2012 Indian Grand Prix fastest laps

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso said he drove ‘at 120% for 60 laps’ during the Indian Grand Prix – but Jenson Button snatched the fastest lap off him.

Indian Grand Prix lap times

All the lap times by the drivers (in seconds, very slow laps excluded):


Sebastian Vettel93.55492.62492.57792.41792.26592.48192.05392.18992.12292.04291.69591.7591.56491.54191.38391.47491.43291.40191.10991.36991.69790.63790.75990.85690.90490.46690.98790.83991.24290.81492.5891.09792.808107.67990.44290.27990.62290.68190.71790.41289.94990.0790.48790.42290.21290.0990.34689.42289.84689.4689.44690.05989.75589.66889.17389.03589.57389.75689.69288.723
Mark Webber94.82793.0493.02992.55192.47692.36892.39792.23992.43792.03392.05391.96791.54691.51591.47591.60291.88891.59191.3991.82491.94692.3292.02591.44991.43791.04191.13891.26591.83694.166108.21391.16690.64791.34890.41790.50791.0390.11690.29990.09389.89789.90889.98290.27590.10790.94390.29391.53389.90190.22989.63789.80789.89789.33589.29789.28789.14889.18489.02989.565
Lewis Hamilton97.93394.15293.01293.74492.90993.02792.7692.79192.72792.35793.03292.33792.27892.6192.32591.86391.79791.9791.7692.72591.58391.51891.51591.27590.93391.55591.0390.70890.56390.82691.04194.073107.67690.55490.55991.05290.28189.63990.57389.86789.94690.13290.02690.18889.89189.63189.57189.59789.60289.31489.19889.35289.30389.5689.12189.12388.97688.94489.13689.112
Jenson Button96.52293.8393.12294.62793.04194.50192.94693.10993.0792.83492.77892.65292.30892.32892.3592.1591.9692.07691.95792.09191.93491.94691.91491.83193.863108.64991.48991.39191.12891.02391.15291.65291.65391.54991.5190.78790.75690.49190.59389.99690.39290.38790.68290.18989.89989.98489.67589.38189.59889.39890.1788.88988.8188.87389.12889.08389.30389.45289.95588.203
Fernando Alonso97.13994.05993.00493.06292.5592.29392.2892.61492.64592.10392.1991.97691.67991.53691.64991.72991.54691.42291.40591.3791.24591.3591.52391.59291.23391.13991.21791.63893.797108.0790.8791.08290.70391.39590.63890.85990.5690.28290.41190.54490.26190.09890.03889.90189.94490.18890.24589.45689.23689.36389.30589.18889.39989.35289.48390.02789.32889.36888.97288.63
Felipe Massa98.43594.27993.38293.50693.06493.55193.03893.01893.35692.72292.76592.87492.32792.57992.33692.03792.33791.91291.95192.16792.73991.9592.07392.04692.13392.31692.4794.239109.28191.15591.17891.14791.16891.60791.26391.07490.8590.80690.68690.71590.60690.88290.24190.38890.81790.67191.50590.75790.18390.09489.83589.60989.84989.65289.74389.83189.66789.49589.28389.778
Kimi Raikkonen99.0694.46693.47393.51193.07193.2393.17493.05393.29892.76692.8592.72192.59592.53692.23492.24692.14492.25391.7292.19192.3692.2191.87692.18191.99892.24894.762107.91793.26491.43990.98591.44390.96391.44491.31591.19290.92890.90590.61690.62790.73190.68990.36890.30390.85890.63291.82690.26290.53989.89690.12789.75789.70689.35489.76989.67989.74489.44789.37789.642
Sergio Perez99.6694.92793.8793.89693.64293.56193.41793.16793.33192.98293.29294.08593.64396.603109.23292.35892.20893.489124.032118.977
Pastor Maldonado101.29795.7895.13194.22793.85694.09493.69594.14993.49593.14793.36393.07493.20493.15693.27894.93292.55292.44792.69792.53791.97892.46992.45793.37892.3592.7193.848110.23593.783127.631119.78591.95291.40991.12791.1290.69991.01990.7990.8591.38690.48690.4290.77190.95691.49294.65391.34791.61791.57890.06790.20391.15791.02292.27391.15690.53790.09391.20390.314
Nico Rosberg100.90195.52894.78394.48693.8393.893.69194.14193.68393.21593.29293.20193.10392.95492.8292.80292.59792.64692.27692.59692.86292.90793.42293.10592.49592.69893.884109.92592.32492.33992.28491.98991.92293.01892.03391.94691.94691.90491.34691.1390.97290.74990.64790.7191.08291.23890.65790.47391.12190.67491.73790.27490.59490.15590.20490.00589.72389.77489.49290.333
Romain Grosjean101.77195.72695.40994.03293.92294.29193.38994.37893.3893.3693.16393.12893.21493.10192.7593.06892.33291.99592.15692.48592.75892.92591.4591.53791.41291.63591.37491.09191.15291.31291.44592.22191.89991.25191.55193.15107.35790.02789.88490.48790.21590.14990.29890.46990.98290.89690.52290.41389.87290.00191.04390.37289.67890.51989.7789.98489.52289.81289.73889.624
Nico Hulkenberg100.44194.90894.21493.73193.92793.63693.29293.44993.07993.08992.83393.82893.71992.14392.22592.20892.10992.03392.4192.26592.05892.07692.03492.0392.11192.10592.29594.321109.71491.86991.47391.69290.90390.88491.20891.00891.22390.5990.76490.54790.70990.57390.66990.94391.06890.91490.58290.16589.95890.08191.16890.08389.98590.30789.89589.90889.61789.84589.59889.23
