2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fastest laps

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and had much higher straight-line speed thanks to the changes made to his car.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix lap times

All the lap times by the drivers (in seconds, very slow laps excluded):


Lewis Hamilton111.642111.728108.809108.552108.833108.425108.148108.213131.572164.62160.88161.387158.037153.128107.886107.384107.432107.333107.266
Mark Webber115.889110.688109.854109.661109.486109.204108.867109.016130.614160.242160.757161.534158.223152.429110.488108.624108.101108.279107.942108.418108.659109.354114.147108.369108.429108.56107.374107.645109.797109.204125.435106.959107.33107.65107.94107.679107.745
Pastor Maldonado114.395110.653109.944109.412109.372109.148108.663108.685127.443164.41161.08161.288157.946153.064108.977108.672108.574108.302108.437108.597109.344109.08109.614109.643108.277108.397108.405109.698112.16127.301107.991108.229107.207107.563107.312106.966107.351109.029133.672134.856146.548151.636107.212106.514106.193106.167105.623105.462105.401105.37105.565105.352105.118105.523104.833
Kimi Raikkonen113.05111.218109.876108.985108.971108.964108.644108.481128.606164.519161.004161.251158.078153.133108.692108.102107.794107.734107.615107.694107.518107.319107.238107.238107.341107.199107.205107.095107.58107.621109.41126.245106.055106.247106.103106.123105.87106.21126.281162.39156.299151.484105.403105.433105.429104.963105.044104.823104.968104.458104.875104.685104.493104.559105.052
Jenson Button116.501111.024109.812109.569109.7109.221109.308109.02131.95158.377160.796161.476157.781152.4110.749108.918108.197108.106108.078108.189108.469109.394108.704107.788107.425107.247107.214107.598108.728124.777106.495106.784106.483106.592106.471106.313106.077106.144131.897149.164155.172151.982106.594106.271105.747105.53105.17105.19105.293104.533104.604106.594104.881104.924105.033
Fernando Alonso115.192110.532109.983109.521109.403109.023108.945109.276129.515161.265160.991161.483157.974153.298109.865108.502108.023108.259108.313108.374107.679107.625107.698107.726107.469107.589107.661110.021126.69107.525106.726106.699106.556106.637106.458106.278106.097105.881126.803154.73155.3151.851106.389106.056105.88105.197104.816104.631104.357104.27104.598104.418104.09104.727104.654
Nico Rosberg120.945138.242109.572109.34109.413110.22110.227
Felipe Massa117.149111.216110.051109.797109.595109.218109.408109.211131.937157.416160.979161.5157.825152.377110.696109.591108.537108.583108.261108.472108.399108.454108.837110.542108.651120.72126.563107.355107.161107.226107.386107.287107.331107.457107.459107.426107.059108.095135.606134.445142.026151.612107.8107.031106.608106.626106.625106.042106.101106.125105.824105.825105.7106.122106.218
Romain Grosjean145.273134.929110.004109.538109.212109.584109.12114.135135.551132.063139.103163.129155.428148.811112.222111.808110.369110.49109.243108.509108.781108.55108.411108.77108.521108.614108.227108.09107.804108.367108.504108.182107.789108.093107.846107.521108.272
Nico Hulkenberg
Sergio Perez119.445110.615110.009109.657109.305109.202109.227108.994132.287157.316160.69161.689157.507152.187110.85109.61108.702108.508108.419108.415108.358108.457108.695108.516107.963107.926108.204109.031108.639109.738125.453107.612107.617107.885107.969107.763107.67131.328162.697114.787124.074150.614107.358109.276132.575105.935105.726106.556105.559105.84106.448106.48106.324105.41108.318
Paul di Resta169.694136.608110.421110.156109.896109.791109.673122.143136.358131.887112.863153.094155.139148.758112.658111.55110.226110.491109.687109.181109.045108.704108.775108.687108.454108.445108.136108.051107.899108.06107.94108.125107.752107.867107.977107.654107.805108.629133.853145.75142.186150.818108.031107.746106.534105.832106.497106.007105.85106.129105.756105.745105.617106.197106
Michael Schumacher119.978111.402110.572110.305110.309109.944109.604109.725129.742156.871160.165162.523157.141151.134111.041110.009109.067109.385110.506108.696108.888108.769108.589109.111109.879109.324110.73126.281107.362107.505107.309107.459107.59107.528107.509107.411106.848108.176134.124133.842145.381158.299107.475107.287105.99106.546106.632107.536105.868105.477105.225105.56105.281105.587106.245
