2012 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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21 comments on “2012 Brazilian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Such a shame for Marussia.

    1. Still listed above Caterham in the standings – have I missed something major?!

    2. @sw280 – Marussia got 12th through Glock in Singapore under the same circumstances Caterham clinched 11th here: after a number of the front and midfield running drivers hit trouble. So I wouldn’t say it’s such a shame. Caterham have generally cruised in front of Marussia the whole season so, it’s not underserved either…

      By the way, @keith – you switched Marussia and Caterham in the standings there. :)

      1. but had RIC not hit Glock they would have been ahead of Petrov

        1. In a similar vein though, Petrov kept it on the tarmac where Pic failed.

    3. @sw280 Indeed. Such a gamble at the back and a shame that Glock couldn’t put a fight up against Petrov with his KERS…once he got close enough there was never going to be a battle.

  2. Caterham hasn’t moved to 10th?

    1. yep they did..

  3. Feel for Alonso. How many times now since 2006 has he finished only a few points short?

    1. Too many. He’s kind of the Will Power of Formula 1 from this point of view.

      1. I dont know if this is right:
        2nd – Lost by 3 points in 2012
        2nd – lost by 4 points in 2010
        3rd – lost by 1 point in 2007
        Won – 2006
        Won – 2005

        Could so easily have been a 5 time world Champion by now.

  4. If it is indeed HRT’s final race then we will be back to the 22 car situation. Personally I’d love Audi to join the sport – they’d do a hell of a lot better than HRT and you never know they may be able to recreate the glory days of the Auto Unions. They’ve dominated WRC, they’ve dominated endurance racing and I think it’d be interesting to see if they’d dominate F1!

    1. Surely the money would be better spent promoting Porsche?

      1. @infy – I’m pretty sure Porsche are their own company are they not? Anyway Audi are part of the Volkswagen group, so anything they own (like Skoda for example) they can promote! I’d just like to see Audi personally!

        1. As far as I know (or have heard), Porsche Group owns controlling shares in Volkswagen group.

    2. @vettel1 – Count me with a +1 to that. I’d love a proper showdown between Adrian Newey / Christian Horner and Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich.

    3. I don’t believe VAG will come into F1 until they can use it as a research platform that will benefit or at least parallel new developments in their road cars. Le Mans has been good for that, look how they have developed and publicized their diesels.

      1. @hohum – I agree, but F1 is looking better for such in 2014 – perhaps not quite yet worth the money though.

        1. 2014? maybe in the electric drive part of the rule but don’t expect any of the engines to be vastly superior to the rest, the rule is very restricted and they will all look the same and have the same power +- 1or2Kw.

  5. Gutted about Sauber not nicking that spot from Mercedes but by equal measure it was good to see Schumacher bag some points in his last race. Really disappointed for Marussia, it would have been interesting to see how they used the money that 10th spot would have brought them.

    Weird that Hamilton should only finish 2 points above Button given his form this year…well done McLaren :P

  6. Jeez…Williams didn’t do well did they! …what the hell happened…other than a couple of double DNF’s ?!

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