Bruno Senna102.60895.70295.5394.06393.86293.82293.77794.24593.58693.23393.30693.05693.04993.09192.79493.40692.19492.12992.10792.48392.5392.99992.66293.17992.49295.243109.87493.49793.1493.42692.38192.36592.02191.5192.02891.42491.11391.70790.5099190.8490.45790.80490.57890.98791.23690.76890.39591.16290.54590.05990.02990.64589.63489.38489.29189.13389.10889.0988.431
Michael Schumacher151.343115.68394.42494.66594.28194.19494.08695.73594.84293.54895.08593.64693.2798.72593.32492.93792.81492.94892.77194.44992.48692.25792.43492.2992.1892.21491.82891.80191.85192.03691.9494.85894.165109.27191.12491.29291.71591.17191.00290.86792.9391.5390.3990.35390.43890.22790.23589.97990.61390.01790.07389.26789.2389.5496.703
Daniel Ricciardo103.78896.4895.53694.87594.45594.81694.30994.32894.18293.9593.98593.82693.65593.8393.693.83393.60593.9994.53793.24293.18593.28293.43792.98592.65292.60594.936111.80492.0292.18491.76991.63291.5391.2791.26891.13990.89890.69791.11990.29590.61690.64890.6190.17490.62990.7590.03590.21589.92190.11489.73490.13589.83889.87789.66489.59989.4489.50789.54690.227
Paul di Resta103.06195.99795.52294.47694.37794.05793.99993.95893.91193.56993.65893.80593.4349393.06193.21693.10992.92393.01393.18692.83592.44192.70692.5492.992.33492.74894.718112.21992.50992.56791.46491.68391.94691.58591.66592.32191.10791.30491.09391.50590.82190.74790.52690.80890.76890.25890.44290.71390.04489.89589.95589.80189.88589.81189.41789.71490.10289.08689.244
Kamui Kobayashi104.47596.32695.80294.86394.86394.79794.55394.08494.1993.94593.97893.8993.58993.71693.70294.00394.84593.9593.7692.97592.6892.87593.37993.12792.6292.59392.74892.59893.78893.63992.492.10991.61191.99692.50295.44109.15690.16489.96790.10490.34990.40689.9690.08890.05690.13489.77689.76589.40590.12889.20489.52689.8889.45689.53989.5689.29289.3189.7389.873
Jean-Eric Vergne116.658115.87594.17393.86693.31593.47893.70793.40793.39893.37193.81593.78994.42993.62293.2593.39893.07393.15793.87792.79692.86692.50592.6892.79292.67292.65893.11695.04892.62393.24292.97692.92795.151112.12192.34893.52392.88391.9491.49391.62591.55891.03393.60792.62292.22592.11593.78691.63290.23790.93890.56191.30990.85190.45193.14690.49290.18391.36390.091
Vitaly Petrov106.61797.71497.44595.39195.05294.98594.86194.46894.53494.993.91393.90794.04794.00194.00393.75693.64393.69194.3993.47193.57593.49193.35493.293.02993.43693.35393.11193.72493.40995.278111.40192.37592.92492.98895.12892.84892.75994.13891.82892.63992.49194.10292.14892.2692.09392.3293.40492.45493.04693.15792.01291.66391.39991.3592.07191.39791.16391.17
Heikki Kovalainen105.60896.31395.59995.06995.06394.96794.76394.52694.4394.30794.35994.15494.1294.0694.00993.67193.7793.59294.06293.21893.17693.32993.22493.51993.48393.19592.88993.49392.92593.21193.1996.325114.02793.392.8893.26294.98792.71894.71893.7892.92594.74693.13296.35893.03392.61195.55792.53792.00191.66391.84492.2691.40491.17891.50491.41190.78693.44791.46
Timo Glock107.49297.50897.41596.74496.00495.98396.07595.95695.08394.80294.72994.53994.40494.40394.29394.28794.22894.23294.79395.00993.8193.85593.88993.74694.45193.55893.57194.56693.78893.65595.221120.07894.35794.9993.08293.01593.89593.80192.97192.68293.09993.8992.71992.95392.74694.70792.72693.62393.93393.38593.33992.42992.17893.34194.23791.72191.78591.775
Pedro de la Rosa105.20498.40697.83497.10896.03696.04295.98695.97697.2396.23295.6295.87495.35296.37694.98494.96395.06394.99594.95795.01396.06794.53296.73794.63595.58894.91994.58694.52694.86994.46194.23297.169113.67593.72393.5993.6195.19194.02692.86494.34493.44794.021
Narain Karthikeyan107.70797.9297.30197.11296.62696.33196.99696.00896.21395.74596.04996.85295.46895.2195.23694.99594.77494.90494.52596.94896.36996.73195.31595.92694.80797.283116.18594.89294.19894.34993.93594.36495.06394.24196.01194.44893.79893.71493.70593.26394.12394.51594.42294.5893.64194.8292.67992.61393.33892.68892.40392.30292.16195.492.79894.24494.16793.334
Charles Pic106.2597.70296.08395.26494.9395.03195.18594.94594.82695.12495.92294.6994.55194.09994.02494.09694.06394.18194.24393.87693.89393.62793.4993.39893.27193.2593.34896.132113.41192.95192.99492.87995.55493.78592.95694.11593.193.12393.592.65395.00593.1492.47892.69494.91992.16592.33392.29992.3992.59792.10891.84691.83491.41791.36692.64393.0794.48492.023

