Top ten pictures from the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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The top ten pictures which tell the story of the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Narain Karthikeyan, Saturday

Brazil likely saw the last F1 appearance for Narain Karthikeyan and HRT. The cash-strapped teams’ drivers have been using the FanVision sets made available to fans to follow the track action during timed sessions, seemingly to save money on monitors.

Lewis Hamilton, Saturday

Lewis Hamilton was in fine form during his last appearance for McLaren and took pole position for the race.

Michael Schumacher, Saturday

Michael Schumacher was also saying goodbye as Hamilton will take his place at Mercedes next year.

Bruno Senna, 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Last year Rubens Barrichello drove in his home race not knowing if he would be back in an F1 car. The same happened this year to his successor at Williams, Bruno Senna, who retired on the first lap after colliding with Sebastian Vettel.

Start, 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Vettel slipped from fourth to seventh at the first corner and saw title rival Fernando Alonso go past him. But things were about to get even worse for him.

Mark Webber, 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

The other Red Bull driver had a tough day too – Webber came home fourth despite this spin.

Kamui Kobayashi, 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Kamui Kobayashi is another driver whose future is under doubt. He had a strong race, passing Vettel and even taking the fight to Alonso at one stage, before slipping ninth.

He was officially dropped by Sauber over the weekend and is urging his supporters to pledge money to help him keep his place in F1.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg

There was no farewell win for Hamilton as he retired after being hit by Nico Hulkenberg while leading. The Force India driver led 30 laps of the race himself but a drive-through penalty for the collision with Hamilton left him fifth.

Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Felipe Massa, 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Mixed feelings on the podium. Alonso put a brave face on missing the championship by three points. Jenson Button looked satisfied with his day’s work while Felipe Massa was overcome with emotion at scoring his second podium of the season on home ground.

Sebastian Vettel

In the Red Bull garage the scene was one of pure joy. Having struggled through the race with a damaged car, Vettel secured sixth place to claim the drivers’ championship for a third consecutive season.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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  1. Ouch, the FanVision set really shows HRT’s dire financial situation. I’m probably in the minority, but I will be sad to see them go. I’ve seen in MotoGP what small grids can do, and I have no desire to see the F1 grid shrink.

    1. @dusty-in-california Indeed, especially since the last three teams joined there hasn’t even been a sniff of someone wanting the 13th slot, now it looks like we’ll have two free slots. Hopefully someone will join for the new regs in 2014.

      1. Hopefully someone will join for the new regs in 2014

        @george I agree entirely with the sentiment, but the enormously complex drivetrains mandated by the 2014 regulations are more likely to scare competitors away than attract new ones.

    2. And apparently there were a fight in Spain between some (drunk) mechanics about their final paycheck (the article is in Spanish):

    3. I over took a 2012 colours HRT team lorry/truck today on the auto route. It was heading away from Spain and towards Italy. I could not think why the truck would be going east towards Italy

      1. Maybe its sold already to an F3 team. Alternatively, they are picking up the rest of their stuff at Dalarra (windtunnel models etc.) so they can round up the team.

        Good to know, thanks for the info @josephrobert!

    4. @dusty-in-california Agreed. I really want them to stay but there just seems to be so little interest in them in Spain..or anywhere else for that matter. That picture is sad :(

    5. Personally, I think HRT made a mockery of F1 and the sport would’ve been better served by allowing Ferrari and McLaren to run a third car each, for example. In fact, let any team that could afford it run a third car rather than having these pathetic, under-funded ridiculous joke teams like HRT simply getting in the way of the actual competitors.

  2. Is there by any chance a Google Earth picture of Raikkonen going off the track?

    1. google earth aint live buddy

  3. Photo of Kimi’s sitting on a plastic chair should be on the list.

    1. with a pic of a botlle of vodka superimposed beside him

  4. The one that shoyld definately be here is Kimi vs Schumi at turn 1. You can see their faces while they can’t be closer. I saw hi resolution picture on some sites. But for now this cut version is the only one I can find:

      1. Oh my bad on missing the relevance of the pics :D

        But this one is not exactly the one I meant, anyway, whos interested here is a better resolution (sorry for long link):

        1. wow now thats some skill there good catch

  5. My personal favorite pic. I know, it´s not real… but would not be great?

    1. be better if it was alonso photoshoped in there

    2. Always preferred Arai helmets to anything else. They are just perfect in my opinion.

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