Bruno Senna125.741113.89112.502112.543112.004111.058110.419109.91134.452140.836159.337162.942155.795149.724112.13110.772110.233109.723109.826109.139109.885109.091109.175108.853108.795108.629107.956107.814107.761108.18107.939108.984129.092107.021106.527106.682106.5107.178134.352132.41142.437151.183107.998106.94106.679106.762106.482106.39105.693106.243105.787105.754105.781106.164106.116
Kamui Kobayashi118.078111.109110.395111.601110.161109.891109.447109.68130.163156.492160.541162.542156.593152.363110.918109.838109.026109.34109.037108.993109.054108.814108.626109.346110.509126.421109.326108.46107.456108.006107.605107.515107.317107.418107.178107.218107.145108.724133.923134.902145.271151.935107.466107.051106.668106.437106.396106.336105.884105.92105.513105.846105.733105.693105.423
Daniel Ricciardo120.683111.645110.799110.376110.578110.165109.943109.821131.717153.763160.538162.091157.285150.69111.33110.157109.29109.163110.097109.203109.492109.251110.368109.058109111.582129.09108.612108.384108.652107.955107.862108.289108.938108.356107.579107.798112.583137.483119.73141.718150.611107.957108.696106.372106.327106.207106.062106.131106.111105.911106.036105.903106.262106.43
Jean-Eric Vergne121.022111.939110.905110.39110.883110.399110.157109.931135.551153.62159.539162.393156.06149.088112.014110.865110.166109.762110.641110.796109.033108.824108.815108.686108.521108.661108.325108.23108.282108.466108.094108.352109.497126.657107.187107.403107.022109.071133.03128.862142.327150.854108.034109.597108.041106.862106.518107.669108.045106.53106.46106.315106.113106.174106.895
Heikki Kovalainen123.203112.388111.208111.217111.033110.806111.12110.725134.741145.635160.067162.642155.536150.398111.873110.674110.077109.963111.479110.75110.759110.739110.802109.808109.766109.692109.386111.116131.536108.944108.459108.747108.671108.445108.455108.472108.418114.115134.344112.693133.066151.255109.883109.606108.041107.94107.712107.751107.548107.313107.115107.611107.414108.153107.121
Charles Pic124.696114.571113.936112.486112.475112.035112.084111.857137.189137.881157.831162.695155.14149.639113.199114.335111.561111.252111.137110.898111.084110.926110.527110.66110.873111.988130.622109.978109.978109.756109.6109.508109.079109.085109.262109.486109.247121.624137.724114.782116.352
Vitaly Petrov123.831114.925112.463112.983112.107112.522111.811112.741136.725137.657158.278162.555155.647149.197113.343111.63111.064113.474111.18111.102110.845110.797111.06111.229110.856110.569112.496129.52109.884109.526109.547109.581109.216109.033109.332109.166109.229120.901136.084113.611111.436146.474111.08109.53108.864108.39108.478108.503108.637108.308108.368109.263109.408109.075109.731
Timo Glock122.891115.106112.422113.274111.957111.755112.765112.311136.221138.659157.825162.609155.656149.481113.299111.509110.967111.687112.132111.321111.175111.092110.537110.478110.512110.376112.341128.729109.151108.95108.768108.98108.754108.587108.376108.695108.994118.453135.741116.502114.709151.302111.037108.89108.316108.129108.585108.656108.364107.998108.175107.811107.88107.661108.589
Pedro de la Rosa133.728113.032112.823112.898112.472112.452112.671114.872136.837128.095157.904162.89155.205149.705115.38113.038111.902111.516111.844111.61111.983111.251111.358111.274111.041111.056111.123112.343131.344109.707109.733109.615109.833109.722109.218109.335109.219126.38137.252119.549110.981123.5110.517109.71109.92109.091108.619108.774108.676108.923109.815111.003108.935109.775108.996
Narain Karthikeyan125.378116.141113.706113.027112.72112.238112.675
Sebastian Vettel126.774113.37111.468110.161109.522109.22108.812108.778132.712149.45160.733162.1155.975157.771111.62110.483110.802108.054108.001107.852107.966107.738107.323107.474107.519107.417107.053107.167107.978107.724106.755107.099106.69106.938106.956106.593108.12124.26131.756135.844155.182151.404106.659106.407105.545105.933105.135105.204105.272104.689104.548104.42104.328103.964104.112