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Buddh International Circuit, 2012Alonso said his climb from fifth to second in the race was down to “a great start, a great first lap, a good top speed and the right tyre management… along with me driving at 120% for each of the 60 race laps.”

His lap times improved notably when he passed the KERS-less Mark Webber on lap 48. But he did have a blip on lap 56 when he went off at turn 14.

Charles Pic was praised by Marussia team principal John Booth for his pace during the race: “He was able to get ahead of Petrov and hold a gap to him for quite some time,” said Booth.

“Unfortunately we were ??out-KERS?d? and Charles was unable to hold station for long. Nonetheless, once [Vitaly] Petrov got past, Charles kept pace with the Caterhams and were it not for the last few blue flags he would have finished within 5.0s of Heikki [Kovalainen].”

Indian Grand Prix fastest laps

Each driver’s fastest lap:

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’28.20360
2Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault1’28.4310.22860
3Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’28.6300.42760
4Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’28.7230.52060
5Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’28.9440.74158
6Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’29.0290.82659
7Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’29.0860.88359
8Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’29.2041.00151
9Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes1’29.2301.02760
10Michael SchumacherMercedes1’29.2301.02753
11Felipe MassaFerrari1’29.2831.08059
12Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’29.3541.15154
13Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’29.4401.23757
14Nico RosbergMercedes1’29.4921.28959
15Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’29.5221.31957
16Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’30.0671.86450
17Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’30.0911.88859
18Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault1’30.7862.58357
19Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault1’31.1632.96058
20Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth1’31.3663.16355
21Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth1’31.7213.51856
22Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth1’32.1613.95853
23Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari1’32.2084.00517
24Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth1’32.8644.66139

With the tyres holding up well, five drivers set their fastest laps on the final tour. At first Sebastian Vettel set the race’s fastest lap, but that was beaten by Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and – most surprisingly – Bruno Senna.

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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    24 comments on “2012 Indian Grand Prix fastest laps”

    1. I’m amazed that Bruno made the second fastest lap. Just shows that he IS a good driver

        1. yeah… if that car was capable of the second fastest lap, why was he 10th?

          1. The car was capable of second fastest lap only in his hands and late in the race, after passing Rosberg. He was only 10th because he started only 13th and much of the race he was held by the “Rosberg train”. Give him FP1 and he will have more chances to qualify higher up and get better results, as he is really quick and consistent in races.

            1. I agree I just hope he gets that opportunity next year

    2. “At first Sebastian Vettel said the race’s fastest lap”

      Yes Seb is dictating every aspect of this season now ;)

    3. Judging from the chart, Vettel was by far the fastest when the soft tyres were beginning to drop off (lap 22 to 30). Interesting, he managed his tyres better than Webber and Alonso, even though he was pushing quite a lot (especially in the first part of the stint).

      Ferrari had a very good race pace and Mclaren’s change of performance between soft and hard is quite remarkable.

    4. Interesting to see how Redbull got it perfectly right with the soft tyres, but on the hard tyres, it was actually Mclaren who had the fastest car.

      1. I was thinking of that as well. Do you think McLaren was actually better on the hard tyres or was Vettel just taking it easy with such a big lead? You can’t really judge by Webber as his KERS was acting up.

