2012 United States Grand Prix weekend in Tweets

2012 United States Grand Prix

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Red Bull celebrate their constructors’ championship win, F1 discovers its new home in the USA and more Tweets from the United States Grand Prix weekend.



The drivers had their first chance to drive the new track on Friday. Sebastian Vettel overcame a water pump failure in second practice to top the times sheets in both sessions.


Vettel continued his dominance with a faultless pole lap while Alonso struggled to ninth place. Jenson Button retired from qualifying after a mechanical failure in Q2.


Race day at the Circuit of the Americas got off to a controversial start as Ferrari announced they would deliberately incur a gearbox change penalty on Felipe Massa’s car, sending him back five places on the grid but moving Alonso up one. Lewis Hamilton narrowly beat Vettel in the race after the Red Bull driver lost momentum while lapping Narain Karthikeyan.

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2012 United States Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “2012 United States Grand Prix weekend in Tweets”

    1. LOL, love Webber’s tweet about that American lady! That’s so funny

    2. It was Karthikeyan’s fault.

      Will the whining ever stop? Unless the backmarker vanishes into air or does something as effective in less than 0.01s, the lapping driver immediately gesticulates furiously, complains on the team radio and cries for Charlie. Watch some Le Mans.

      1. Said the guy 2 days later

      2. @girts There’s nothing wrong with complaining if you feel frustrated. We all complain about something when we probably shouldn’t!

    3. #nf @AussieGrit the funniest driver in F1

    4. what line? please Alonso!, stop with your samurai´s way.

      1. He means the line that cut the seal o Massa’s gearbox :)

      2. lol… i think he means he is on the fine line that separates winning from losing.

    5. “Felipe, Fernando is more Zen than you. Do you understand?”

    6. Very peculiar timing indeed for the grand US return. Here in Canada TSN holds the rights but had no time for F1. Their channels only offered football (American) and Nascar. Qualifying was on live but the race itself was postponed to 11:30pm !!!

      Why on earth would you place on this weekend Bernie?

    7. I like Alonso’s samurai/zen ways :P

    8. You missed Taki Inoue’s comment from qualifying: ‘Unfortunately, Kobayashi couldn’t drive a greasy stick up a dog’s ****.’

      1. @novotny He’s made that comment several times before.

        1. Ah, I’d only started following him recently.

      2. @novotny In my opinion, he’s the same as most ‘funny guys’, that is, it’s fun to read the tweets for some time but soon they became repetitive, he is unable to come up with anything new and is generally just boring. I’ve seriously considered blocking him as some guys that I follow constantly RT the ‘jokes’.

      3. What’s up with this guy hating on Kobayashi?

        1. I interpret it more as a sort of “tough love”; he’s always rooting for Kobayashi to do well, but he’s very tough on him when he doesn’t deliver. (Plus, I think most of what he tweets is tongue-in-cheek.)

          Note: the dog/stick comment is something he says a lot because (according to him) it was a comment someone from his team made about him back in the day.

    9. @keithcollantine Did you ever find out what that Di Resta radio message was about?

    10. F1 has left an indelible imprint here in its wake! I’ve been addicted, but I foresee many new fans becoming similarly enthralled. What a weekend it was!! Will definitely be returning, yearly. Texans are very hospitable and Austin ( My first time there ) didn’t disappoint. I think many here know where My allegiance lies on the track, so for me a better result is hard to imagine. We saw and did it all, except catch the 1 premier … Even bumped into some Friends from Canada. I really hope We get Jersey too! Please Heavens!!

    11. I like Webber’s ‘burger’ tweet. Man has got his priorities bang in order! I don’t even mean that sarcastically!

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