Massa to wear helmet inspired by father in Brazil

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Felipe Massa will use a special helmet design dedicated to his father for this weekend’s race.

The blue-and-orange helmet bears the name Titonio Massa, referring to his father Luiz Antonio Massa, a former touring car driver.

“Ever since I was little my father has always been a hero to me and if I’m here now, it’s down to him,” said the younger Massa.

“Even though he only raced for fun, he gave me my passion for motor sport, as I always wanted to copy him. I am sure that he will be very pleased to see his colours back on track at a race which means a lot to me and my family.”

The design is said to feature an ‘M’ in reference to Sid Mosca, who designed helmets for Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen, and who died last year at the age of 74.

Felipe Massa 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix helmet

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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22 comments on “Massa to wear helmet inspired by father in Brazil”

  1. Continue with this helmet Felipe!

  2. I thought it was Senna’s helmet. But it’s cool design.

    1. senna’s helmet was nothing at all like that???

      1. I think he means Bruno Senna’s helmet from the last two races.

  3. Did he not just switched the yellow/green to orange/blue? Anyway it fits better with Ferrari colours but less with Ferrari brazilian ones.

  4. I like it. I think its better then his normal helmet. Which says a lot, I think.

  5. Sweet helmet. I hope Felipe can win, or at least get on the podium this weekend.

    1. If Alonso’s close behind, there’s no way the Scuderia will let Massa win. Felipe’s recent form may prove to be quite a bother for both Alonso & Vettel, & he usually goes well at his home race… throw Hamilton into the mix & sprinkle some rain on top & this could be quite the recipe for a nail biting finale. Cool looking helmet too :)

      1. If Vettel is outside of the points, I dont see any reason why they would make Massa give up 1st place.

        1. If Vettel’s out as you said…. Last lap, Massa’s leading and Fernando is in 4th.
          What do you think is going to happen next ??

      2. The Blade Runner (@)
        23rd November 2012, 14:05

        So, does anybody think that Ferrari will do the unthinkable and ask Massa to “take-out” Vettel?

        If Massa is too far down the grid to get close to Vettel in a battle for position then it would only take a well-timed pit-stop due to some kind of problem with his car and for him to re-emerge slightly in front of Vettel.

        After the events in Austin I wouldn’t be at all surprised…

  6. CarnivorousPope (@)
    22nd November 2012, 19:46

    I prefer the usual one. But the sentiment behind it is nice.

  7. Strange, I thought I would have hated it straight away, but I almost like it! The orange shouldn’t look too pretty in the car, much like Irvine’s helmet, and I always loved his green/yellow helmet which stood out. I’m curious to see his father’s helmet because I’m sure it was a little different.
    The combination of orange and blue isn’t too bad, but definitely the stripe on the visor should be orange too. I liked how Massa only had one special helmet (Brazil 2011) and I hope he sticks with the same helmet in the future.
    I’d like Schumacher or Massa to win the race, with the other on the podium. I wouldn’t be sad for Alonso if he lost the title, actually, if one of those two won.

  8. Alonso would do well to forever wear a helmet dedicated to Massa if he wins the championship this weekend

    1. No way. Just remember how Alonso celebrated his Hockenheim victory in 2010. That says all about Alonso and how much he cares about anyone else.

      I’d love to see Massa winning this race by refusing to let Alonso pass and Vettel finishing 5-7th. Alonso would deserve it. (of course it’s not going to happen…)

    2. If any of the Ferrari drivers should dedicate a helmet to his team-mate it’s Massa and it should read: Thanks Fernando for you are my excuse of still being in F1.

  9. Interesting that on the side of the helmet near the rear, he’s got what looks like a dragon. It’s either similar or the same as the one Schumacher has. I wonder what it means? Or is it just some kind of sponsor logo?

  10. I quite like the design. Normally I don’t like drivers changing their helmets, even for once-off events, but if it’s for his dad then it’s all good.

  11. I think I read somewhere, that Massa’s helmet was pretty much copy of his father’s helmet, he just made it a Brazilian theme. So I reckon this represents the colours of Massa’s dad helmet. Both a basically the same texture, different colours.

  12. Nice gesture from Felipe..Wonder why he’s doing it now though? I’m not complaining, just curious.

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