Da Costa quickest as Young Drivers’ Test continues

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Antonio Felix da Costa led the second day of the Young Drivers’ Test in Abu Dhabi.

Da Costa completed his last of two days with Red Bull with a fastest time that was fractionally slower than Kevin Magnussen’s McLaren yesterday, lapping the Yas Marina Circuit in 1’42.679.

“It’s been another good day,” said da Costa. “Again, we did a lot of mileage, which is good for me and for the team. On a day like this, when the conditions are perfect for testing, and with two grands prix to go, I think the team needs to make the most of it and today I think we did that.”

Second-fastest was Oliver Turvey, who shared driving duties at McLaren with regular tester Gary Paffett.

Edoardo Mortara was third for Lotus ahead of Esteban Gutierrez, who logged 94 laps in a busy day of testing for Sauber.

Giedo van der Garde completed his two-day test for Caterham: “Towards the end of the session we put soft tyres on and I had a couple of runs that were closer to the performance runs we do in [third practice],” he said. “The car had more fuel than in quali but I’m pretty happy with where I ended up.”

Van der Garde will next appear for Caterham during first practice in Brazil. Neither he nor Alexander Rossi, who tested for them in Spain, will drive during practice at the Circuit of the Americas. “I’m not doing [first practice] in Austin as the team needs maximum time on track for the race drivers,” said van der Garde.

1Antonio Felix da CostaRed Bull1’42.67962
2Oliver TurveyMcLaren1’43.176620.497
3Edoardo MortaraLotus1’43.418750.739
4Esteban GutierrezSauber1’43.485940.806
5Gary PaffettMcLaren1’43.771411.092
6Johnny Cecotto JnrToro Rosso1’44.569761.890
7Giedo van der GardeCaterham1’45.106722.427

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30 comments on “Da Costa quickest as Young Drivers’ Test continues”

  1. Da Costa sure has fire in him. The kid is fast! I find it troubling to see Esteban’s times. My dad said he might be faster than Sergio so I was looking forward to see him but he has failed to impress. And I have heard his GP2 season wasn’t great either :(

    1. True, only 3 tenths faster then Frijns yesterday knowing the car, the team and the track. But i am sure Guttierez will get the seat next year with Sauber duo his Telmex backing.

      1. I would love to see another Mexican in the sport, however I wish it was based on merit rather than money. Perez on his day had a way better reputation and racing CV than Gutierrez does now and still he was called a paid-driver and unworthy of a seat by some. I am afraid that if Gutierrez gets the seat and fails to deliver anything in his first year he will end his career prematurely.

    2. Gutierrez has lots of potential -I’ve seen him race live and his overtakes are amazing ie Spa. However (like Checo) he ovedoes it, forgets about the checkered flag in the heat of bAttle, and gets into avoidable incidents.

  2. Bob (@bobthevulcan)
    7th November 2012, 15:43

    Da Costa continues to impress. He must be on track for a Toro Rosso seat in 2014, and a potential transfer over to RBR after that.

  3. Frustrating not to have the F2012 here to compare possible updates for Austin.

    1. @oskar – they used the Magny Cours YDT earlier in the year after Monza. Personally, I’m not a fan of teams using the YDT as extra testing days; I think it rather defeats the purpose of giving the opportunity for young talent to test the fastest track cars on the planet. At least Red Bull are using it properly (unlike McLaren) to allow promising drivers form other categories the chance to test the fastest car on the F1 grid.

      1. So you dont consider Magnussen a promising young driver from another catagory?

        1. @bjust – McLaren are also using Paffet and Turvey in purely testing roles: they are unlikely to ever get a race seat with McLaren in my opinion. Red Bull are only testing young drivers.

          1. Max, we agree!

  4. Hmm Da Costa doesn’t improve much during his second day of testing. Only 0.1 tenths faster then yesterday. I predicted he would most likely do a 1.41 today. Little bit dissapointed. Lets see what Frijns can do tommorow. If he pulls it into the 1.41 would be impressive. Lets see. I wonder if Da Costa is a little overhyped. Ofcourse he did marvelous in the second halve of the 3.5 season. But without big pressure and the title candidates fighting for every point. It looks like Da Costa will do a whole year 3.5 next year and i like see what he can bring then with all the pressure of a championship. Would be awesome if the title is between Magnussen and Da Costa.

