2012 Indian Grand Prix in Tweets

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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In the first of a new series of race weekend articles @AnthonyFrench rounds up the Twitter highlights from F1 drivers, team members and more at the Indian Grand Prix weekend.

Conservative tyres and some unusual sights on the roads were among the talking points for the F1 community at the Indian Grand Prix.





Over to you

Did you spot any other noteworthy F1 Tweets during the Indian Grand Prix? If so, share them in the comments.

2012 Indian Grand Prix

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17 comments on “2012 Indian Grand Prix in Tweets”

  1. This could be the visualization of Alonso’s tweet :
    Just for fun , no intention to offend Alonso, but when i read his tweet this was the first that came into my mind.

    1. Just a flesh wound!! haha. That movie is so brilliant.

    2. @cosmas
      Haha, brilliant.

    3. I love Monty Python! Why does Alonso suddenly think he is a Samuri warrior?

      1. Alonso’s got a big thing for Samurai. He’s even got a samurai tattoo on his neck/upper back.
        He’s also made a habit of tweeting inspirational sayings after races this year. Some of them seem to have an Eastern warrior vibe, as if he’s reading The Art of War during race weekends!

      2. Poor guy is losing his mind ;)

  2. matthewf1 (@)
    30th October 2012, 16:31

    Fernando Alonso
    I want my 1.2 million followers to know that the key aerodynamic components at the rear of the Ferrari are still the same as they were in May

    1. @matthewf1 There is no such Tweet in Fernando Alonso’s Twitter account at the moment. That does not mean one was not submitted and then deleted – did you see it?

      According to a report in La Stampa, an Italian newspaper, he “drafted an angry tweet after qualifying” and “it took a lot of persuading for him not to press the submit button”. Which of course begs the question how the journalist knew this.

      See here for more:



  3. By the way, thanks for the article @anthonyfrench

    I signed up for Twitter a couple of years ago mainly for F1 and it is becoming a very useful tool in order to understand the race weekend a little bit better. Obviously my timeline is full of stuff now, so sometimes I miss some tweets.

    1. Tony F (@anthonyfrench)
      30th October 2012, 19:21

      You’re welcome Yobo01 – hopefully this can become a regular feature, and I can tell you now there’ll be another round up of the Abu Dhabi GP online next week.

      It’s fascinating to be able to be ‘inside the garage’ as it were with the engineers and mechanics, not just the drivers. It makes F1 that bit more personal.

      Hope you continue to enjoy the tweets as much as I do!

      1. Great new feature, thanks

      2. I really like this article @anthonyfrench, nice roundup of the remarkable tweets to add a bit of depth to the whole weekend, so thanks for the effort, an i hope you manage to keep them going at least for the last 3 races this year!

        1. Tony F (@anthonyfrench)
          31st October 2012, 22:43

          Thanks @bascb, as mentioned above there’ll be an Abu Dhabi review out next week and hopefully USA and Brazil round-ups as well.

  4. From my little Italian I think Alonso was just told to use all his KERS at the exit of turn three. That or his Albanian octopus is pregnant.

    Say what?

    1. I think it’s possible meanings for the Italain radio messages, fair to say I chuckled!

      1. should have put a :P in my comment…

  5. @keithcollantine

    From my little Italian I think Alonso was just told to use all his KERS at the exit of turn three. That or his Albanian octopus is pregnant.

    If in doubt, “my hovercraft is full of eels” is usually a fairly safe bet when it comes to translating.

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