Grosjean handed five-place penalty

2012 United States Grand Prix

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Romain Grosjean will be moved back five places on the grid for the United States Grand Prix.

Lotus changed Grosjean’s gearbox following the third practice session at the Circuit of the Americas.

As Grosjean has not completed five consecutive events with the same gearbox he will receive an automatic five-place grid penalty.

2012 United States Grand Prix

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    12 comments on “Grosjean handed five-place penalty”

    1. So now Alonso moves to the good side…

      1. Uuuuuuuuhm, nevermind, should’ve checked before posting -_-

    2. He did well to qualify 4th in the first place !
      So, just out of curiosity, did he outqualify Raikkonen or not ?

      1. of course he did, by 1 tenth. Kimi has been struggling more than romain on heating the tyre…nice recovery from him in Q3 though.

        Shame for romain…..

      2. Yep, Raikkonen was 5th, and now promoted to Grosjean’s 4th.

    3. Traverse Mark Senior (@)
      17th November 2012, 19:59

      Just noticed the Angry Birds sponsor on the side of Grosjean’s car. Maybe that’s why he’s been smashing into everyone! :-)

      1. Whici Angry Birds is real? Lotus? Or Heikki? It seems like another brand name row is hear! :D

      2. While the Angry Birds sponsoring is not a permanent feature on the E20, the last time it was seen was in Monaco and we all know how Grosjean did there :)

        1. Yeah, Alonso forced him into Schumi and with some of his luck, escaped unhurt. Alonso better watch his space, his luck is not as great at the moment :D

    4. @abnash Yes we know he’s been squeezed by Alonso & Schumacher. What’s your relevance? A dark force one? :)

      1. Just the bad luck that came that race, Grosjeans misfortune and Raikkonens lack of pace and losing a place when Perez dangerously entered the pits. Both Lotuses (Lotii?) suffered as soon as the bird came, directly after the good result of Canada

    5. F1 gearbox manufacturers will be posting record high profits this year.

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