Vettel’s lap times were surprisingly close to Mark Webber’s despite the considerable changes made to his car between qualifying and the race to improve his straight-line speed to aid overtaking. Vettel was unable to drive a single lap in the car before the race start.

Vettel’s car had been second from bottom of the speed trap figures in qualifying on 311.4kph but was fourth in the race, hitting 321kph as he made his way past Button in the closing stages.

Despite having gone through the trauma of being sent to the back of the grid for having too little fuel in their car, Red Bull remained alert to the value of reducing their fuel load during the race. This is normal practice for teams during safety car periods when fuel is being used at a lower rate, to ensure they are not carrying any more than they need to, which is just excess weight.

Vettel’s race engineer Guillaume Rocqueline instructed him to “burn fuel” during the first safety car period, moments before his near-miss with Daniel Ricciardo on the straight.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fastest laps

Each driver’s fastest lap:

RankDriverCarFastest lapGapOn lap
1Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault1’43.96454
2Fernando AlonsoFerrari1’44.0900.12653
3Kimi RaikkonenLotus-Renault1’44.4580.49450
4Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes1’44.5330.56950
5Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Renault1’44.8330.86955
6Michael SchumacherMercedes1’45.2251.26151
7Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari1’45.4101.44654
8Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari1’45.4231.45955
9Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes1’45.6171.65353
10Bruno SennaWilliams-Renault1’45.6931.72949
11Felipe MassaFerrari1’45.7001.73653
12Daniel RicciardoToro Rosso-Ferrari1’45.9031.93953
13Jean-Eric VergneToro Rosso-Ferrari1’46.1132.14953
14Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault1’46.9592.99532
15Heikki KovalainenCaterham-Renault1’47.1153.15151
16Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes1’47.2663.30219
17Romain GrosjeanLotus-Renault1’47.5213.55736
18Timo GlockMarussia-Cosworth1’47.6613.69754
19Vitaly PetrovCaterham-Renault1’48.3084.34450
20Pedro de la RosaHRT-Cosworth1’48.6194.65547
21Charles PicMarussia-Cosworth1’49.0795.11533
22Nico RosbergMercedes1’49.3405.3764
23Narain KarthikeyanHRT-Cosworth1’52.2388.2746
24Nico HulkenbergForce India-Mercedes

Vettel set the fastest lap of the race on soft tyres that were fresher than those of his closest rivals. But Alonso, whose tyres were nine laps older, got within a tenth of a second of Vettel’s best as he chased leader Raikkonen.

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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22 comments on “2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fastest laps”

  1. Still gutted about Hamilton’s retirement from the lead. Looking at the laptimes now, they were very quick and very consistent. Had his car not failed him, I think we would have seen a very dominant win yesterday, especially considering how well his McLaren had gone on the mediums.

    I have the feeling Vettels setup cost him at least half a second in laptime, as I was surprised how long it took him to get by Button. I actually thought it was a mistake by Alonso to drop Button out of the DRS zone; I figured on newer softer tyres he would breeze past Button and also Alonso. However it turned out that Vettel had no pace advantage yesterday. The fact that his laptimes were so close to Webber’s says more about Mark’s race, who enjoyed quite a horror show yesterday.

  2. On average lap time, Webber was 1s slower than Kimi and Alonso.(of course he retired so his average time is a bit higher) not to mention Hamilton who was on other planet. Vettel was less than 0.1s slower than Kimi and Alonso. so I guess Vettel should have been about 0.5s slower than Kimi, Alonso or Button. I think if Vettel had started from P3 without penalty and setup change, I think he would have been easily defeated by Kimi, Alonso, Button. so, that was the worst saturday night but the result is actually better than he could expect originally.

    1. @eggry
      I don’t believe that Mark’s pace is relevant. He was very close to Alonso in the first few laps, but he couldn’t overtake. Then the contacts with Massa and Maldonado certainly didn’t help.
      Vettel said (I can’t find where, but I remember) that his car was obviously faster in the straight, but he believed that it wasn’t perfect in corners.

      I actually think the opposite. If Vettel had started from P3 with his normal setup he wouldn’t have had problems in keeping Kimi and Alonso behind him.

      1. @yobo01 Well, Webber was close to Alonso as you said. Actually Alonso was close to Webber and he passed Webber and Webber can’t repass Alonso. That’s what should have happend to Vettel either. Webber and Alonso was on same strategy so you should read it from that than Vettel’s amazing pace from ultimate race setup which cannot be used in normal circumstance.

        or Are you trying to say Vettel would have been actually at least 0.5s faster than Webber in the race with same trim? Everyone knows Vettel is faster. but not that much. even If Vettel has 0.5 sec, It just makes him same level of lap time to Kimi and Alonso and they have straight line speed to overtake while Vettel can’t overtake where his car is good.

