Schumacher and Kobayashi avoid penalties

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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Michael Schumacher and Kamui Kobayashi will not be penalised for incidents they were involved in during the Indian Grand Prix.

Schumacher was investigated for failing to react quickly enough to blue flags when he was being lapped by Romain Grosjean.

The stewards decided Grosjean “did not close the gap to [Schumacher] sufficiently to require [Schumacher] to move out of the way in accordance with appendix H, article of the International Sporting Code.”

Kamui Kobayashi escaped punishment following two separate incidents.

The first involved him going off the track while racing Pastor Maldonado. The stewards ruled he had not gained an advantage by leaving the track during their battle.

The stewards also decided their was no foul play in the collision between the pair that led to Maldonado suffering a puncture. Although contact was made the stewards said they “consider the matter a racing incident”.

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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4 comments on “Schumacher and Kobayashi avoid penalties”

  1. Does anyone know what appendix H, article of the International Sporting Code actually says – and/or if there is a copy of it online so we can find out what the infringements are (or are not!)

  2. Looks like the stewards wanted to beat the traffic!

  3. Good to see that not all incidents they have a look at result in penalties. The Schu incident where he got his tyre cut up was just one of those things. Not sure about the flags, as we never really saw him after the first few laps.

    I also think the Kobayashi-Maldonado thing was a racing incident. One might have waited a bit longer before getting back on the racing line, the other could have given a tad more room.

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