Same with Nico Hulkenberg if he gets that big break (some people would argue he should get that break, since he did quite well in 2010 against Barrichello, the Force India hasn’t been good enough for podiums, and he is beating Di Resta narrowly this year).

        Yes, questions will be asked, but I have seen people who don’t just ask questions, but definitively underrate SV by overstating the cars he drove dating back to 2007, excessively highlight any mistakes, or downplay what he’s achieved, while praising others for the similar or lesser achievements (this isn’t referring to you per se, and in fairness the number of these people has decreased this season, but they still exist).

  2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    25th October 2012, 14:17

    Almost impossible to ask for, but COULD IT BE POSSIBLE to have a weekend with the 6 or 7 best drivers o the grid in a battle for the victory or podium? We’ve had so far
    -Alonso and Hami taken out in Spa
    -Alonsoand Webber taken out in Suzuka
    -Button taken out in Korea

    Let’s hope all of the plus Kimi and Seb can fight for it. And of course, welcome all the others who can challenge them!!!

    1. It’s the nature of F1; usually one team finds an advantage and they will be a step above the rest. Sadly, I don’t think it’s a likely prospect. We have had most of the top drivers being able to challenge for wins though this year, albeit in different races (unlike in 2011).

  3. If only the grandstands were replaced by a hill with fans, that picture would have been magical.

  4. hope the circuit to be cleaner in the days to come, good for racing.

  5. I think now would be an ideal time for a gearbox penalty for Vettel. I want to see him have to fight for a win from 6th or lower on the grid. If the car’s dominance continues for the last 4 races only Webber stands any chance of getting near him, which will make an exciting season end on a dull note.

    1. Vettel already has had races this year where he’s had to fight from 6th or lower on the grid. It’s just that no-one other than Alonso bothered to get a points advantage over Vettel, hence why Vettel is the favourite to win the title.

  6. Mrs. Gloucestershire
    28th October 2012, 12:32

    I am told that there were thousands of people starving and dying of hunger just outside the gates of the F1 track in Delhi. I am shocked that so much money was wasted in organising a frivolous race when that money could have been given to all those starving people to save their lives. How can you have car-*racing* in a country where most people have not even seen a car in their lives?

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