        1. @eggry
          We really don’t know what Red Bull’s true pace was this weekend. But few things suggests that it was quite strong. For the first 20 laps Webber had Alonso in front of him and the gap has never been bigger than 1 second.
          This could mean that the pace was there, but the lack of straight line speed didn’t allow Mark to overtake.
          After the accident with Maldonado his race was destroyed, he was stuck behind even slower cars etc.

          So, yes, I guess it is kind of tricky to judge, but I don’t think that the car that Vettel had on Saturday was slower than his Sunday car on pure pace. I mean, there has to be a reason why they always sacrifice straight line speed.

          1. @yobo01 the Thing is, that 3rd qualifying saturday car should have been slower that (real) sunday car in the race. meanwhile, the sunday car should have been slower in qualifying if it had run. If you have to choose between them, the choice would be nearly always the later because if you can get pole, then you can control the race and it’s hard to overtake someone has clean air. Vettel had qualifying-oriented car(not qualifying car) on saturday but he had pure race car on sunday. That’s what I’m talking about.

          2. sorry, ‘the latter’ means the saturday car.

  3. I am surprised that nobody is talking about driver safety when Rosberg and Karthikeyan collided. When Alonso was involved in Spa, everyone spoke of driver safety and how he was lucky to be alive. Narain too was in a similar situation as Alonso, but nobody cares. Is it because it is a backmarker and not a race winner?

    1. Nobody cares about Karthikeyan. I’m sorry being harsh but that’s the true.

      1. His steering wudn’t move so he cudn’t do much. He was not going to press the accelerator to get off the track if he cudn’t back on

    2. I think it is because an onboard from the HRT was never shown. Onboard footage has a lot of impact on viewers. At Spa, all saw Alonso and Kobayashi’s onboard camera view and immediately that it was a massive incident.

      If someone posts a video of the onboard, I am sure it will become a talking point in no time.

      1. @sumedhvidwans I guess there was a similar reaction to Senna’s and Ratzenberger’s deaths. I was a kid at that time….gotta ask guys who were following F1 at tht time. @keithcollantine @bascb

        1. For me it was a huge relief when I saw Rosberg standing next to the car, and then saw Karthikeyan as well because that accident was really frightening. Once again showing that for all talk of F1 having become too safe, a tragic accident is still just a few inches away @malleshmagdum.

          The people saying that nobody cares for Karthikeyan are horribly wrong. He is just as important as everyone else. And given the problems with the brakes HRT have had in the last couple of races, I have huge respect for both him and Pedro dl Rosa who go out in these cars and push them to the limit.

  4. When they talk about “delta times” during safety car periods in order to make sure they don’t rush back to the pits too fast; what sort of times are we looking at here?
    Reason I ask is that Di Resta lap of 1:52 during the first safety car and more significantly De la Rosa’s lap of 1:50 during the 2nd safety car. The latter is more surprising as it was within 2 seconds of his personal fastest lap of the race! Even catching up to the back of the pack should surely take longer than that with a safety car and marshals out on the track.
    Any ideas?

    1. very good question!

      dont know the answer but hope someone can jump in?

  5. i agree with Eggry. Vettel was very lucky with the Safety Cars recovering 16 and almost 20 seconds in each one with the top-5 drivers before him.

    1. I couldn’t watch the race so cannot comment on incidents, but having read Keiths preview I was surprised that this race, if I remember rightly, had twice as many safety car periods as the combined total of SC periods in all the previous ADGPs. I was not surprised however to hear that Maldonado & Grosjean were involved.

      1. in fairness pastor for once didnt do to much wrong. webber tried to bully/squeeze him and he was having none of it. and rightly so

  6. Ben Thomas (@)
    5th November 2012, 21:36

    Can anyone explain to me where Keith has been able to get the lap times for the first lap? These don’t seem to show on the Formula 1 live timing and nor do they appear on the FIA Race Lap Analysis press release.

  7. I am surprised, surprised that RBR managed to find a way to provide SV with a car that had a very good top speed and was able to post fastest lap, I am also surprised that they have not split their strategy and used this setup on Webbers car, or for that matter on Sebs when he doesn’t look capable of pole, before. Maybe it is only with the new DDRS that it is possible, maybe Mark or Seb both thought they were going to get on the front row, but it seems strange that they have not tried to cover both setup directions before, maybe we will see it again in Tx or Br.

    1. I can imagine the success here with the different setup might make them reconsider @hohum. After all, if they cannot be sure to be at the front, it would be a better bet to go for a car setup that is not completely lost when running in traffic and get enough points on the board to secure the WDC instead of risking to drop back after starting P3-5.

  8. Looks like the Ferrari woke up a little bit towards the end!

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