    1. Da Costa had KERS problems when Red Bull sent him with soft tyres, otherwise he could have gone quicker. He was quicker than Di Resta 2 years ago with Force India the very first time he drove a F1 car. I hope he wins the WSR title next year and replaces Ricciardo (who will go to Red Bull) in Toro Rosso in 2014, alongside Vergne.

      1. Didn’t knew he drove for Force India 2 years ago. The kid looks promising but i just like to see more of him. I didn’t watch him in the GP3 this year but as what i heard he had some badluck during the season. Hope Red Bull takes care of a driver like Da Costa this time. To many drivers their career where ruined. That’s why i also understand Frijns his arguments not signing with the Red Bull junior programme. That Helmut Marko is a nuthead.

        1. Yes, I think Frijns was right not to sign with them. But for Da Costa there was no other option to have a chance to get to F1, as in Portugal there is absolutely no way a driver can get enough sponsorship. A guy like Parente never had enough cash to get a seat in a GP2 Top Team, let alone F1. He was really good (F3 british champion in 2005 and WSR champion in 2007) and managed to win the very first time he raced a GP2 car, in Barcelona in 2008. He could have been a driver like a Perez but races in GT for McLaren instead.

          1. I Remember Parente. Great skilled driver but as you said never had the chance to shine in F1. I think the situation in Holland and Portugal are very simular. Not big country’s and not much support from major companies. But i believe that Da Costa is at the right place with Red Bull at this moment and see a bride future for him moving forward. Frijns his motivation not to join the Red Bull programme is because of the fact that he is a sensitive person when it becomes to a teams atmosphere. Especially Helmet Marko did not give him the confidence to go on an adventure with Red Bull. I hope to see both on the grid in the near future.

  5. Impressive time Van der Garde in the Caterham. Matched the quali time of Kovalainen

    1. I didn’t notice that but that’s pretty impressive! I would like to see Van der Garde replace Petrov next year at Caterham; he’s been pretty impressive in GP2.

      1. Well, it was a bit like Riccirado beating Vettels pole time at 2010; the track is a lot better as there is a lot of rubber down now, but still, that’s a very good performance.

  6. Looking at his record, I don’t understand why Johnny Cecotto Jnr gets to drive an F1 car. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Very excited by Felix da Costa however, just hope he doesn’t end up on the Torro Rosso trash heap in 5 years time.

    1. To give you a slightly cynical but probably realistic answer: money from Venezuela.
      But I’ll make a case for him. Cecotto may not have had a sparkling career so far but he’s coming off the back of a much more convincing GP2 season, taking wins in Monaco and Hockenheim, two further podiums, and 9th place overall. Easily one of the most-improved drivers compared to last year, along with Chilton and Palmer.
      He is still inconsistent and somewhat error-prone, but on his day he is extremely quick – reminds me of a certain fellow countryman of his…

      1. @tom-l You’re right he is fast but a bit silly at times too It can be a bit all or nothing with him as well.

        1. That’s true. But he’s definitely gone up in my estimations this year.
          Having seen Chilton develop in one year from being a rich no-hoper trailing around at the back to being on the cusp of a Marussia F1 seat, I see no reason why Cecotto cannot do the same if he takes another step up and consistently challenges for victories in GP2 next season.

  7. Good effort by Edoardo Mortara considering it’s his first time in an F1 car. Maybe Italy does have some talented diver’s after all.

  8. I hope that red Bull found AFC work in these two days profitable for the rest of the season and already to 2013. It would be good to hear some comment from a RB staff member because from the times that he achieved not much can be read as he did not chased quick times.
    I think that in general this YDT actually was not, as it was never about test drivers but only cars, maybe some rules could be applied, drivers age, cars specifications….

  9. Kinda strange how you all keep discussing everyone but the fastest driver… o_O

  10. Maybe you are already aware, but contrary to Italians like De Cesaris, “da Costa” is not a correct way of calling him.

    Félix da Costa is considered only one name, can’t be separated, that’s why he isn’t simply known as “António Costa”.

    Same as Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, just with “da” instead of “-“.

    1. I didn’t know about that. I thought it was like Ayrton Senna da Silva. Anyway Di Resta, Di Grassi or Da Costa has been the way they are known in international media, rightly or wrongly.

      1. Senna came from his mother, Silva from his father, two different names so you could call him by either correctly. António’s father name is Félix da Costa and mother’s is Mello Breyner. Both are a single name and can’t be separated. Di Resta and Di Grassi are correct as they are Italian names.

        But no one gets called “da Costa” or “da Silva” or whatever in Portuguese.

        But yeah, he will probably be always incorrectly known as da Costa for foreign media.

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