F1 fans’ videos from the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Pastor Maldonado’s lap two crash, which wasn’t seen on television, is among the videos shot by fans at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Friday practice

Video from practice on Friday near the entry to the pits at Brazil. This was where Romain Grosjean and Petro de la Rosa crashed on Saturday. The lack of run-off and the close proximity of the pit lane entrance are obvious dangers here, and the stewards warned the pair the crash could have had serious consequences.

Pit walk

This fan takes us on a tour of the pits.

Schumacher arrives on the grid

Applause for Michael Schumacher as he is pushed onto the grid for the last time.

The start

A close-quarters view of the front row at the start of the race.

Senna and Vettel collide

Bruno Senna and Sebastian Vettel collide, blowing the world championship wide open on lap one.

Maldonado’s crash

Pastor Maldonado crashed out at turn three on lap two, which was not seen on the main television feed.

Alonso goes off

Vettel’s first-lap drama helped Alonso into a championship-winning position early in the race until this off which handed third place to Nico Hulkenberg.

Webber does the same

Webber goes off at the restart as he and Kobayashi attack Vettel for sixth.

Ferrari swap positions

Not a great deal of cheering in the crowd as Massa gives way to Alonso.

Di Resta crash ends race

This crash for Paul di Resta brought out the safety car and effectively ended the race, by which time Vettel had done enough to seal the championship.

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2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

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18 comments on “F1 fans’ videos from the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix”

  1. It was great to see gestures by Torro Rosso guys

    1. wrt Schumi arrival on grid.

  2. I wonder how FOM editors missed Maldonado’s crash

    1. Probably either:
      – Showing a start replay
      – Focusing on the leader
      – Focusing on Alonso/Vettel
      – Sleeping

    2. busy laughing.

    3. it was right after MAS gave the position to ALO (WEB and HUL overtaking him too at the same time) so had that move to replay

  3. none talk about the yellow flag pass from vettel to the toro rosso. There are on the web videos of vettel passing clearly under yellow since the yellow light are on HIS STEERING WHEEL. Hard to believe how lucky vettel is.

    1. It was mentioned in the round-up earlier – not that it stopped several people from posting in the comments mistakenly believing it had been overlooked.

      I must have mentioned it on Twitter and Facebook about a dozen times in the last 24 hours.

      And a thread has been going in the forum since yesterday, where it’s been shown quite clearly that Vettel’s driving was legal.

      If anyone wants to discuss it further please post in that thread.

      1. You must be getting tired by now, answering the same thing like a trillion times. I’m a Ferrari fan but it’s about time to stop whining about Vettel’s championship.

      2. I have no idea how you have the strength to repeat the same thing so many times Keith.. hats off..

  4. FOM need to work on their camera placements when fan videos are showing the gradient of certain track sections better.

    1. Ah, but fan videos aren’t designed to start with a long, lingering shot of a sponsor’s logo on a bridge in the background.

      1. Perhaps they could put up the sponsors logos where the cameras are, rather than put the cameras where the logos are. Same effect, but less stupid.

  5. Oops, bit of a schoolboy error by Maldonado going on a wet kerb like that. A pity, as he must have made up most of his ten places already on lap 1.

  6. I just… still can’t believe Vettel went on after those not one, but two hits actually. It was a miracle. It was not the three points, but that moments on the last lap, where Fernando Alonso got inches away from his own third crown.

    1. First lap, sorry.

  7. Massa must have been cringing when he let Alonso past…ouch!

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