        But clearly the McLaren boys were better on the hards than the softs.

        1. @daved – I think Vettel was probably just relaxing a touch with the gap he had, but for sure he had a shot at getting the fastest lap but it turned out to be beyond his reach. Whether that was due to the problem with the floor or the fact he couldn’t keep pace with the McLaren on those tyres I don’t know.

    5. What is interesting, as pointed out in the article, is that almost every one set the fastest lap toward the end. This shows the tyres were holding on pretty well, a complete reverse of what we have seen during this whole season.

      1. @caci99 Fuel plays a big part in this as well as well as ever increasing grip on the track surface.

    6. The guys with a particularly smooth style (Button and Senna) were fastest. In races the problems they both had early in the season are long gone and in qualifying it’s a question of time until Bruno gets up to speed again. He would have more chances to fix that if he didn’t lose FP1 almost everywhere. Also the DRS of the Williams is not as good as those used by many other teams and that is a thing that hurts both its cars in qualifying. It is one of the reasons the Williams are often more competitive in races, the other one is that they manage the tyres very well.

      So, not so surprising that Senna was second fastest, as he has a lot of potential and races very well. Once he got past Rosberg he could go much quicker and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has the potential to become a driver as good as a Button or a Rosberg, just like I have always said.

      1. Exactly. If you were paying attention to live timing, he had top 5 pace basically all race long, but due to qualifying further behind, was stuck at the tail end of what became rather early the Rosberg Train. Then again, barring Korea where neither car ran well, he’s always had great race pace. Not surprising at all. If Button hadn’t pipped him just at the end there, this would’ve been his second fastest lap of the year.

    7. Senna was stucked in Rosberg, Mercedes is quite dificult to overtake, so he was just P10.

    8. Some interesting things from the lap times chart: Webber got his act together just at the right moment. He did some laps in the 1m30s and even 31s around the lap 48 mark (probably fiddling with his brake balances), but after that he was lapping as quickly as anyone, even without KERS.

      Bruno Senna: if he can do this, why can’t he do decent qualifyings and error-free practice sessions? He has shown today that he has the quality to outrace the highly-rated Maldonado, but I can’t see anyone hiring him for next season if he keeps qualifying 10 spots down from where the car should be (this weekend was ok, but still not great).

      And Jenson Button ‘cheated’: the lap times show he was slowing down for the last couple of laps in order to go for the fastest lap on the final tour.

      1. “Highly-rated Maldonado”?


        1. Highly-rated on speed in a single lap (qualifying), as he is one of the very best in that exercise. Don’ t forget he managed to beat Kimi in Spa with a Williams not as good as the Lotus. Even when Bruno gets up to speed in qualifying Maldonado will always tend to be a little bit quicker, as Hamilton is a little bit quicker than Button. Also I think F1 teams are aware that losing FP1 hurts a lot in terms of set up, as it is one hour and a half less than all the other drivers and that tends to show in quaifying. Also we know 2013 tyres will change and no longer will favour drivers with aggressive driving styles.

          1. Senna has had a few good races this year, but in general he’s been poor. He’s been on average 0,7s slower than Maldonado in qualifying and that is the biggest gap between team mates this year. Sure missing FP1 affects, but there have been weekends when Bottas has not driven, and Bruno has failed to impress. But that’s just my opinion.

            1. There have been weekends Button did not impress at all and he is a WC in his 13th year in F1. He never loses FP1 like Senna and he had the same kind of problems due to the small window of performance of this years’s tyres. Let’s be honest, Button won his first GP in his 7th year and Senna can still do much better than that, he just needs the right opportunity. I think Senna has already showed as much or more than Button showed in 2000 and 2001.

      2. Bruno is far from the only driver to not manage “error-free practice sessions”. We tend to see several drivers have a moment or two in practice (after all, isn’t that partly what it’s for?), some of them from the big 6. I’d personally rather Bruno have his moments during practice than during the races. Which he tends to do, hence having a 50% points scoring success record (compared to Maldonado’s 19%, and that’s only if you round up).

        Bruno’s style is less aggressive than Maldonado’s, so he doesn’t always get the tires working as quickly for qualifying, and that costs him, but during the races he either matches his pace, or is consistently faster.

      3. Button cheated? Well, that’s a surprise – will the fastest lap be taken away from him?

    9. You mean Vettel didn’t get to round off the weekend with fastest race lap? My god, he’ll be sobbing himself to sleep tonight.

      On a less sarcastic note, the last driver i’ve seen who wanted to win every single lap of a weekend as well as win races was Gilles Villeneuve. Look what happened to him.

    10. schumi’s times compared to rosberg were very good considering he kept having to get out of the way to be lapped.

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